Defamation of how the gut gets its villains

The smear campaign

Screams came from the hall, the floor shook with the trampling of the intruders. Baro accepted the raid of the youthful horde as it was in a dream. A young man, no, a child poked his head through the door of the drawing room and ordered him out. He joined the other residents in the hall. It was a ghostly situation: there the grim-looking youngsters, here the festively dressed up, shivering evening party of the old people.

Finally, a young woman broke away from the ranks of the youth. Slowly and provocatively she paced the front of the old woman, inspecting her as disparagingly as a doctor inspects a candidate. "Ridiculous," she said finally and gave the signal to march off. Ridiculous. Not more. Baro could not have imagined a more damning verdict on his generation.

These are sentences from my novel “GO! - The Ecodictatorship ”, which was published 26 years ago. In the said chapter, young people storm an "old people's settlement" in which politicians, business leaders, journalists, advertisers and other representatives of the former elites are concentrated, for whom there is no longer any use in society.

I remembered this passage after I witnessed a Friday for Future demo in Hamburg on March 1, how the 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg read the riot act to those responsible in politics and business in front of more than three thousand students. She promised that the school strike would be maintained until it became seriously apparent that climate protection was at the top of the political agenda.

Since this will probably not happen or not in time enough, those will be remembered as "the greatest villains in history" - original sound Greta Thunberg - who let it happen in a responsible position. They have allowed future generations to do nothing but scoop up the terrible legacy that we, the generation of perpetrators, leave them behind.

"Ridiculous. Baro could not have imagined a more damning verdict on his generation ”.

The fact that the evaluation of the young revolutionary from my novel hits the nail on the head can be clearly seen in the reactions to the climate protection movement started by Greta Thunberg, which impresses above all with its radical demands.

With unprecedented openness, the young Swede hurled the following sentence at the assembled heads of state at the 24th (!) World Climate Conference: “All of you here don't even have the courage to state the facts. You even put this burden on us children! "

This kind of plain text is not used in the detached circles of our political decision-makers. Especially not by children, whose demos are difficult to break up with water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas. One grudgingly but smilingly has to acknowledge their influx.

Such as EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, who expressly praised the new schoolchildren movement at a meeting with Greta Thunberg in Brussels:

"I very much welcome what young people are doing in Europe at the moment. In recent years I have often regretted the fact that young people don't really throw themselves in when it comes to getting important things moving."

How lying can you be? What the hell has his caste, whose job it would be to move important things like climate protection, done so far? Does anyone remember the photo in which he leans down and kisses little Greta on the hand? Brrrr. Goosebumps that last for a while after looking at the picture.

How unprepared the youthful awakening met the “representatives of the people”, who were stewing in their own juice, and how poorly they were dealt with, can also be seen in the characters Merkel and Lindner. Our Chancellor initially felt completely run over. At the Munich Security Conference she spoke of “hybrid warfare”, which Russia in particular uses to spread propaganda and disinformation in a targeted manner. Literally she said:

"That all German children suddenly come up with the idea of ​​having to make this protest after years without any external influence, that is also not imaginable."

Shortly after her speech, however, when asked, government spokesman Seibert made it clear that Merkel found the schoolchildren's commitment “expressly good”, that it was merely an “example of mobilization through online campaigns”. The diamond somersault backwards was perfect again. By the way, Greta Thunberg countered Merkel's words about the external influence with astonishing sovereignty: She recognized a problematic, recurring pattern in the statement of the Chancellor, in which everything is at stake, but not climate change.

And now to Christian Lindner, one of the outstanding joke characters that our party landscape knows how to come up with. A few months ago the FDP chairman surprised everyone with the statement that at the bakery you could never know whether the foreigner standing in front of you was an academic or a terrorist. Now he interfered in his inimitable way in the Fridays for Future debate. He told the world on Sunday:

“I am for a sense of reality. You cannot expect children and young people to already see all global interrelationships, what is technically meaningful and what is economically feasible. That's a thing for professionals ”.

You're welcome?! Professionals? It is more likely to be profitable. In order not to endanger this in the future either, at least not for his class, he mobilized the regulars' table again as a crowbar against the "child rebellion":

"Instead of demonstrating and missing lessons, the students should rather go to class and find out about physical and scientific as well as technical and economic relationships!"

Sure, skipping school is just as impossible in Germany as walking unauthorized on the lawn. Lindner relies on this argument, it will work. Besides that, every overarching goal must fade.

And the fraction of those who want to impose a heavy fine on the parents of truants is growing by leaps and bounds. In addition to the “penalty club”, other calibres are of course used in the public debate in order to discredit and divide the young protest movement.

The Swedish business journalist Andreas Henriksson, whose specialty is the PR industry, commented on his Facebook page: Greta Thunberg is just a puppet that was invented to read the new book by Greta's mother, the opera singer Malena Ernman promote. Since then, Kima deniers have been mobilizing around the world. The defamation campaign against the "self-proclaimed Jeanne D‘Arc of ecology" is in full swing. The real concern of the demonstrating students threatens to get out of the public eye and to be crushed in the usual intrigues of various interests until everything is in rancid butter again.

And that is exactly what we need to prevent, dear friends!

It is important to prevent a vital impulse, which also comes from youth, from penetrating into the consciousness of all of us so that our children and grandchildren have a future at all. It has come to that.

What bothers me about the climate discussion that is being conducted after Greta Thunberg is the fact that too many people want to give themselves absolution too quickly. There is a lot of talk about the “climate industry” and that one should follow the trail of money in order to understand the “climate hysteria”. That about the CO2 is a gigantic lie et cetera.

Forget the CO2 debate. The science controversy is as old as science itself, which is also corruptible, like pretty much everything and everyone in this world. It should actually be known that, for example, one of the largest global players, Koch Industries, commissioned scientific studies with the aim of vehemently denying climate change. The trail of money leads now and then there.

But that says nothing about the devastating extent to which our species is raging on this planet.

And who, in view of the catastrophic conditions that we have already created - and which are not getting better, but getting worse and worse - pretends that our gigantic work of destruction, including ourselves, can still be justified or excused in any way, I can only sincerely feel sorry for anyone who is not deeply affected by the merciless war that humanity is waging against their fellow beings on this planet, even against the entire earth. He's no longer alive, he's cold ...

PS: By the way, yesterday a friend from Saxony wrote to me. He is a teacher and, in view of the Friday demonstrations, also works with my novel “GO! - The eco-dictatorship ”in the classroom. "But I really can't get any hope from the Friday campaigns," he concludes, "because I don't think that the dear children after the demo are ready to take the necessary action, including the compulsory renunciation of many of the habits that have become dear ..."

This fear, which unfortunately I also tend to, should not prevent us from supporting our critical and committed children with all our might. And if we only explain to them what tricks are being used to try to slow them down.

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Dirk C. Fleck, Born in 1943, studied at the German School of Journalism in Munich, volunteered at Spandauer Volksblatt in Berlin, where he created the “Magazin”, the first weekend supplement of a German daily newspaper, and was the local manager of Hamburger Morgenpost, as well as editor at tempo, Merian and The week. He worked as a regular columnist for The world and the Berliner Morgenpost and was for that star, the mirror and Geo active as an author. Since 2000, Fleck has devoted himself exclusively to his writing. For his novels “GO! - The Ecodictatorship ”and“ The Tahiti Project ”he received the renowned German Science Fiction Prize. Fleck's main topic is the impending ecological collapse and the reorganization of global civil society. He also wrote articles for the for a while Rubicon.

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