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Execution in Indonesia: killing squad already on the island | So cruel runs
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Jakarta - The execution of nine drug smugglers in Indonesia is apparently imminent - despite global protests. As reported by the Philippine website "ABS-CBN News", prosecutor Muhammad Prasetyoam announced this on Tuesday. The execution of Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso and the other convicts will go ahead as planned. Indonesian television reported live from the execution.

Cruel death by shooting - this is how the execution will take place

After being picked up from jail, the death row inmates are brought about three kilometers to a clearing. Idyll on the edge of the forest, near lemon groves and banana plantations. The execution site is illuminated with spotlights.

The doomed could then choose how they want to die: standing, kneeling, sitting. Their hands and feet are handcuffed and given the option to wear a blindfold. The Australian Myuran Sukumarna has already refused - he wants to look death in the eye.

Twelve members of the death squad arrived at the execution site an hour earlier. They are riflemen from a special unit. They are masked, all carry a weapon, but only three of them are equipped with ammunition. None of them should know who fired the fatal shots.

The convicts are given three minutes to assemble. Then their clothing is marked where the heart - the goal - is.

As soon as the commander raises his sword, the shooters raise their rifles and aim. The moment he lets the sword down again, the policemen fire.

A doctor examines the executed. If he finds a convict still showing signs of life, he is killed with a shot in the head.

Then the dead are brought back to the mainland. They are said to be identified by their relatives just two hours later.

When do the executions take place?

According to the Washington Post, prosecutor Muhammad Prasetyoam refused to confirm rumors and indications from the defense attorney that the executions would take place in the early morning hours of Wednesday (local time): “Let them count. This is your job. They defend their clients, we defend the nation. "

However, he did not want to give an exact time for the execution.

The desperation of the relatives is great: "I will never see him again," said Raji Sukumaran, mother of the Australian death row inmate Myuran Sukumaran. "They will pick him up at midnight (19:00 CEST, d.Red.) And shoot him," she said to reporters through tears.

The death row inmates were informed 72 hours before the scheduled execution. Since then, they have been sitting in solitary cells in the high-security wing of Besi Prison on Nusakambangan Island.

Police were transferred to the island on Tuesday. Twelve ambulances with nine coffins have also arrived. There was a note on one of the cars with the name Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso on it. Crosses have also already been labeled with their names.

Drug smuggling in Indonesia

Among the death row inmates are the Australians Myuran Sukumaran (33) and Andrew Chan (31), the Filipina Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso (30) and four Nigerians, a Brazilian and an Indonesian. The execution of Frenchman Serge Atlaoui could be carried out separately after he was removed from the current death list with reference to an ongoing appeal.

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