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May 22, 2016 Reader service 08 00/222 42 24 02 370,000 times in the mailbox every Sunday. Sunday on the Upper Rhine Single-handedly Erasmus hype in Basel SC II descends The sponsoring contract between Bad Säckinger Stadtwerke and the Gloria-Theater was extended by Stadtwerke manager Siegfried Pflüger. He left his supervisory board outside. From 1514 the great Renaissance humanist Erasmus von Rotterdam lived in Basel for several years. This is where the New Testament he edited was printed 500 years ago. Many exhibitions on PAGE 3 are now devoted to the scholar. The SC reserve trained by Martin Schweizer (photo) has risen from the regional league to the top league from PAGE 10 after a 0-0 win in Bahlingen. The door to your gate Zell · Schönauer Strasse 64 Tel. (0 76 25) 9 18 83 92 · One hundred percent are never reached Police President Bernhard Rotzinger wants more POLICISTS to be ordered into the region because the Crime figures are high The green-black coalition wants to create 1,500 new jobs in the police in five years. Police chief Bernhard Rotzinger calls for them to be distributed according to a different key. And he would like more money to be able to pay his people the 135,000 extra hours they have accumulated. KATHRIN GANTER “We have a significantly higher workload in the border area,” says the Freiburg police chief Bernhard Rotzinger. “In Freiburg it is higher than in Stuttgart, Mannheim or Karlsruhe.” However, three-quarters of the jobs are allocated according to spatial criteria and only one-fourth according to the workload. This puts the Freiburg police headquarters at a disadvantage, which includes the city of Freiburg, the districts of Emmendingen, Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Lörrach and Waldshut. “The current distribution parameters no longer cover the actual exposure. We would like a fairer distribution based on the workload more than before, ”says Rotzinger. He now sees an opportunity to change that. For the distribution of the 1,500 new positions provided for in the green and black coalition agreement, the parameters would have to be re-determined: on the one hand, with basic equipment, which is intended to ensure operational capability, especially in rural areas, and with a distribution based on the frequency of the Number of known crimes per 100,000 population. The Freiburg Presidium has the second highest in the state after Stuttgart with 7,502. In order to achieve a new personnel key - against which there will be resistance from other praesidia - a broad political commitment is required. Rotzinger campaigns aggressively for his concerns in parties and in committees, for example recently in the Loerrach district council, where he met open ears due to the high crime rate due to the border location and a high number of break-ins. The Lörrach Green MP Josha Frei announced that he had asked Interior Minister Thomas Strobl (CDU) in a letter to work out a fairer personnel calculation key. For the topic, starting in the municipalities, an awareness must be created so that the region can position itself, says Patrick Rapp, the CDU member of the constituency of Breisgau. After years of austerity, more police officers are being hired again: 1,100 in this and 1,400 in 2017 and 2018. It takes two and a half years for the middle service or three years and nine months for the higher service until they are trained. These new hires are just enough to fill the retirees, says Rotzinger: “If 1400 police officers were to be hired again between 2019 and 2021, that would mean 900 additional jobs. That leaves a delta of 600 jobs - we would like to have them the same. ”Rotzinger also means employees and officials such as IT specialists, technicians and investigators. The workload of the police in Freiburg is higher than in Stuttgart, Mannheim or Karlsruhe. Therefore, police chief Bernhard PHOTO: PATRICK SEEGER Rotzinger calls for a different distribution. Assistants: “They could relieve the police and thus release chief inspectors for the street and the investigations.” Rainer Stickelberger, member of the SPD in Lörrach, thinks this is a good idea, but points out that it will be difficult with the salaries paid in the public service Attract specialists from the free market. There are always new appointments on March 1st and September 1st of each year. Then the occupation level rises to around 87 percent and to around 80 percent until the next replacement due to departures. One hundred percent is never achieved: If police officers cannot do their job because of illness, pregnancy, parental leave, secondment or training, their colleagues have to compensate. That and the continuously high workload mean that Rotzinger's people are currently putting 135,000 extra hours in front of them. Dismantling these is hardly possible, says the police chief. And with the 190,000 euros that the budget provides for the payout, just six percent could be paid out. More money would be helpful, says Rotzinger. "We are striving to reduce the mountain of overtime in the police," says the coalition agreement - but is not defined in more detail. Actually, the payout is the exception, says Rainer Stickelberger, but: “This is where the new finance minister is needed.” Edith Sitzmann (Greens) from Freiburg could not be reached for a statement this week. Patrick Rapp says that he is basically in favor of a payout, but that you have to create the financial leeway for it in the household. Stickelberger suggests that part of the stakes - major commercial events such as soccer games - should be paid for. They are trying to do this in Bremen, but are currently still in legal dispute with the German Football League. "If that is permissible, the discussion will also start with us," says Stickelberger. Rapp doesn't believe in this idea. He says it's hard to draw a line on what needs to be paid for and sees the police as a "public service provider". In addition, clubs like SC Freiburg have already invested a lot of money in security - you don't have to put additional strain on them. Limits of the Agricultural Turnaround The BLHV Farmers 'Association and the Ministry of Agriculture are proposals from the EXPERTS' COUNCIL for a generalized turnaround? In its comprehensive, 450-page report, the German Government's Advisory Council on the Environment suggests this conclusion: too much pesticides, too much land use - Germany is doing too little to combat climate change in agriculture. The scientists see the responsibility for a change of course in politics. The Baden Agricultural Main Association (BLHV) warns against an abbreviated presentation of the expert results. The Ministry for Rural Areas (MLR) in Stuttgart, which has been run by the CDU again for a week, sees many steps towards climate protection already implemented. This now has to be further developed. However, there is a natural limit. It should not be forgotten that the primary task of agriculture is to provide people with food. Measures against too intensive cultivation of fields and for responsible animal husbandry have existed for decades, according to the MLR. The ministry names the EU-funded program for the protection of the natural foundations of life (fact, formerly Meka): farmers receive compensation payments for higher expenditure and foregoing income. The landscape conservation guideline and the promotion of organic farming go in the same direction. Regional and ecological products are recognized accordingly. The consumer can thus have a say in the production method and transport routes. Factory farming, adds the ministry, is “structurally non-existent” in Baden-Württemberg: 58 percent of the farms are part-time and part-time farms. Family businesses are the standard. "In Germany there is a wide variety of agricultural structures," emphasizes Benjamin Fiebig, General Manager of the BLHV. Even if the expert's report is independent, the step will not go far in the event that the farmer is hit again. ”Take pesticides, for example. The Expert Council recommends training in handling pesticides. But in Baden-Württemberg there has been something comparable for a long time: Anyone who deals with crop protection professionally needs a certificate of competence and also has to refresh their knowledge every three years. Fiebig points to the image that a farmer is generous with chemicals. “Cheaper” also has its price: zurück: “Plant protection is expensive, landscapes are deserted, animals are only used sparingly by farmers. PHOTO: DS.” Technological progress torments them . like the use of nozzles, the level of awareness also limits the pesticides. "And then ge. The MLR also rejects a levy on plant protection: this would lead to distortions of competition to the detriment of domestic agriculture. Fiebig does not oppose changes in nature conservation, but he makes it clear: "We are looking for a dialogue on nature conservation - but we are not the vicarious agents." And he reminds us that agriculture has already been slowed down when it comes to environmental and climate protection Amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act 2014, the promotion of biomass was cut massively. Until then, the base load-capable biomass was an attractive additional source of income for KLAUS RIEXINGER farmers. 