When he holds my hand texts

Is he serious? How he holds your hand reveals how he feels about you

That moment when he first reaches for your hand ... priceless. Holding hands in public can sometimes tell you something about how he feels about you.

Is he serious? Does he just want a bed story? Isn't he sure yet? The psychologist Vanessa van Edward knows how to interpret his hand language:

  • Fleeting grip: If he touches your hand or finger only briefly, this is a clear sign that he only wants friendship. If you grab his hand and he doesn't respond, it doesn't seem to be that interested either. Or a problem with public displays of love for other reasons ...
  • Loose fingers: One or two fingers are hanging loosely on your finger - that in no way means that he is relaxed about you. He may be unsure how you see it, or he may want to give both of you leeway. By the way: In fact, many couples walk through the streets and hold on to each other loosely. So it's a loving token of affection.
  • Completely intertwined: You are his number one! If he holds hands with you, he cares about you.
  • Very firm grip: The type is dominant. Or in no case do you want you to run away from him ... Whether you rate it positively or negatively is entirely up to you.
  • Both hands: If he grabs your two hands, for example when you are sitting at a table, he definitely wants a relationship and hopes that you feel that way too.

Doesn't he kiss you during sex? This is behind it: