Possible Careers For Graduates With A Business Finance Degree

Attending a business college prepares students for a career in a variety of different fields. Graduates have the option to work in many industries, from healthcare to aerospace. Several career paths are available to individuals who hold a business finance degree.

Investment Banker

Investment banking is one of the fastest moving and most demanding finance careers available. The job sometimes requires long hours and travel, depending on the individual firm. Investment bankers have the primary duty of generating revenue for employers. This usually means dealing with capital markets, bonds and securities. The field is incredibly competitive. Graduates who manage to break into this industry and succeed for the first few years in a junior position will potentially earn high salaries in coming years.


Some individuals with a business finance degree choose to become a financial analyst. Analysts use statistics, forecasting, market trends and data tools like pivot tables to provide companies with a detailed assessment of current finances. These assessments often include recommendations that help guide future decisions about investments or expenditures. An analyst might also focus on a single field while taking classes at a business college, such as taxes, money markets or financial risk. These professionals could work for a large corporation, although there are foundations and businesses that require analysts for independent research.


Financial planners occupy many different positions. These include private practice, corporate consultant and government planner. The role of a planner is to look at the finances of an individual or business and to determine exactly how to meet specific goals. This could mean advising a family with credit card problems or advising a large corporation seeking to expand internationally. A number of planners work with estates and families in order to plan for retirement.

Loan Officer

Loan officers work for banks or other lending institutions. The job mainly deals with quantifying the risk that different borrowers present to the company. Analysis and research are important parts of this position. Loan officers can work in consumer, commercial or mortgage lending areas. Some work in all three. Certain positions require the loan officer to act as a salesperson. This means actively seeking out clients and matching the needs of businesses or consumers with the best lending solutions available.

Private Banker

A private banker is a person who works for a private citizen or estate. Private bankers manage the money of a family or estate. In most cases, this involves managing investment portfolios, retirement planning and taxes.

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