2 FROM THE REGION Sunday May 22nd, 2016 IN BRIEF BAD SÄCKINGEN plans that Tourismus GmbH will receive around 1.8 million euros from the municipal utilities in 2016. Tourism managing director Stefan As the Badische Zeitung this Thomas said to the BZ, he counted week, the do with only 1.4 million euros. According to the Bad Säckinger Tourismus Business Plan of Tourismus GmBH sinking revenue GmbH, at the end of the year of its subsidiary, the Bad Säckingen public utility company has a minus of around 642,000 euros, the bottom line - to create this. The construct, tendency, continues in the Komdass das urban enterprise years. The energy supply company “subsidiary”, the public utility company, has been struggling with singewiesen according to BZ, is struggling back on killing income, Mayor Günther Nufer. In addition, there is a demand that took the trick from the most recent company checks in order to save: the Tourismus GmbH has to finance money that the municipal utilities have to compensate for with their behavior from the city coffers. Also for the tourism this not taxed mus GmbH jump the city. This is made possible by Bad Säckingen with a so-called profit loan for 600,000 euros in a transfer agreement. The innkeeper breaks the gap so that the current business plan of the Stadtwerke Betrieb can be continued. Public utilities and subsidiary in financial difficulties If almost all events are sold out, as the operators of the Gloria Theater, Alexander Dieterle and Jochen Frank Schmidt announced last week, is the Gloria really still dependent on subsidies from the public sector? PHOTO: ROSWITHA FREY Single-handedly IN BRIEF Bye, bye, Haus am Schöpfebach In mid-June the demolition excavators roll into the Bad Säckingen spa area, and then the former Eggberg Clinic will be history. Under the direction of real estate entrepreneur Gerhard Faller, a senior citizens and health center is to be built there by the end of this year. On June 11th, the opportunity to say goodbye is to be given in the former clinic as part of an open day. In addition, according to the joint message from Faller and the previous owner, the health association Landkreis Konstanz, the plans will be presented on this day. Faller had bought the building from the health association, the legal successor of the Hegau-Bodensee-Hochrhein clinic association, and temporarily rented it to the Waldshut district, which used the former clinic as refugee accommodation. The 200 Syrian refugees housed there will move into the new accommodation on Gettnauer Boden DS by the end of the month. Special trips to Basel Tattoo Sun Sun. July 24th and Wed. July 27th - performance at 9.30 p.m. Sat. July 30th - performance at 5.30 p.m. from 124.00 from 119.00 day trips Wed. 25. 5. Thu 26. 5. Thurs. 26. 5. Sat. 28. 5. Wed. 1. 6. Lugano and Lake Lugano - with a long stay in Stoos and Fronalpstock - with the Lucerne and Verwaldstättersee mountain railway - with a stay in Como and Lake Como - market day in Locarno and Ascona - with boat trip 36, - 56, - ​​25, - 39, - 44, - Beach holidays Spain - sun - beach and sea Every week: Costa Brava and Costa Dorada from HP 363, Corpus Christi sunny days in Igea Marina - Italian Adriatic HP 469, - Ital. Riviera - Monaco - Nice - San Remo HP 442, - Magic of Tuscany - Pisa, Florence, Siena HP 432, - Speckfest Meransen - with concert by Oswald Sattler HP 467, - and Corpus Christi procession in Maranza, 30 May - 4 June Pilgrimage to Lourdes with Pastor Kirner HP / VP 552, - Without transparency: SPONSORING AGREEMENT between Gloria and Stadtwerke extended The Bad Säckingen Gloria Theater is booming. The profitable company is still sponsored by Bad Säckinger Stadtwerke. This is what the managing director Siegfried Pflüger wants, who extended the contract with the musical theater. He left out his supervisory board. NINA LIPP At the beginning of 2014, the sponsorship contract between the musical theater and the Bad Säckinger public utilities caused a stir. SPD City Councilor and Deputy Mayor Frank van Veen had publicly asked the question: Is it necessary for the private operators of the Gloria Theater, a company that was already making profits at the time, to be subsidized by the municipal utilities? After all, Stadtwerke is a publicly owned municipal company. Van Veen made German at that time. 5. 26. 5. – 29. 5. 26. 5. – 29. 5. 26. 5. – 30. 5. Beach holidays in Italy Every Saturday: Beach holidays in Igea Marina - Italian Adriatic from HB 576.4. 6-11 6. 11. 6. – 12. 6. 11. 6. – 12. 6. 11. 6. – 12. 6. 13. 6. – 18. 6. 16. 6. – 19. 6. 18. 6. – 19. 6. 18. 6. – 19. 6. 18. 6. – 23. 6. 21. 6. – 26. 6. 22. 6. – 26. 6. 23. 6. – 26. 6, 23, 6–3 7, 24, 6, – 26 6. 24. 6. – 29. 6. 25. 6. – 26. 6. 29. 6. – 10. 7. 30. 6.– 3. 7. 2. 7.– 3. 7. 2. 7.– 3. 7. 7. 8. – 15. 8. 16. 8. – 24. 8. 3. 9. – 14. 9. 11. 9. – 17. 9. Enchanting Amal fi coast - Pompeij, Capri HB 989.00 Weekend in Milan - with city tour BB 182.00 “Bernina Express” - in the panorama car HB 238.00 “Starlight Express” in Bochum Tickets from 198.00 BB 155.00 Rab Island - with excursions to the Plitvice Lakes, etc. HP 554.00 Picturesque Cinque Terre - Porto fi no, Rapallo HP 477.00 “Glacier Express” in a panorama car HP 397.00 “Mont Blanc Express” - an experience HP 283.00 Hiking days in the beautiful Grossarltal HP 619, - Holidays on Lake Garda - with Verona and Venice HP 617, - Vienna - with boat trip to Bratislava HP 534, - Sunny South Tyrol with Trauttmansdorff Castle HP 411, - Danube cruise v. Passau to z. “Iron Gate” VP 1691, - Bad Tölz - with hut evening HP 309, - Off to the East Frisians! - with Meyerwerft HP 605, - Royal Palace in Kirrwiller - Alsace HP 238, - Baltic states, St. Petersburg and its White Nights - HP 1825, - an adventure trip by bus and boat Three-river city Passau - with Danube cruise HP 424, - fun weekend i . Zillertal with farmer's theater HP 178, - “Rhine i. Flames “- Magic fire around Binger Loch HP 243, - Magical Norway - Fjord cruises HP 1498, - Ireland - the green island HP 1331, - USA and Canada - with tour guide BB 3473, - Scotland - Exclusively in the castle hotel HP 1368, - We are happy to send To you our new travel catalog for free! ZIMMERMANN GmbH & Co. KG, 79713 Bad Säckingen, Tel. 0 77 61/92 37-0 ZIMMERMANN-REISEN, Rheinfelden, Tel. 0 76 23/79 76 40 ZIMMERMANN-REISEN, Wehr, Tel. 0 77 62/90 00 lich: He also considers the Gloria to be an enrichment for the cultural landscape on the Upper Rhine, and he also considers the start-up financing after the takeover of the theater, which was about to be demolished in 2006, to be justified. But the “Gloria” had long since established itself on the market, and that has not changed to this day. The shop is buzzing: Last week, the operators Jochen Frank Schmidt and Alexander Dieterle announced that the 2015/16 season had ended successfully with 25,000 visitors, and that the total occupancy rate for the live events was 95 percent. The "sold out" sign has been hung on the door handle many times, the two makers proudly say. - Sponsored by the supervisory board - Van Veen's criticism was that the two did not want to be looked at in their books. "We do not give any information about amounts," it still says today. It is not uncommon for cultural institutions to receive municipal grants - in return, however, they have to give an account of the funds received. However, neither the culture committee nor the city council insisted on such an agreement.There is therefore no legal action if Schmidt and Dieterle - referring to their trade secrets - remain silent. Respecting this, Pflüger never disclosed the amount and thus indirectly made himself an accomplice in the secrecy. The sponsorship contract expired at the turn of the year 2014/2015. Despite all the criticism, it was extended. And by Pflüger, single-handedly. The public utilities supervisory board, it is said behind closed doors, did not include Pflüger in his decision. But how can it be that Pflüger cheerfully sponsors the supervisory board? After all, it is the body's own responsibility to monitor the proper work of the municipal company. The answer is given by the chairman of the supervisory board of Stadtwerke, Bad Säckingen's mayor, Alexander Guhl, who confirms the rumor. - Even van Veen no longer takes a position - It is right that Pflüger made the decision alone. The fact that he was not dependent on the approval of the supervisory board showed that it could not be an "insane sum". If it were up to him, according to Guhl, the amount that the municipal utilities regularly transfer to the account of the Gloria makers would have long since been made public. But if the Gloria makers do not want that, his hands and Pflüger are tied. The sum has, as Guhl assures, "significantly reduced". The wall of silence continues if you want to know what Frank van Veen, once the greatest critic of sponsorship, thinks about the matter. But he is not available to comment on this matter - van Veen is now himself a member of the supervisory