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Antonio Vivaldi is a Baroque composer and violinist and his life began in Venice. He discovered his talent as a violinist at a young age. This is followed by training as a priest and employment at a girls' orphanage, where he also worked as a violin teacher. Around the same time he began composing operas and concerts, for which he is still famous today.


First name: Antonio Lucio

Surname: Vivaldi

Born on the: March 4, 1678 in Venice

died on: July 28, 1741 in Vienna

Country: Italy, later Austria

Star sign: fishes

Job: Violinist, composer, priest, teacher


Highlights of his life

• his father Giovanni Vivaldi also enjoyed an outstanding reputation as a violinist
• Antonio already represented his father in the orchestra in his early youth
• First minor ordination at the age of 15
• At the age of 18, first major ordination as subdeacon
• Training to become a priest
• Ordained priest at the age of 25
• Priestly position in the Church of S. Maria della Pietà and violin teacher in the girls' orphanage
• after one and a half years of resignation from the priesthood due to health problems
• Instead, he led the girls' orchestra in the orphanage
• In 1713 his first opera "Ottone in villa" was premiered
• There were several stays in Rome, numerous commissions for church music, audiences with the Pope
• Between 1726 and 1729 he was musical director at the Teatro Sant’Angelo and was very famous
• between 1729 and 1733 he went on a tour of northern Italy
• World premiere of two operas in Prague
• In 1740 he moved to Vienna, where he died a few months later


Musical information

• In addition to operas, Vivaldi also wrote numerous concerts and sonatas
• more than half of his concerts are composed for the violin
• So far 49 operas have been assigned to him
• During his lifetime he published Opus 1 - 12 in Amsterdam
• he also influenced German musicians significantly, e. B. Johann Sebastian Bach
• Extraordinary instruments such as the dulcimer were also used
• his pieces are marked by a great willingness to experiment
• his most famous works are "The Four Seasons"


Interesting facts and curiosities about Antonio Vivaldi

• Vivaldi was the second born of a total of ten children
• His birth was allegedly during an earthquake and an emergency baptism took place
• he inherited his red hair from his father
• he was called “Il prete rosso”, the red priest
• Most of his works were lost for a long time
• The collection is not yet complete
• He had a penchant for mythology and themes from ancient history that were set to music
• In 1990 an asteroid was named after him
• He was buried in a poor cemetery
• Today the Vienna University of Technology stands on his grave
• There is a Vivaldigasse in Vienna's 10th district of Favoriten

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