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Asya wrote emotional story about the corona lockdown

The 10-year-old wrote a long text about how she feels, how to protect yourself from Corona and what you can still do.

Ten-year-old Asya, like many other children, is currently sad that she cannot visit many friends and relatives during the corona pandemic. Together with her friend Amelie (10), the Duisburg woman has considered writing a story. Asya reports in her text about what a virus is and how you can best protect yourself. The fourth grader also writes how she is doing and what you can do at home in lockdown. Read Asya's text here.

My lockdown

“In lockdown, everyone has to stay at home and I am one of them. I remember the first lockdown very well, and now it's the second lockdown. It is very difficult to do distance classes because we have always started new topics and I find that sometimes it is very difficult to understand the topics. And staying home is even more difficult. For example, I can't see my friends, my family, my grandma. It's sad and a shame for me.

In the beginning, when Corona started, I didn't take it seriously. And now, because many people did not take Corona seriously, we are all locked up at home and cannot go out without a mask, and now everyone is suffering from it.

A couple of friends and I have Skype lessons with another teacher. We are preparing for the 5th grade. When I was doing homework with my girlfriend, it occurred to us to write a book because we were bored and we wanted to write stories or books for ourselves because we enjoy it.

One evening I was sitting with my family in front of the TV and Ms. Merkel said that the schools would be reopened. I was frightened. When I got back to school on the first day, it was completely weird to me, as if I'd seen my friends for the first time. We had to wear the masks even in physical education classes. I have classes three times a week because there are two groups. I'm in the second group and have school on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

What is Corona?

Corona is a deadly virus. You can't see the virus, that's why Corona is so dangerous. Corona can be spread through the nose, mouth and skin. That's why we all wear masks. When we get home from school or work it is very important to wash our hands and face so that we wash away the viruses if we have any. There are corona signs, for example that you can lose your sense of taste and smell. If something like this happened, it would be very important to get tested. You always have to wear masks in shops and regularly disinfect your hands. The word corona means wreath or crown because the virus looks like a wreath or crown under a microscope.

What is a virus

For me, a virus is like an open door to a disease, you just have to go to the other side. There are different viruses, some of which cause a cold. There are also viruses that can give you a cold, fever or cough. And the deadly disease Covid-19 comes from the corona virus. The viruses are so tiny, tiny, that you can only see them with a microscope. And from that comes the danger because you can't see the viruses with the naked eye. Even if there was no Corona, you should protect yourself from viruses.

How can you protect yourself from Corona?

Outside of the household you should always wear the mask and preferably the FFP2 masks because they provide the most protection. When you come home from outside, you should always wash your hands and face so that we can wash the viruses away from our bodies when we have them. You also have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from another person. Please ventilate your house at least once a day so that the viruses and the bad air can go out of your house.

What can you do at home in lockdown?

You can do a lot of things, for example hiking, looking at the beautiful colorful flowers, the insects, trees and other things in nature. You can jump rope in your garden, lie down on the lawn, talk to your parents, have a movie night with them. Try to do things that you may not have done before.

Even if you wear that stupid mask all day or have to disinfect your hands all the time and constantly wash your hands, you can be happy. In my experience, you can always be happy when your family is with you, even if there is Corona. And try to stick to the rules, because that's how we will make sure that there is no more Corona.

How do I feel in times of corona?

I don't feel good because the corona numbers keep increasing. I think that some people are not interested in Corona at all. For example, some people meet with more than four friends. Others go to or host weddings. I want to meet up with my friends and go to the swimming pool with them and play with them. But my family and I take care that we don't get Corona, and we always will. I also ask you to pay attention for Germany and for the world. I hope that everyone will get well again and that there will be no more Corona.

A few days before my 10th birthday, the news said there was going to be a lockdown. I was really sad that I can't celebrate my birthday. Because I was so sad, I hid my homemade invitation cards in my room in the hope that I could celebrate my birthday afterwards. I still have the invitation cards in my room, but I couldn't celebrate my birthday afterwards.

The sugar festival that we celebrate no longer exists. In 2019 I went to my friends and hugged them, which I couldn't do a year later. We could only write one message to each other and that was "Happy Sugar Festival". No sweets, no hugs, no longer the extended family ... just nothing. We couldn't celebrate Saint Martin either.

When we got the idea to write a book, we were very happy and very excited. My friend Amelie is like gold, she is very nice, very fair and very sweet. She is the best friend you can imagine. I am very fond of my friend Amelie.

Last year and this year I didn't celebrate a carnival. I wanted so much to dress up as Vaiana because they say I look like Vaiana. Because this is my last year in elementary school, I can never celebrate Carnival again, because that is not celebrated in secondary school. I think that you should also celebrate Carnival in secondary schools because then you have a nice day. Most of the time I dressed up as a princess. I believe that many other girls often disguised themselves as princesses as well. I know a lot of girls who have often dressed up as princesses.

My clothes are too small for me because I've grown. We had to make an appointment to buy new clothes. We were only allowed to stay in the store for 15 minutes. You couldn't even try the things on because that's forbidden due to Corona. I had almost nothing to wear, so it was very, very difficult to get it in 15 minutes. Because you couldn't try on the clothes, many things were too small and we had to give them back. That's why we ordered things on the Internet, and luckily the things fit me.

What are good changes because of Corona?

Actually nothing, but if you asked me what has changed for the better, I would say this: I never skyped with my friends before. Skype is an app that you can use to make calls. I would never have thought of skyping with my friends. And because we skyped, the idea came up to write a book. So Corona not only changed my life badly, it also changed my life a little bit. "

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