board of Bad Säckinger Stadtwerke. WHAT ELSE? The week of May 16-21, Tuesday Why is this man watching our apartment there? It could be a potential thief targeting the object of his desire for possible vulnerabilities. But it can also be a CRIME PREVENTION officer who does the same thing, but with a different intention. The police say that they are responding to the increasing number of burglaries in recent weeks. If the officer discovers break-in opportunities, he informs the residents, in person or by notification. Wednesday At the Bad Säckingen border crossing to Switzerland, a liquid drips from a truck. The message "Hazardous goods accident at customs" calls the region's weirs to the scene, which neutralize and dispose of the ORTHOAMEIC ACID TRIMETHYLESTER, the highly flammable liquid. Whoever is the lo- IN FLAGRANTI - is not a burglar, but has fun with the housekeeper. The woman later told the police that she had met the man shortly before and brought him into the house, where they immediately became closer. "The noises generated in this way had a negative impact on the nocturnal silence and startled the other residents," explains the police. What can be done against the ongoing closure of the Alb valley route? On Wednesday, the mayors of the affected communities and the district office invited to a well-attended information event on the subject. PHOTO: MARTIN KÖPFER. Seeks gopedic challenge, speaks the name of the substance with a cork in the mouth. More than 600 people came to the Tiefensteiner Brücke to set an example for the RECEIVING OF THE L 154 between Görwihl-Tiefenstein and Albbruck-Hohenfels. The historic road is an important transport link from Albbruck to St. Blasien and has been closed for a year due to the threat of rockfalls. A renovation threatens to fail because of the costs. Thursday in the middle of the night, a homeowner in Weil am Rhein sounds the alarm because he suspects a burglar in the house. In fact, the police caught a man Saturday In Basel, the MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO, organized by environmental activists from the region, is taking place. There are protests against the US agricultural group Monsanto, which produces genetically modified seeds and pesticides, including the controversial plant toxin glyphosate. The global power of the group is under criticism. The protesters are calling for poison-free agriculture. The march is therefore also directed against the AgrarNIL company Syngenta. THE THIRD PAGE 3 Sunday · May 22nd, 2016 Erasmus von Rotterdam (the painting is by Hans Holbein the Younger) also lived in Freiburg for several years, first in the “Haus zum Walfisch” in today's Franziskanerstraße. This is where the PHOTOS: ZVG Sparkasse Freiburg has its headquarters today. Erasmus hype at the knee of the Rhine Basel is commemorating the great HUMANIST this summer "For me you are the lover I must have chatted with so I can sleep." Huldrych Zwingli, in a letter to Erasmus von Rotterdam from the year 1516 TONI NEIGHBOR A deep aversion to monastic life was one reason why Erasmus von Rotterdam became a Basel resident from the summer of 1514. After the Catholic priest and Augustinian canon had traveled half of Europe the years before and met many interesting contemporaries, such as Thomas More, he feared nothing more than to return to the confines of a Dutch abbey, where the impending endless and numerous "exercises of piety" would torment him physically and mentally. Another motive for settling down at the knee of the Rhine was the open-mindedness of the then 50-year-old great scholar for a profession that is now called graphic design. In Basel, the publisher Johann Froben, who was still quite unknown at the time, had already printed some of Erasmus' fonts, and the typography of the house really enchanted the author. Because Erasmus did not want to return to his homeland or to his spiritual brothers, the Augustinian Canons in Steyn near Gouda, it was even easier for him to do business with Froben: Here he was supposed to be editing and commenting on the hard work he was doing Publish the new version of the New Testament and the letters of the Doctor of the Church Hieronymus. The collaboration between Erasmus and Froben is a decisive milestone in the development of the book printing company in Basel. From this point of view, it is hardly surprising that an Erasmus hype dominates the city this summer. Four exhibitions are currently and will be devoted to the life and work of the Renaissance humanist as well as his work in Basel. Erasmus allegedly died here on the night of July 11th to 12th, 1536 with the saying “Lieve God” on his lips. The Reformation furor, which had long since gripped Basel, forbade pompous funerals, but the city insisted on solemnly burying Erasmus, a “Catholic, old believer” in the cathedral. 500 years later, Basel's pride in having hosted such a historical luminary in its own citadel is to be displayed on a grand scale: in the next few weeks, those interested in Erasmus and tourists will be equipped with the latest technology and supported by Swiss radio and television sent on an “Urban Erasmus Trail” through the city. A “sculptural pavilion” dedicated to the scholar will move down the Rhine from Basel via Cologne to Rotterdam. On the raft, panel discussions are devoted to the influence of humanism on the Enlightenment. The Basel Historical Museum even organized a highly acclaimed typography competition with the aim of designing a “humanistic typeface” again today. FACTS EXHIBITIONS on Erasmus from Rotterdam in Basel: MUSEUM OF HISTORY, Barfüsserplatz: “Erasmus' life and work” until September 25th, Tuesday to Sunday 10 am-5pm (except August 1st), admission 15/10/5 CHF BASLER MÜNSTER: “The better image of Christ. The edition of the New Testament from 1516 ”, June 24th to November 12th, Vernissage: Thursday, June 23rd, Monday to Friday 10 am-5pm, Saturday 10 am-4pm, Sundays and public holidays 11.30am-5pm PHARMACY-HISTORICAL MUSEUM of the University of Basel, Totengässlein 3: “Setting Erasmus. Visiting the Johannes Frobens printer's workshop ”, July 5th to September 25th, Tuesday to Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm. KUNSTMUSEUM BASEL, St. Alban-Graben 16:“ Archeology of Salvation. The Image of Christ in the 15th and 16th Centuries ”, September 10, 2016 to January 8, 2017, Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday until 8 p.m. When Erasmus settled down in Basel, he was already a star of his time. His writings were well known, and the “Praise of Folly”, which is probably the most widely read to this day, has already been published. In it he ironized church and theology, politics and princes as well as human-all-too-human and acquired the reputation of making propaganda for an urgent reform of the church. He found Catholicism, which really existed at the beginning of the 16th century, unbearable, and rubbed himself against the intolerance of scholastic theology as well as the pomp of the higher clergy or the liturgical practice of his time, which was far removed from the Christian core. The historian and Erasmus expert Christine Christ-von Wedel vividly describes how the Dutchman spent the first years in Basel in particular. Erasmus, who suffered greatly from being the illegitimate son of a Catholic priest and a doctor's daughter, was a bon vivant who loved elegant clothes and good food, even during Lent. His circle of friends included the local elite: the lawyer Bonifacius Amerbach, the philologist Beatus Rhenanus, the theologian Ludwig Bär, the universally educated Heinrich Glarean, the future reformers Johannes Oekolampad and Wolfgang Capito. popular Erasmus method of always illuminating a situation from both sides, in your large Erasmus portrait the scholar is for Christ-von Wedel the man of “as well as”. This anecdote is significant: A contemporary Erasmus ’reports that the painter Hans Holbein once made a sketch on which the dreamy humanist accidentally stepped into an egg basket on the Basel market. However, it was not theological speculations that would have distracted him, but the romantic feelings for a woman far too young for him. Friends at least believed that Erasmus, who was over 50 years old, could do this ... For Erasmus, however, the Reformation also fell during the Basel period. The Reformers relied on his edition of the New Testament printed here, and Martin Luther used it to translate his Bible. It is undisputed that Erasmus himself was one of the pioneers of the Reformation: from his point of view, the church could no longer persist in what it was. Erasmus was in direct correspondence with many a reformer, and in numerous letters he commented on theological and ecclesiastical issues of his time. But Luther and his Swiss friends Zwingli and Oekolampad went far too far for him. A Church Split Was A Romantic Behind The Last Erasmus Wanted, The Scholar? - The excesses of the Reformation, at Erasmus's table, which he still witnessed, were discussed frankly, every one of them an horror. Tolerated in their youngest age. It is even supposed to be part of the published Erasmus portrait - Christine Christ-von Wedel raises the question of whether, out of cowardice, he had not followed the cause of the Reformation to the end in the end. After all, he feared condemnation by the church as well as political persecution. Although the historian can prove that the vain scholar did not always behave manly towards persecuted comrades-in-arms, Erasmus ’rejection of Luther and the schism in the church cannot be explained by fearful opportunism. The intolerance of the reformers was not compatible with the pacifist worldview of a great European advocate of tolerance - also with regard to heresy. When the reformers and secular power allied in Basel to put an end to the old ecclesiastical beliefs, swept iconoclasms through the houses of worship and moral laws even laid down the dress code, the air had become too thin for Erasmus. He decided to move to the Catholic Habsburg town of Freiburg, where he first followed the course of things in an increasingly sickly and bitter way in the “Haus zum Walfisch” in today's Franziskanerstrasse. Allegedly, the people of Basel did not want their prominent fellow citizen to flee - Erasmus was officially adopted. He is said to have exclaimed: “Now goodbye my dear Basel, best place to stay for many years. I wish you joy, only happy guests. How Erasmus was. ”He returned to Basel a year before his death. 