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Probably this weekend Ben Dolic would have had his first rehearsal for the big performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam on May 16. Due to the cancellation of the competition, all of this is of course no longer applicable. Nikkie de Jager from the Netherlands, better known by her YouTube name “NikkieTutorials”, was the ESC's online host. However, she is currently fulfilling this mandate and leading the way Eurovision calls, interviews with the acts that were planned for Rotterdam. Now she also spoke to the German representative Ben Dolic.

In a very friendly conversation, the two first talk about the current situation in the Corona crisis. Ben reports that he gets along well with it and doesn't get bored either, as he is constantly making music and learning new things.

Then of course it's about the song "Violent Thing". Nikkie also asks Ben whether he would be hiding something from his mother regarding the line of text "Don't tell you mama". “There isn't really a big thing that she doesn't know about,” replies the singer after some back and forth.


Ben Dolic in an interview with NikkieTutorials

In addition, Ben describes what was planned for the performance in Rotterdam. Accordingly, a lot of graphic elements should be used on the large screens in the Ahoy Arena. The whole stage with both parts should be used and dancers should be used. This is how the story from the video should be retold.

When Ben was informed about the cancellation of the ESC, it took him "a day or two" to get over it. Then he tried to be optimistic and to look ahead. Because now he is preparing for his appearance on May 16 on ARD. He would like to show the perfect show as it was planned for Rotterdam. According to his impression, whether there will be a new attempt for him at ESC 2021 also depends on the feedback that will be given on the performance on May 16. That's why he wants to perform as well as possible, because he would like to be on the ESC stage next year.

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