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Maya horoscope


The Mayan horoscope differs from the horoscopes that we read in the newspaper every day. Daily seals and tones result in the life task and characteristics of each person.


The Mayan horoscope and the Mayan calendar are evidence of an ancient high culture. In the 3rd century AD, the Maya culture reached its heyday, which in the 9th / 10th centuries. Century AD slowly disintegrated. But the Mayan calendars and their zodiac signs still exist today. Deciphering the ancient records was a great challenge for the researchers. This manifests the strong astronomical and mathematical knowledge of the Maya.


How does the Mayan calendar work?


Already in the 1st millennium BC The Maya developed a calendar based on mathematical principles. The sun played a major role in this. If you look closely, there were even three calendar systems:

  • Tzolkin calendar
    (13 months of 20 days = 260 days)
  • Haab calendar
    (1 solar year = 18 months of 20 days + 5 unnamed days = 365 days)
  • absolute calendar
    (= long count starting in 3114 BC: 1 period = 5125 solar years)

The individual calendar systems were used in parallel. Haab and Tzolkin calendars were combined with each other, according to which a cycle lasted 52 years. The Tzolkin calendar (= counting the days) was not only used to indicate the time, but was above all a ritual calendar that indicated religious and seasonal features. It is also known as the "Holy Round". According to Tzolkin, this is how the Mayan horoscope is calculated.



The Mayan Calendar and Horoscope


Each month of the Tzolkin calendar is heralded by one of 13 tones. Each day of the month is in turn determined by one of 20 Nahuales, daily seals. In a cycle of 260 days, each tone is combined with a Nahuales once. Accordingly, the Mayan horoscope does not depend on a certain period in which someone is born, but on the day on which someone sees the light of day.


What are the Mayan Zodiac Signs?


The Mayan zodiac signs are divided into 20 Nahuales, by 13 tones to be specified. Despite the great difference to our occidental system of the 12 zodiac signs, the Mayan zodiac signs also refer to characteristics that shape the person who was born in the respective sign.


The 20 Nahuales


The names for the 20 day seals come from nature. The Nahuales show where and how a person contributes to the realization of the divine plan - which life task is assigned to him, which higher goal he pursues in life, which characteristics lead him there.


IMOX [Imix]crocodile
  • creativity
  • innovation
  • care
IQ [Ik]wind
  • communication
  • optimism
  • adaptability
AQ'AB'AL [Akbal]night
  • inspiration
  • Self-doubt
  • understanding
K'AT [Kan]lizard
  • sensuality
  • Sense of community
  • Foresight
KAAN [Chikchan]Snake
  • wisdom
  • enthusiasm
  • Temperament
KEME [Chimi]death
  • spirituality
  • Helpfulness
  • Gentleness
KIEJ [Manik]deer
  • respect
  • skill
  • Common good
Q'ANIL [Lamat]star
  • Growth / development
  • Need for harmony
  • Generosity
TOOJ [Muluc]water
  • Emotions
  • intelligence
  • Determination
T'ZI [Oc]dog
  • team spirit
  • loyalty
  • courage
B'AATZ [Chuen]monkey
E'E [Eb]road
  • courage
  • freedom
  • Thirst for adventure
AAJ [Ben]Corn
  • loyalty
  • Community
  • clarity
I'X [Ix]jaguar
  • Closeness to nature
  • Clairvoyance
  • patience
T'ZI'KIN [Men]Eagle
  • Love of freedom
  • Sense of detail
  • ambition
AJMAC [Cib]vulture
  • inner strength
  • self reflection
  • empathy
NOJ [Caban]earth
  • practitioner
  • counselor
  • Freedom of thought
TIJAAX [Etznab]Flint
  • Sense of justice
  • honesty
  • Protective instinct
KAWOQ [Cauac]Storm
  • collaboration
  • Curiosity
  • Childish curiosity
AJPUU [Ahau]Sun
  • Romantic / dreamer
  • fantasy
  • collaboration



The 13 tones


The Nahuales are always related to one of the 13 tones of the Mayan horoscope. Each tone gives the Nahuales a different impulse. Sometimes the sound strengthens the energies of the Nahuales, sometimes it weakens them. One ascribes a more turbulent being to the odd tones, which on the one hand is full of creativity, but on the other hand can also be quite chaotic. The straight tones, on the other hand, embody a balanced, balanced energy.


volumeMeaning in the Mayan horoscope 

Properties in the Mayan Horoscope 

  • complementary properties
  • Opposites come into balance
  • Need for empathy
  • Need for harmony
  • Intermediary
  • Eloquence
  • Expressiveness
  • Perplexity
  • stability
  • solid foundation
  • Grounding
  • correctness
  • Orientation towards rules
  • Ingenuity
  • Organizational talent
  • An eye for the essentials
  • Responsiveness
  • dynamics
  • openness
  • Sense of justice
  • honesty
  • integrity
  • harmony
  • Balance
  • solution-oriented action
  • Sense of justice
  • Sense of order
  • Foresight
  • perfectionism
  • ambition
  • Unfolding
  • manifestation
  • Thirst for action
  • Realization
  • realism
  • creativity
  • Driving force
  • innovation
La Ka
  • communication
  • perception
  • Review
  • Merging
  • overview
  • Ascent
  • completion
  • Aspiration
  • Urge to develop
  • Perfection



This is how I can calculate my Mayan zodiac sign


In turn, each of the 20 Nahuales in the Mayan horoscope determines a day and then it starts all over again. Thus, every Nahual repeats itself a total of 13 times every 20 days, always with the energy of a different tone.


To transfer the days of the Tzolkin horoscope to the Gregorian calendar, there are different systems, one is the so-called Thompson correlation. After that, a new round of the Tzolkin calendar begins on March 26, 2018, December 11, 2018, August 28, 2019, May 14, 2020, etc. - always every 260 days. Do the math back to your date of birth or use an online calculator to find out more about your Mayan horoscope.


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