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Destiny 2 - New Stat-Tracker Update

The season of the worthy has brought some innovations with it. This also includes the fact that players have been able to equip their badges with a stat tracker or switch it off since the beginning of the season.

The available trackers always match the source or category of the badge. However, various stat trackers have also been removed with this change, which some players did not particularly like. Bungie has now published a list of stats that will be returned in Update 2.8.1. You can read which ones are below.

These stats are coming back


  • Career
  • All of the following trackers will be hidden if their value = 0:
    • Achieved season pass rank in season 8
    • Season pass rank achieved in season 9
    • Number of completed encounters at level III in the reckoning
    • Donated fractaline
    • Menagerie Degrees
    • Heroic Menagerie Graduations
    • Horror kills in the haunted forest
    • Deepest cleared branch in the haunted forest
    • Closed branches in the green forest
    • Indulgence light triggered during indulgence
    • Collected sweets
    • Baked recipes


  • Career
    • Heroic missions completed
    • All of the following trackers are visible in their class:
      • Kills as:
        • Sentinel Titan
        • Striker Titan
        • Sunbreaker Titan
        • Arc acrobat hunter
        • Night stalker hunter
        • Gunslinger Hunter
        • Storm Summoner Warlock
        • Dusk Blade Warlock
        • Void Runner Warlock

Melting pot

  • Career
    • Gold medals earned
    • Longest streak of fame
    • Total number of valor resets
    • Iron Banner Rank
    • Earned gold medals in the iron banner
    • Completed Iron Banner forays
  • All of the following trackers will be hidden if their value = 0:
    • Victories in Trials of the Nine
    • Spotless pass in Trials of the Nine
    • The following medals earned:
      • “7th Column” medals
      • "Annihilation" medals
      • “Undefeated” medals
      • “We're running out of medals” medals
      • “Ghost in the Night” medals
      • “This is my crown” medals
      • "I made it for you" medals
    • Kills in Scarlet Doubles
    • Kills while Iron Burden is active.


  • Career
    • End boss kills in the escalation log
      • Available on Mars and Escalation Protocol badges
  • All of the following trackers are available at Moon Badges:
    • Completed Nightmare Chases on Grandmaster Difficulty
    • Flawless "Pit of Heresy" solo degrees


  • Career
    • Infamy Rank Resets


  • Career
    • “Leviathan” prestige degrees
      • Available on Leviathan and Guide Game badges
    • "World Devourer" Prestige degrees
      • Available on World Eater and Guide Game badges
    • “Star lock” Prestige degrees
      • Available on Star Lock and Guide Game badges


  • Career
    • Twilight Challenge Graduations

Despite the length of the list, there are still some stats that are missing. However, Bungie says there is a limit to the number of stats you can attach to badges. This is to ensure that there is still room for new things in the future.

What do you think of this list? Are there still stats you missed or are you happy with the ones that come back? Let us know what you think! Leave a comment or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.