4 FROM THE REGION FACE OF THE WEEK THE FAN FROM LIVERPOOL I Red Spook in South Baden © n local climes Rheinfelden is seen where a group is never actually seen Headed for Germany, because you couldn't find it sooner in Munich. or Dortmund And finally at. Well, the residents of Weil were not allowed to see him on the Rhine and in Augsburg too long ago. Lörrach observe these words, as they suddenly appear: more and more of the sightings of all the singing places in the triangle of three countries. Tuesday, for example, to walk at night in the “Litfass” seen in the region: the direction of Basel to a fan of Liverpool FC. do in Freiburgs. There PHOTO: HANNES SCHUSTER Moltkestrasse. Then they found him, finally together with numerous conspecifics, around 30,000 of them in tow, quite happy number. Lich there and, to be careful on Thursday was the spook, not exactly sober. over again. For one evening or without hesitation, the region had said a little: completely drunk. In order to be able to have the fact that Basel ordered a round of beer, as the host of Europe, do what he likes to do in the pack at the League final on Wednesday: sing. “To sup- navel of the European footport was a team that plays in red, a ball world and many fans of the team that we all know, a team FC Liverpool in Germany that we called Liverpool, were looking for accommodation. ry we will go ”. Or of course: Because the hotels in Basel were full of "You never walk alone". And probably also because there were all encounters of this kind that cost twice as much. Also this week the beer in others. It is true that Liverpool has the sharing of South Baden. Lost in Lörrach final; As for the presence, for example, where two dutanging, the fans of the zend of those, however, preferably dressed in red Anfield Road, won on Wednesday front. Nobody here can remember fan groups from Seville at noon in the “Wilder Mann”. JENS KITZLER celebrating. In Gersbacher Gourmet Fescht you can look forward to a culinary experience day with the direct meat marketing and tourism company Gersbach eV May 29, 2016 Bergkopfhalle, Schopfheim-Gersbach from 11.00 a.m. to approx. 6.00 p.m. • Admission: 10.30 a.m. A DIVERSE SUPPORTING PROGRAM is offered around the THEME BEEF: MEAT SEMINAR with butchers from Hieber KOCHEN LIVE with NaturEnergie MÄRCHENSPIEL with the puppet theater "Goldener Schlüssel" MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT by the Sallneck music association GUIDED TOURS to the cattle educational trail GAME & FUN for children More information at:, de and Sunday · May 22nd, 2016 “There are always sightings” Photos now show the WOLF's return to Baden-Württemberg for the first time Evidence of a living wolf in the wild. A driver saw the animal on the Baar and took photos. Wolf experts from all over Germany are sure that it is a wolf and not a dog. GABRIELE HENNICKE Wildlife biologist Micha Herdtfelder from the Forest Research Institute (FVA) describes the evidence of a living wolf on the Baar as a huge coincidence. By Friday noon, the FVA counted three sightings of the animal, two of them in the same place. This is a small sensation: "It is absolutely unlikely to see a wolf in the same region again," says Herdtfelder. Wolves are very mobile. Animals established in a region have very large roaming areas of around 250 or more square kilometers, so it is not possible to specifically seek them out. It is not yet known whether the wolf, who happened to be discovered by a car driver on the river Baar, already sees the region as a territory or has long since left it. One would only speak of a territory if reliable evidence - such as hair, saliva or blood - of the animal with the scientific name Canis lupus was available over a period of six months. “Then we would set up photo traps to get more information. Where exactly, we would discuss that with the hunters in the region, ”says Herdtfelder. The wildlife biologist coordinates lynx and wolf monitoring at the FVA, as well as the systematic recording and observation of wild animals that have long been considered extinct in Germany. “Reports of alleged wolves being sighted come in every week, that's nothing special. We are used to dealing with these reports, ”he says. Baden-Württemberg has been preparing for the return of the wolf for a long time. Together with the nature conservation administration, representatives of nature conservation associations, agriculture and hunters, the Ministry of Agriculture has developed guidelines for action. The wolf in the wild, recorded on the Baar plateau."He's probably injured, he's limping a bit FOTO: PRIVATE / FVA / DPA," says wolf expert Micha Herdtfelder. kelt, which describes responsibilities, communication channels and procedures. The settlement of claims if a wolf kills a sheep is also regulated. Without a photo, the identity of a wolf cannot usually be determined with certainty. Most dogs are mistaken for wolves, as the dog is the domesticated form of the wolf. On the Baar, however, the observer was able to take many photos and a few small videos of the wolf when he happened to be driving his car on a dirt road. He passed the photos on to the responsible district office, which informed the FVA. "In this case, we were quickly very certain that it was a wolf," says Herdtfelder, "nevertheless it is very important that this statement is confirmed by other wolf experts with a lot of experience." The confirmation by the Lupus Institute for wolf monitoring and research in Germany was not long in coming. - Typical characteristics - There is no single characteristic that would make the wolf clearly identifiable. According to Herdtfelder, only the overall view of all characteristic signs such as face mask, triangular and rounded ears, dark saddle, straight back, dark tail tip and long legs lead to proof of identity. Wolves like to roam through the forest, but also run - like on the Baar - across the open field. That is normal behavior, a wolf in the zoo in Schwerin eating a piece of meat. Its triangular and rounded ears are clearly recognizable. PHOTO: DPA said the expert. “On the videos you could see that the wolf lies down, gets up and runs on, then lies down again. The wolf is probably injured, because he limps a bit, his gait is not round. Maybe he had contact with a car. Animals usually cope well with minor injuries, ”says the expert, describing his observations. Of course, Herdtfelder and his colleagues from the FVA went to the site of the sighting and looked for traces and genetic material such as hair or excrement, the so-called solution. So far without success. It is not known whether the wolf immigrated from the Alpine region or from the eastern regions of Germany or Poland. Presumably it is a male young animal that left its pack when it reached sexual maturity and is now looking for its own territory. A transmitter, like last year with Luchs Friedl, is hardly possible and also not planned for a wolf. “You can't get a wolf that is not territorial,” says Micha Herdtfelder when asked about the wolf being provided with a tracking device. The wildlife biologist himself has not yet been lucky: He has not yet seen a wolf in the wild, even though he has already stayed several times in wolf regions in northern and eastern Germany, in Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France. North-south connection and parking spaces The land reorganization of the Dinkelberg is progressing - grants from the EU, state and federal government approved The land reorganization on the Dinkelberg, which has been running since 2005, has made another step forward. The road and water plan contained therein was approved in April 2016, and the grants for the first tranche of the land consolidation have now been approved. The cost of implementing the lengthy procedure totaled 2.3 million