Teasing dog goes wrong when

Uncertain feeling with firearms & period; What can I do & quest;

Good evening, I am almost 19 years old and have been in the fire brigade for a good 6 years (with around 180 deployments / year)

Help & excl; Minecraft from the 1 & period; 8 & period; 9 subsided & comma; even though I gave enough RAM and other games like CSGO smoothly & period; I have an Nvidia GTX 950 & period; What can I do?

So: I have allocated enough RAM and other games like CSGO run smoothly. I have an Nvidia GTX 950. What can I do? Since you unfortunately only got lousy answers here, I'll at least explain how you prefer the graphics card as the graphics unit

My classmate is flirting with me & period; What can I do & quest;

Meun's classmate has been flirting with me lately. I've also loved him for a long time. But his best buddy, with whom I am also good friends, says that he is not in love with me. But recently he tried me z

I have way too high nickel levels & period; What can I do and where are you from & quest;

Hello, I have much too high nickel values ​​and therefore health problems. What can I do and where does it come from? Lg Kerstin You can only do that after the elimination process. Suspicion of nickel poisoning could be: The water pipe? D.

I'm afraid of vaccinations - what can I do & quest;

I have to get vaccinated soon, but I'm terrified of injections. I usually get circulatory problems and nausea when I see you at the doctor's. I almost passed out the last time. Is that a phobia? What can

I have a severe sore throat & period; What can I do & quest;

Hey guys, I've had severe pain since today, I can hardly bend over or to the side. What can I do to make my neck look great again? Don't want to go to the doctor right away! Thank you very much, you can put heat packs around your neck. That dismissed u

Carrying the spine in the dog with cramps What can I do & quest;

Hello was with my dog ​​at the vet's diagnosis was wear of the cervical spine. The dog has, among other things, convulsive seizures with salivation that lasts for about a minute and then passes. What can I do there ? Can I

Hello, I got a helix sting & comma; the ear has been quite swollen and bruised since that morning & period; Treat it with octisept & period; What can I do & quest;

I've had my second helix since. Now both of them are infected. The ear is quite swollen and behind the piercings it throbbing and painful (can't fall asleep). I treat it with octisept. But it doesn't wane. What k

The Parallax game for Android does not work with me & period; What can I do & quest;

As soon as I start the app, the white start screen appears with the lettering, then nothing more happens. I've already deleted it and reinstalled it. What can I do? Thank you very much. Except reinstalling not really much. Shout at the manufacturer

Hello everyone & comma; my mother took me out at home and she says & comma; that my child allowance would be frozen & period; Currently living with known & period; What can I do & quest;

I am 17 years old and currently live with friends, of course also registered. So I am on my own, theoretically I have no support and I cannot expect much help from my "parents and siblings". My mu

Computer interferes with radio "noise" what can I do & quest;

Every time I turn on my PC, the radio starts to rustle one floor below! What can I do, I listen through headphones! I heard that you no longer have the problems with brand new computers (all those that have Windows 10 from the factory mac

I have disgusting collars & period; What can I do & quest;

Hello I have this disgusting sore throat that really hurts. You probably know all of them. What can I do about it besides a sore throat, tablet gargling with sage tea! it doesn't get better to go to the doctor!

Don't have a tracksuit & period; & period; what can i do & quest;

Hello people :) I only found out about 1 hour ago that I need a tracksuit tomorrow. What should I do now .. so I need him for school tomorrow .. I don't know if others also know .. if it would be good not the only one

I have mucus in my throat & comma; what can i do & comma; to get it off & quest;

Hi folks, have a question have phlegm in my throat and don't want to see a doctor What can I do to loosen the slime? I would look forward to numerous answers. MFGDrink lots of tea and water! And inhale, e.g. chamomile tea. Not

Hello & comma; I was seen by the police at a crime scene & comma; but did not do anything & comma; what can i do and what about a compulsive accused & quest;

My no longer friends stole a moped and said I should come over and look at something and bring pizza with me. No sooner said than done I was eating pizza and by accident we were discovered. The police found d

I forgot my password and secret answer with Dsi & period; What can I do & quest;

Hello, I bought a nintendo dsi about 2 years ago and then I just made such a strange age restriction and it was totally unnecessary and I can no longer enter Picochat without the password and I have

Help & comma; I have published a video & comma; what can i do & quest;

Hello dear community, I have had a YouTube channel for a few months now, which I have always used with my colleague because we just enjoyed cutting and uploading our own videos. At some point, we will have a lie

Sometimes I have the feeling & comma; to love two women & period; This drives me crazy and I want to stop & period; What can I do or is the imagination & quest;

Hello, in the following I am specifying my information regarding the expectation of the answer as well as my situation. I just expect to hear from the answers what I can do to get rid of these doubts. I'm scared of a wrong decision

Dissatisfied with life & comma; what can i do & quest;

I thought for a long time whether I wanted to share this with you, in the end I have nothing to lose because I'm completely at the end of my nerves. I, M / 16, am currently really dissatisfied. The reasons are as follows: -The main reason is the stress