WhatsApp for Nokia Ce0434

Whatsapp 2.11.690.0

Communication is at the core of social life and most people use their mobile phones to call their friends and send text messages to share thoughts, ideas and express their feelings.

These primary functions of such devices can be found with a lot of improvements in applications like WhatsApp. This particular utility makes it a breeze to interact with others in a variety of ways and have lots of fun while doing it.

Friendly interface with all the functions at hand

At first glance, the app has a somber look, with its dark background inside the menus and the chat area, but this can be easily changed and you can customize the appearance using any images you want.The smooth navigation through all its menus and chat windows is also an advantage that is worth taking into account.

The new message notifications appear in a non-intrusive manner and the navigation through the chat history or any menus of the application is as smooth as it can be. There are plenty of fun graphics you can use, as you will notice when activating the "Emoji" list to add emoticons in your messages.

Send instant messages and share video or audio with friends

WhatsApp is very prompt at sending and receiving the messages and the great thing about it is that you can record video and voice messages then dispatch them on the spot. There are other items you can attach and send with this application, like the contacts stored in your phone or even your current location.

With this app you can create groups and talk to several of your friends in the same time, or make broadcast lists and send mass messages to everyone who has you number in their contacts' list.

Placing calls to any of your contacts is done using the device's built-in functionality, as WhatsApp doesn't support this on its own, butit would be great if users would have the possibility to place calls through the application instead of using the phone's default functionality.

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