euros, the approval of grants of 1.3 million from the EU, the federal government and the state now have Wehr's mayor Michael Thater, district administrator Martin Kistler, representatives of the participating company and project managers in Stuttgart Ministry of Rural Affairs received. The grants cover 80 percent of the total costs, the rest of the property owners have to pay, whereby the city of Wehr wants to take over half. According to the announcement in Stuttgart, District Administrator Martin Kistler: “Not only do farmers benefit from the land consolidation, but also property owners, animal and plant species worthy of protection and those seeking relaxation.” The initial situation: The area of ​​land consolidation Wehr on the Dinkelberg on the southwestern edge of the southern Black Forest an area of ​​almost 800 hectares, on which around 2,000 property owners share around 3,300 properties - these small and fragmented properties are to be rearranged in the course of the procedure - but only after the route plan has been implemented. The problem that worries the few farmers who still remain on the Dinkelberg: There is no continuous north-south connection there, which makes it difficult for the farmers to access their already heavily parceled areas, they often have to make detours via the valley Take purchase. Other ways should be adapted to today's standards. According to Michael Thater, Mayor of the City of Wehr, “a planning process that is not always easy has succeeded in reconciling economy and ecology.” Because that is what the Dinkelberg is: a local recreation area and a valuable cultural landscape that is worth preserving. The farmers will also be pleased: As part of the land consolidation, parking spaces are to be created for the numerous excursionists. The fact that visitors to the Dinkelberg have so far parked their cars on meadows and paths is not only a thorn in the side of the farmers. The measures also include the creation of a NIL orchard nature trail. FROM THE REGION 5 Sunday · May 22nd, 2016 “Make your own laws” ANDREAS SUTER from the Swiss National Taxi Union calls for a ban on Uber On Tuesday, taxi drivers in Basel, Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne honored their displeasure with the Uber vehicle service app. The campaign was initiated by the Swiss National Taxi Union and the Unia trade union. Mr Suter, you are a taxi operator in Basel, a member of the National Taxi Union, a board member of the Basel Unia taxi group and you helped to organize the action on Tuesday. To ask provocatively: What do you have against Uber? Competition stimulates business. Has been confirmed by reality Thank you for the relatively factual report on the former mayor and CDU member Harald Kraus, who joined the AfD. Your author thinks that such "defectors" would help the AfD to "strip off the image of the dirty brown children". That may not be wrong, but the political reality helps much more: Positions for which the AfD portrayed as Nazi-like weeks and months ago. Uber app for displeasure. Taxi keeper PHOTOS: GRAMESPACHER / ZVG and trade unionist Andreas Suter (small picture) calls for a ban. claims that taxi rides in Switzerland are simply too expensive. Would a price cut be a way of responding to Uber? Cheapering the price would not be the right step; rather, we are concerned with raising awareness. The cost of a taxi is often compared to low-cost airlines. For example, if someone flies with Easyjet from Basel to London for 60 Swiss francs and then pays 40 francs for the trip to the airport, they tell themselves that something is wrong. But we are, so to speak, a private jet, with us the customer also pays for the fact that - unlike Uber, by the way - we have vehicles available and he knows: if I need a taxi at 5 a.m., one is there too. The passenger is our priority. With Uber, on the other hand, a vehicle comes when one is available, otherwise the customer is just unlucky. company, but as a potential user you also have to see the price at which this is done. How was the response to the demonstration on Tuesday? I don't have all the figures yet, but 120 out of 450 taxi drivers in Basel took part. This is very good when you consider that many colleagues also work night shifts and then cannot demonstrate during the day. On February 29th, we had a nationwide demonstration in Bern, where 850 taxi drivers took part. The backing is definitely there, but more drivers are welcome to participate. Are there any other actions planned? We first want to see how the authorities react and whether something is done against Uber. We plan to hold such a demonstration once a month if necessary. The action But the price is still on Tuesday was also a Charein argument. me offensive, as many of the drivers with flowers and red ribbons It is a fact that Uber rode with the car. THE CONVERSATION RESULTS ADRIAN STEINECK asks for up to 50 percent less than a taxi and returns an item for a trip. The Sunday of the AfD is a forum that should not be underestimated. The report comes from a sympathetically described "well networked" ex-mayor who has resigned after many years of CDU membership and wants to find a new home in the AfD. But I would like people in politics who have a differentiated view of things, in other words: for the GeHARALD NOTH, VOGTSBURG, too. When I read the AfD's party program, I do not find any of that - in general, a harmless look at genteil: With such ideas about the AfD and its politics, we are distancing ourselves from a tolerant and social society. Quite stunned leaves me I find it shocking and became, are the ruling politics today. The Austrian government, made up of social democrats and the ÖVP, is trying to secure the border at the Brenner Pass and uses water cannons and police troops against left-wing extremist border violators. And Merkel and Gabriel accept the closure of the Balkan route with great relief. Through countries like Hungary, which a few months ago were depicted as half rogue states. in Baden-Württemberg Mr. van Veen, two helpers who support your association in looking after the refugees in the Bad Säckingen communal accommodation, have invited the press there to draw attention to "grievances". The accusation: The refugees handle the furnishings badly by letting them get dirty - even though a cleaning service comes to the accommodation every day. How can this be explained? First of all, I would like to point out that the two people in question are active independently of the Refugees Integrated (RI) association. The coexistence of 250 people from different countries and continents does not always run smoothly. The use of common areas such as the kitchen is particularly problematic. But this does not only apply to asylum seekers. We also use public spaces such as bathroom mats as rubbish dumps. The poor handling of common property is not a refugee-specific problem. How do you assess the procedure and are the two of them justified? I consider the procedure to be shameful, as the cheap presentation of the grievances has been taken out of context and thus only food is produced for widespread prejudices and resentments are nourished. By the way: How is the penetration of the two into the private area of ​​the asylum seekers and the disregard of the house rules of the district office to be assessed? Would we be thrilled if strangers checked our kitchens and pilloried us? The procedure only served for self-presentation. Nobody was helped: Not the asylum seekers, who are mostly not happy with the situation, not the helpers who have to deal with additional prejudices, not the district office, which is already busy organizing the situation. Do you have to accept the situation or what do you suggest? The task that Refugees Integrated has set itself and that we have been fulfilling with great commitment for over a year consists of the triad: language, work and living. For us, that means integration. The two raise the question of the ability of the residents of the Langfuhr to integrate. What do you reply? It is very worrying that with this article Der Sonntag is helping the AfD to establish itself further, and that on the historic Memorial Day, May 8th, the day of liberation, on which 71 years ago the most ardent wish was: “Never Fascism again! ”and:“ The construction of a new world of peace and freedom is our goal! ”SUSANNE HEUSER, FREIBURG> LETTERS TO THE READER We can only print them if they are signed with full name and place of residence. We reserve the right to make reductions. You can reach us under “Reader Service & Contact” on Saturday, June 4th, 2016, 11 am–3pm: MEDIA DAY OF OPEN PRODUCTS SCHOOL + INFORMATION DAY GRAPHICS DESIGN Academy for Communication Legal support from Freiburg The city administration of Bad Säckingen invites you to an information event on the Atdorf pumped storage plant on Wednesday, May 25th at 7pm . Representatives of the Freiburg law firm Sparwasser and Heilshorn will be present, who will be distributing information about the legal options in the Atdorf pumped storage plant planning approval procedure. Bad Säckingen, Rickenbach and Herrischried have commissioned the