Who makes Kraft 10 tents

Buy a party tent: stable solutions made of PVC or lightweight versions made of PE

Construction of your marquee

Whether small or large, a Party tent should always have a high level of resistance and be ready for use quickly exhibit. In uncomfortable weather, the party tent has good weather resistance thanks to the robust steel construction, so that the celebration does not automatically have to fall into the water.

Party tents with sturdy tubular steel poles

Thanks one stable, fully galvanized tubular steel frame with a diameter of 38mm and firmly screwed feetthat are pinned to the ground with strong pegs is one solid stability of the tent. Depending on the size of the tent, you have the choice between our click system or a screw connection. The high quality click system consists of one wide spring plate with head, which firmly connects the tent poles and enables quick erection without tools. We do not use simple spring elements made of wire!

As An alternative is the screw connectionby locking the pipe rod available. In contrast to the time-consuming bolting, it has the advantage that Loosen the screws after a long period of inactivity to let. Bolting, on the other hand, usually sets in quickly.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can rely on oneadditional roof reinforcement and a circumferentialFloor frame, which can also be selected as an additional option. Instead of a simple pipe clamp attachment, which is what many conventional garden tents have, ours Roof reinforcement with strong fasteners used.

For onehigher roof load capacity will also be avertical strut used. The ground frame can be used when setting up the party tentanchored in the groundbecome.

Differences between PVC and PE tarpaulin

The tarpaulin is just as crucial as the basic structure of the tent. At our party tents they come with them Materials PVC and PE for use. Anyone who is about to buy a party tent should think carefully about the requirements that the tent must meet in order to be able to choose the right material.

High quality PVC tarpaulin are reminiscent of truck tarpaulins and weigh approx. 500 g / m² to 550 g / m². Polyvinyl chloride - PVC for short - is considered to be extremely robust, has a resistant inner grid fabric and offers stable support even if the marquee is to be left erected for a longer period of time or even all year round. Also frequent assembly and disassembly does not harm the material.

PVC is flame retardant or even in a fireproof version available. As a result, the material has a high level of fire safety, so that it is easily possible to heat the interior of the party tent. A special welding processof the seams makes sure the tent is closed 100% waterproof and rainproof is. Compared to PE tents, PVC is a little more expensive, but it is also more robust and resistant.

A tent made of polyethylene - or PE for short - is characterized by its easy handling out. The tarpaulin is comparatively thin and is therefore easier to transport than a PVC tarpaulin. With appropriate processing, the PE tent offers good protection from rain and light windHowever, the weather resistance cannot be compared with that of the PVC tent and the material is also not fire-retardant.

Party tents made of PE are ideal for short standing times during the summer months, as they are also significantly cheaper than PVC tents. However, if you are looking for a very robust and resistant party tent for many years, you should prefer a professional tent made of PVC.

Dimensions for party tents

The size of the party tent is based on the number of guests as well as the type of event and, accordingly, the equipment that is required. AsRule of thumb for calculating the tent size applies:

✔ Approx. 0.5 m² of space should be calculated for a standing person.
✔ for a seated person approx. 1 m² is to be taken into account.

The smallest pavilion tents for your garden party have oneDimensions of 3x2 meters and are so small and compact that there is space for them even in narrow spaces in the home garden or even on the terrace. If you need more space, you will find a large number of different sizes in our range. Ifrectangular or square, three or six meters long, all tents can bequick and practical build up.

In addition, the tents can be expanded, for example byone side open is left and tables can also be set up there or by aConnection of two tents by means of a connecting or rain gutter. So even more people fit into the tent.

Also theSide height of 2 meters or the ridge height of 3 meters, which is standard for all party tents, is an important number, especially when it comes to where the marquee should be placed and set up.

Designs for your marquee

A party tent is effective at first sight friendly and welcoming. Thelarge window in lattice window optics give it a noble touch and also remind of the flair of past centuries. In addition, they let the sun in and quite literally, because the window fronts ensure that the tentbright and flooded with light is.