Where are Gunite drums made in USA

And where does the oil for the US come from?

The Financial Times published an interesting presentation on the subject of oil production and consumption.

The presentation is based on data from BP.

Here is the link to the presentation: http://media.ft.com/cms/19d4f43e-a1a5-11dc-a13b-0000779fd2ac.swf

The US consumes 20,589 barrels of oil per day. This corresponds to 24.1% of the global daily requirement.

China's consumption is in second place with 7,445 barrels per day (9%) and Japan's consumption in third place with 5,164 barrels (6%).

In fifth place, Germany ranks with a daily consumption of 2,622 barrels, which corresponds to a 3.2% share of world demand.

Also take a look at the table that lists the largest oil producers. Saudi Arabia in first place, that is well known. But Russia is already in second place.

The presentation of the "oil flows" is also informative in the context of the presentation.

Where does the oil that the US consume comes from? Where does the oil that we Germans consume come from?

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