law firm to ensure that the interests of their communities are protected by DS. REQUESTED READER OPINION On the article “No longer my party” in the May 8th issue: PSW ATDORF FRANK VAN VEEN, REFUGEES INTEGRATED, it happens that you can still use the Uber app and Uber then pays the fines for its drivers. But we are of the opinion: As long as something illegal is offered, the provider must first of all consider the market. Uber as a competitor against such grievances, because if I were to defend myself, someone would be a competitor if I weren't a taxi driver. who wants to enter the market under the same conditions. How finances is Uber looking for. But does that even apply to Uber? not, because since it appears as an app and not as a company, it pays Uber as a broker in Switzerland, not a value-added platform and finances taxes and not corporate income via horrific commissions. tax. In addition, we just have to see that we have guidelines as to who is someone that the Uber drivers are in principle allowed to transport, but work illegally and also not Uber does not adhere to this insurance. When I get sick of guidelines and do its one thing, I have paid laws for it. and am covered, but if an Uber driver gets sick, you are referring to Uberer here at the community's expense. Pop, a service that provides private individuals with their car to get you as a taxi vehicle seeker. driver also the opinion of In Germany this was heard by passengers? Offer meanwhile discontinued. How is the situation in the yes. Some see through Switzerland? System from Uber and do not use this app. In the cities of Geneva and Lausanne, Uber-Pop has meanwhile been banned from reading comments. But as a result of this internet access is often used. AFD IN BRIEF Get to know the premises of the Academy for Communication Freiburg in Kaiser-Joseph-Straße and find out about the content and structures, objectives and opportunities of training in the vocational colleges for PRODUCT DESIGN and TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION. We are looking forward to your visit! You are also very welcome to arrange a personal consultation with us on Tel: 0761/156 48 03-0. Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse 168 | 79098 Freiburg | Tel: 0761 / 1564803-0 | If the question of the ability to integrate is to be measured against the German cleaning ordinance, then that does not even come close to my understanding of integration and THE TALK also does not correspond to that of the RI members. ADDED NINA LIPP INSERTS Parts of today's edition of our newspaper contain supplements from Aldi Süd, Thomas Philipps, Penny and Villringer GmbH. 6 PEOPLE AND MARKETS Sunday May 22, 2016 A question of price BÖRSE REGIONAL Energiedienst 1 Rate today (EUR) Previous week (EUR) Change (in percent) 52-week high 52-week low 19.70 20.28 -2, 86% 27.76 19.70 Laufenburg Micronas 6.62 6.87 -3.64% 6.98 3.50 104.10 108.05 -3.66% 162.95 91.50 75.05 73.30 2.39% 103.20 67.00 Freiburg Sto Stühlingen Novartis 2 Basel Peugeot SA 13.14 13.69 -4.02% 19.71 11.60 247.10 245.10 0.82% 283.90 229. 90 396.00 394.50 0.38% 435.20 288.50 Mulhouse Roche GS 2 Basel Syngenta 2 Basel All values ​​Xetra. Exceptions: 1Berlin, 2Zürich (in CHF) - as of KW 20 STO SIGRUN REHM construction supplier increases sales The construction supplier Sto, based in Stühlingen, increased its sales in the first quarter by 4.2 percent to 214.9 million euros. Adjusted for exchange rate effects and acquisitions, growth was 2.1 percent. For 2016, Sto expects DS sales to increase by 5 percent to 1.277 billion euros. Badenova asserts itself in the competition GEWINN 2015 only declined slightly The regional energy supplier Badenova earned almost one million euros less in 2015 than in the previous year. The net profit fell from 51.5 to 50.6 million euros. But unlike many other energy companies, this means that the result has remained almost stable, emphasizes Badenova. Last year, the Baden-Württemberg competitor EnBW managed to return to profitability only through sales of securities.The energy companies RWE and Eon write losses, Eon even has to accept the highest loss in the company's history with a deficit of seven billion euros. The corporations are particularly troubled by the low prices in electricity wholesale. Badenova CFO Maik In the dispute over the herbicide GLYPHOSAT, farmers in southern Baden are as divided as politicians Should the weed killer glyphosate continue to be used? This week the EU states postponed their decision again. Governments are as divided as farmers and scientists. It becomes clear that the dispute refers to the fundamental question of how we want to live in the future - and what it may cost. Wassmer says that the competition requires maximum flexibility and constant checking of the processes. Nevertheless, it was possible to win new commercial customers in the sale of electricity and gas. In 2015, Badenova invested 60.9 million euros in infrastructure and renewable energies such as wind power projects. The company's profits will be distributed to 96 shareholder communities between the Upper Rhine and the Northern Black Forest - as well as to the Thüga AG municipal utilities consortium. Thüga, based in Munich, is the largest Badenova shareholder with a stake of 45.2 percent, ahead of the city of Freiburg (32.8 percent). Badenova points out that Freiburg will use the Badenova profit to compensate for the deficits in the local public transport DS / RIX of the VAG. "The use of glyphosate is a soil-conserving alternative for preparing for sowing and for weed control in the field," explains Padraig Elsner, press spokesman for the BLHV farmers' association in Baden. "Roundup" & Co. saved the farmers plowing and thus a lot of time, fuel and manpower. Because for grain, rapeseed and vines, fruit trees and berry bushes to flourish well and evenly, the soil around them must be free of competitors. "If used correctly, I consider the use of glyphosate to be justifiable," says Peter Ackermann, Head of Agriculture in the Emmendingen district. Both cite the benefits of protecting the soil from erosion. "Glyphosate has a very sustainable effect, the areas remain free of weeds for a long time," says Ackermann. Environmentalists and organic farming associations see this as an unmistakable sign of the dangerousness of the product. Countless organisms in the soil and in the water, wild plants on the edge of the field, insects, birds, frogs and, last but not least, the water - they would all be significantly polluted. "Biodiversity decreases with the use of glyphosate," warns the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND). The herbicide is also suspected of causing cancer in humans. The debate within the EU has now come to a head on this question. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment had environmental activists of the BUND protesting against the use of the PflanFOTO: DPA zenschutzmittel in front of the Bundestag in Berlin. (BfR), which examined glyphosate on behalf of the European Food Safety Authority (Efsa), classified the substance as “probably not carcinogenic”, the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), came to the conclusion that this Agent is "probably carcinogenic". When a further investigation by the “Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues” (JMPR) working group, which is also part of the WHO, gave the all-clear, the confusion was so great that the EU countries postponed their decision on further approval this week. Opponents and supporters of a ban accuse themselves of a lack of transparency, a lack of independence and questionable investigation methods. "The debate as to whether glyphosate is carcinogenic or not is a side-war scene and a diversionary maneuver - which suits the industry," says Friedbert Schill, organic farmer in March-Buchheim since 1980 and chairman of the BLHV district association in Freiburg. "Basically nobody needs glyphosate," says Schill, "but it is the logical consequence of our dealings with nature and agriculture - no appreciation and cost pressure." The use of this herbicide, which is most commonly used worldwide, "hurts his soul". It is not known how many farmers in southern Baden use the product. Since glyphosate is mainly used in large, highly rationalized farms and the local farms are very small with an average of 35 hectares, he assumes that fewer areas are treated with it than the national average, says BLHV spokesman Elsner. He refers to the official report on the “weeds conference” in Braunschweig in February, which states that glyphosate is being sprayed on 22.2 percent of German areas in the stubble field and on 12.7 percent of the areas before sowing. Use immediately before harvest is only allowed in exceptional cases and plays a minor role at just under 5 percent. Elsner agrees with Ackermann, the head of the Department of Agriculture: For the farmers, the use of the herbicide is always a conscious consideration. When it comes to hobby gardeners, however, Ackermann is skeptical: "I fear that many people use their 'Roundup' improperly." Raphael Mainiero is also convinced of this. The biologist