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I don't think any manufacturer will accept it, for them it will accept and shredding will be more expensive than buying new material.
Unfortunately, as already mentioned, you can't melt it down as often as you like. Plastic is more expensive, the longer the polymer chains are, they break when heated and under mechanical stress. It won't do the plastic any good that we chase it through such a small nozzle and then push it around more or less by 90 °.

This project shows how to recycle plastic: preciousplastic

I had already considered a filament extruder, unfortunately there is the big problem with air bubbles in the filament (this has already been discussed here).
In the industry, very high pressures are used to get the air out, but that will not be possible for self-build.
This is probably why you hear so little about the filament extruders.
I have an idea how this can possibly be done, but I just haven't got the time to test it because I don't have the time and the parts.

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