Leduc Brueder wrestlers who have died

Wrestler Bret Hart mourns: his brother Smith († 68) is dead

Great sadness from all wrestling fans! Smith Hart, the oldest sibling in the famous Hart family, has passed away at the age of 68! The former athlete had been in the clinic since June because of his cancer. On Sunday he lost the fight for his life.

The Harts were once one of the most important wrestling families in the United States. But the twelve siblings also had to prove their fighting spirit again and again away from the ring. Not only did Smith develop cancer, but his younger brother Bret too. While Bret has been cured for a year, the insidious disease has now brought his eldest brother to his knees. His nephew David Hart Smith, who also works as a wrestler, operated the sad news aloud TMZ on his social media page.

Bret himself obviously already felt his death. At the beginning of the year he visited the grave of his brother Owen, who died in 1999, and wrote about it Twitter. "I thought I'd visit Owen again today. We'll meet again soon, brother", he shocked his followers six months ago. Obviously, the 68-year-old had already accepted his fate back then.

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