at the University of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences in Switzerland and vice chairman of the BUND Lörrach criticizes the placement of the weed killer directly at the till in the hardware store and recalls the precautionary principle that applies in Europe: the trustworthiness of the political decisions. ”But like organic farmer Schill, he has no illusions that another herbicide will come onto the market after a glyphosate ban. “Of course, this would not suddenly make all of agriculture organic,” says Schill. But the debate showed him: “We are no longer a minority in the BLHV, something is moving.” Mainiero reports from his lecture at the Lörracher Nellie Nashorn in April: A vine farmer in the audience then declared that he would voluntarily refrain from glyphosate even if it means more work. “We would like consumers to finally be ready to pay the price that is necessary for sustainably produced food,” says Mainiero. Waiting and drinking milk Waiting, changing or stopping altogether? Dairy farmers like Hannes Eckert find themselves in a difficult situation. Farm manager Hannes Eckert has 75 dairy cows in his stable near Endingen. He doesn't know what to do next. “I belong to a species that is becoming extinct.” With this species, Hannes Eckert means the dairy farmers in the Rhine valley. Eckert and his family run an emigrant farm near Endingen am Kaiserstuhl. His grandparents moved here from Forchheim in the 1950s. Like them, numerous farmers from Endingen and the smaller communities in the area have been relocated to farms in the area. The Weingartenhöfe, Petershöfe or the Wilhelmshöfe, to which Eckerts Hof belongs, were created. Eckert is 43, took over the farm from his parents in 2003 and runs it with his wife and the trainee. The four children also have to lend a hand. “The farms around us started with the same prerequisites,” says Eckert. Apart from him, nobody keeps dairy cattle in the Wilhelmshöfen. A dairy farmer in the vicinity has given up on its expansion plans in the face of the milk crisis. In the entire Emmendingen district, hardly anyone survived on the Rhine plain. The dairy farming withdraws to the Black Forest mountains with their still large meadows. “You don't know where you're going,” says Eckert, reflecting on the future of the dairy industry and that of his farm. Eckert is a member of the Association of German Dairy Farmers (BDM). - The slaughter price is also under pressure - Some BDM farmers have switched dairies in order to get better prices for their milk. The Eckert family has remained loyal to Black Forest milk. “I'm not the ultra fighter,” says Eckert. But it annoys him that the BDM is neglected by high politics. "Now I have to digest the four cents first." His dairy has announced that the reason you have in your backpack is what Eckert explains about the chances of surviving a dry spell. The stable he built in 1995 has been written off. "With 30 cents I could survive for a while," said Eckert. He hopes that politicians will find a way to keep the milk price like “You have to be very happy to keep dairy cattle.” Agricultural master Haner rises, or PHOTO: HABERER another fine Eckert from Endingen. The nancial price for his milk is now only 26 of his milk in the calf of being paid for the dairy farmers. So far it has been overly one. is found. He can still remember 30 cents and one or two cents on the young cattle he sells about the milk crisis in 2009, hit for the quality. “For me, the breeding association who went on strike when the fattening and the farmers. Take something in hand with an annual dairy cattle, mostly in the Mediterranean, or produce 500,000 liters, sometimes as far as North Africa, wait until many, especially that means 20,000 euros less sent. Some Metz dairy farmers also run out of steam for the same work, ”says rei in his area. For him, that's the AlterEckert. He can do it a little. But also the slaughter price native. For the family, it means balancing out price pressure. Part of it is under pressure. “It's a question, the question of how deep you would like to dig into your backpack in order to survive the dry spell. "We live in the hope that things will get better again," says Eckert. He always makes decisions about the coming years in his company. If he inseminates his animals now, he will get the economic result in three years and thereafter. - The conversion to organic takes two years - “You have to be very happy to keep dairy cattle”, says Eckert about his motivation to survive the crisis. All year round, day after day, he and his family have to be there for the cows. “Some also call me a cow whisperer,” notes Eckert. At the moment he doesn't know what alternative he would have to dairy farming. He cultivates as much meadows as fields. Maybe switch to organic? That takes two years, says the farmer. And even with organic you don't know how long the consumer will be interested in it. NEWS 7 Sunday · May 22, 2016 New allegations against Turkey Today's meeting between the CHANCELLOR and Head of State Erdogan could be tricky Berlin / Brussels (dpa). Before Chancellor Angela Merkel's trip to Turkey, Pro Asyl accused the country of serious human rights violations and demanded an immediate suspension of the EU refugee pact. According to Spiegel, Turkey refuses to allow well-educated refugees to travel to Europe. Merkel wants to make a short visit to Turkey this Sunday to take part in a UN emergency relief summit in Istanbul. A meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is also planned on Monday. In addition to the refugee crisis, the dispute over visa exemption for Turks is likely to be a topic. The resolution of the parliament in Ankara to lift the immunity of members of the pro-Kurdish opposition party HDP in particular is causing unrest in Berlin and Brussels. The EU's refugee pact with the government in Ankara - which Merkel played a key role in promoting - stipulates that refugees who are translating from Turkey to Greek islands will be sent back. For every Syrian refugee What will Merkel discuss with Erdogan on Monday? should another Syrian enter the European Union legally and directly from Turkey. According to Spiegel, Ankara refuses to allow well-educated refugees from Syria to leave the country. Instead, Turkey is sending many "serious medical cases or refugees with very little education". At the Brussels meeting of EU interior ministers on Friday, the Luxembourg minister Jean Asselborn had already reported that Turkey was refusing to allow academics to leave the country. Pro-Asylum workers have been in Turkey and in FOTO: DPA Greece in the past few weeks to get an idea of ​​the implementation of the refugee pact. "The Chancellor sacrificed the human rights of refugees for this deal," said Managing Director Günter Burkhardt. “The experiences of the past few weeks exceed our worst fears.” In Turkey, but also in Greece, refugees are systematically deprived of their rights. Burkhardt complained that the need for protection of refugees is not really checked in Greece. Individual reasons for fleeing and personal circumstances are sometimes simply ignored. In Turkey, many refugees would then be put back in detention centers, said Burkhardt. Several victims reported that they had been forced to "voluntarily" leave their home country - with the threat that otherwise they would have to remain in custody for months. "If this goes on with this deal, the individual right to asylum will be undermined across Europe," he warned. "Then there is no longer an individual right of asylum, but only the admission of a few selected refugees," criticized Burkhardt. FDP leader Christian Lindner warned Merkel against making concessions to the Turkish government. "The Chancellor must convey the clear message to Erdogan that his behavior is absolutely unacceptable." The United Nations emergency relief summit begins on Monday. The meeting is about better networking between the various actors, said Merkel in her video message on Saturday. She plans to meet representatives of Turkish civil society on Sunday evening. Whether members of the HDP, other Kurdish organizations or journalists critical of the government will be there has recently been an open question. IN BRIEF PLANE ACCIDENT GREECE Right-wing populist against the Greens: Great international interest in AUSTRIA'S presidential election VIENNA (DPA). Accompanied by great international interest, Austria is electing a new Federal President this Sunday. The 45-year-old Norbert Hofer from the right-wing FPÖ is the favorite in the runoff election. His opponent is the 72-year-old Alexander Van der Bellen, who is supported by the Greens. Should Hofer win and move into the Vienna Hofburg, he would be the first European head of state from the ranks of right-wing populists. The first forecasts and projections will be available after the polling stations close at 5 pm. Should it be a close race, the result could not be known until late Monday afternoon. The Interior Ministry assumes that around ten percent of the 6.4 million eligible voters will vote by postal vote. These votes will not be counted until