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The opposite of Ctrl + Z: undo & redo

With numerous programs under Windows, e.g. For example, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl" + "Z" to undo a previous entry. z. B. To delete a sentence just written in Word. The key combination "Ctrl" + "Z2 also has the opposite, with which the input can be undone.

Of course you can press "Ctrl" + "Z" several times to take back several commands. But what to do if you have used the keyboard shortcut too often and B. important text modules were accidentally deleted?

Tips for Word

Undo Ctrl + Z: that's how it works

Don't worry, Windows has a keyboard shortcut that does the opposite of what "Ctrl" + "Z" does. If you want to reverse the input of "Ctrl" + "Z", this is done as follows:
  • "Ctrl" + "Y"
  • Many programs also have their own button with which you can undo or bring back the last step. The button can be recognized by a curved arrow. If the arrow points to the left, the last step is undone, if it points to the right, what was undone is restored.
  • The combination "Ctrl "+ Shift +" Z "to restore something.

You don't have to do without the undo function on the Mac either:

  • The Mac equivalent of "Ctrl" + "Z" is ⌘ + Z
  • The opposite of this is + Shift + z

The opposite of Ctrl + Z

So if you want to undo the "Undo" process, use "Ctrl" + "Y" under Word and Co. Make sure that the keyboard is aligned to the German layout, since in the English QWERTY model the positions of "Y" and "Z" on the hard disk are swapped and you get the opposite effect, of course.

With us you will find many more tips for everyday life under Windows. For example, we will show you what you can do if you have adjusted the keyboard or the screen is upside down. You can also find out from us which key combination can be used to search for and replace


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