Monday. More than 100 foreign media representatives have been accredited to cover the election. From the point of view of the Austrian political party researcher Peter Filzmaier, the outcome of the election is completely open, although Hofer surprisingly clearly won the first voting round. The hope of the Green candidate Van der Bellen is based on the more than two million voters who stayed at home in the first ballot, Filzmaier said on Deutschlandradio Kultur. The reason for the upswing of the right-wing populists lies primarily in the dissatisfaction of the people with the politics of the grand coalition of the social democratic SPÖ and the conservative ÖVP. If the FPÖ candidate wins the election, experts expect a harsher social climate. The list of taboo topics in public discourse, for example also on the question of foreigners, will then probably become smaller. In general, a victory by Hofer would completely change the domestic political situation, the familiar power structure with the president as a rather dormant pole in Austria. "Hofer would be an offensive player, as he has aroused corresponding expectations in his supporters." This also applies to the relationship with the EU. Hofer, whose FPÖ is extremely critical of Europe, will drive this issue forward, the expert is certain. Fewer and fewer refugees The number of migrants coming to Greece from Turkey remains low compared to the past few months. In the past 24 hours, 110 people from Turkey crossed over. This was announced by the staff for the refugee crisis in Athens on Saturday. The day before there were only two people. According to the UN Refugee Agency, around 2,000 people crossed over every day in February. WIND POWER Resistance to Gabriel's plans According to a report by Welt am Sonntag in several federal states, Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) 's plans for drastic cuts in the promotion of wind power plants continue to meet with criticism. According to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, they are resisting reducing the feed-in tariff for onshore wind power by 7.5 percent from 2017 onwards. LAND Oettinger predicts losses of the Greens Baden-Württemberg Former Prime Minister Günther Oettinger (CDU) sees good chances for the Union to become the strongest party in the country again in five years. “When Winfried Kretschmann retires, the Greens in Baden-Württemberg will fall back into their old order of magnitude, somewhere between 15, 18 or 20 percent. They will stay strong.But then the Kretschmann cult is gone, ”said today's EU Commissioner to the SWR. The state CDU DPA must become a team to replace the Greens. SAINT-TROPEZ “Exit completely open” Smoke alarm before crash The Egyptian military has published the first recordings of the wreckage of the crashed Egyptair plane. The photos released on Saturday show wreckage of the aircraft, seats and life jackets, as well as personal belongings. Flight MS804 crashed on Thursday night with 66 people on board en route from Paris to Cairo over the Mediterranean Sea. The French aviation authority confirmed that shortly before the accident there was smoke alarm on board DPA. The cause of the accident is so far unknown. 80-year-old shoots police officers An 80-year-old gunman shot a police officer from the GIGN special force in France on Saturday. The unit had been called to the house in Gassin, south of Saint-Tropez on the Mediterranean, after the man shot his wife with a rifle, slightly injuring her. During the operation, the man then shot two officers as they approached the house. A gendarme was fatally wounded. The 80-year-old then set fire to the house and turned the gun on himself. DPA was seriously injured in the process. Help people with intellectual disabilities! Consider the help in your will. We would be happy to send you our guide to meaningful inheritance and advise you personally. Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe e.V. 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In addition, there is weak to moderate wind, which is refreshing in the vicinity of showers and thunderstorms. The new week starts rainy and much cooler. There are still a lot of clouds on Tuesday. 22 ° 9 ° 24 ° 12 ° Bad Krozingen Furtwangen 24 ° 11 ° 12 l / m² precipitation the day after tomorrow 16 ° 3 2 13 l / m² g precipitation 0 l / m² precipitation 25 ° 20 ° 15 ° Kiel 6 12 18 0 6 12 18 0 6 12 6 p.m. Wind strengths in the circles in Beaufort 05: 38/21: 11 a.m. 21: 34/06: 26 p.m. Rise and set times apply to Freiburg Saarbrücken Stuttgart 24 ° 12 ° Freiburg 2.69 l / lm FRANK-Holz GmbH 79739 Schwörstadt, Tel. 0 77 62/80 77 11 Travel times: Wednesdays, 11 a.m.-3.30 p.m., every 1/2 hour from the main entrance. 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Although the defense budget is to be increased by 1.7 billion euros, the Bundeswehr will have to do without additional Leopard 2 battle tanks and a new tactical air defense system (TLVS) for the time being. The Bild-Zeitung relied on a confidential negotiation paper from the housekeepers in the Federal Ministry of Defense. The defense budget is therefore so tight that it is hardly possible to invest in new equipment for the troops and not even enough money is available for ongoing operations. "The allegedly missing billions for new equipment - the ministry denies turnaround armaments investments will be given up", the paper quoted from the letter. Experts warn that the targets agreed at the NATO summit in Wales two years ago to put two percent of the gross domestic product in the defense budget and 20 percent of the budget in armaments would be missed. The share of defense spending in gross domestic product will fall below the level of Wales from 2018. The 20 percent share for armaments investments will not be reached before 2020 - unless the budget is increased by a total of seven billion euros by 2020 than previously planned. From the Defense Minister- Is the Bundeswehr running out of money for new tanks? There was no confirmation for such a paper. A spokesman referred to the government's decision on key figures for the 2017 budget, with which a "moderate increase in FOTO: DPA funds" had already been achieved. The defense budget should grow by 1.7 billion euros to 36.6 billion euros in the coming year. By 2020, the medium-term financial plan envisages an increase of a total of 10.2 billion euros compared to 2016. "We know that this is a trend reversal," said the spokesman. However, this must become more permanent in the years to come. Regarding the specific projects, the defense budget said that a two-digit amount for the Leopard 2 and a three-digit amount for TLVS was planned for the coming year. Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) ruled out a return to compulsory military service, despite the fact that the Bundeswehr was to be reinforced again. "We would then have to train gigantic numbers of young people that we are no longer prepared for," von der Leyen told Focus. In addition, this would include "many who are not passionate about what they do". Von der Leyen also pointed out that conscripts could not solve possible recruitment problems. The Bundeswehr does need more personnel, "but primarily highly motivated and qualified specialists". These could be recruited more successfully "by positioning ourselves as an attractive and modern employer". In any case, the applicant situation is good, said the minister. Every year around 60,000 applicants for the military and 40,000 applicants for the civilian side of the Bundeswehr registered. EXTRA: CITYFEST RHEINFELDEN Lively city center Rheinfelden invites you to its CITYFEST with Sunday shopping for four days. The Rheinfelden Trade Association and the company Süma Maier invite you from Corpus Christi, Thursday, May 26th up to and including Sunday, May 29th, to the eleventh edition of the Cityfest in Rheinfelden a. There is a colorful market activity with numerous market stalls, a range of restaurants and a variety of rides for all generations. The highlight and conclusion of the Rheinfeld City Festival is the shopping Sunday on May 29th, when the doors of the shops in the city center are open from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. In addition, the tradespeople take part with special promotions. “Almost all downtown shops, including the Hochrheincenter, take part in the Sunday sales. The Hieber multi-storey car park on KarlFürstenberg-Strasse is therefore open to visitors all Sunday, ”says Frank Sattler, Chairman of the Trade Association. Even if it has to go without music this time because of the Gema demands, Dieter Maier raves about Süma Maier: “A visit to the Cityfest is definitely worth it. There is something on offer in the whole city center, there are chairs everywhere, market stalls in Rheinfelden are fully booked, there is a beautiful fair, and the Rheinfeld region. 20% adorned goods! * also on redu New in Rheinfelden Fashionable and functional bike clothing from Modabici Bikewear Rheinfelden The Mannina family is looking forward to your visit! Eichamtstrasse 6 · 79618 Rheinfelden Telephone +49 (0) 76 23 - 5 98 93 90 [email protected]