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NO. 215 p May 2011 p www.box-online.

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The trendy magazine, Cologne, Berlin, Cologne, gay


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The trendy magazine, Cologne, Berlin, Cologne, gay


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H DRAW: Tickets for the
Eurovision Song Contest 2011

the scene magazine


Fetish Pride

june 9th - 13th 2011

photography www.manopoly.com | Aymeric Deville TItanmen Exclusive

SAT 11 June ARCH 2 | Cologne

The Official Cologne Fetish Pride Party
22:00 - late




€ 12.50 ADVANCE
€ 15.00 ON THE DOOR
Photo by titanmen.com

intro issue 215 may 2011
HIV and the other venereal diseases PAGE 5
at the beginning of the new century. CURRENT:
The scene is now in large parts
a certain carelessness returned to the
There is need again for (almost) everything in the media
kamente. advertise in Germany now
also active around homosexuals
And talent who visits the darkrooms of the scene - that shows the success
Do i know what i'm doing? or how to use the blue MILK - Europe's first card -
Protale can determine is the dating fair for gays, lesbians and straight people.
On a Friday evening, someone called, e.g. with safer sex, as individual as many
Spanish friend to: He's been to a wo- other things that are fraught with risks:
traveled to Berlin at the end of the day and hadn't even kissed one another, the other
arranged to meet a visitor from the USA. They write straight into their profile: Safer Sex
His problem, his date apparently never met!
contracted a venereal disease. And PAGE 7
now the question was where to quickly find one's way next to those who decided one way or another ABOUT THE PERSON
could leave. there are many that depending on the situation
or decide according to the other person.
Since his German and English are very poor, the handling is not always easy. Michael Kauch is open
was, I called the guys from mann-o-meter sensible: Some pay attention to the "outside", gay member of the Bundestag
to - here a thank you to the competent, the others want a test neter of the FDP. He is environmental
Have friendly information presented with the nice franc, the third forget about political spokespersons and
French accent! - and asked the 10th Jägermeister about the possibility. is actively committed to lesbian rights
opportunities for a weekend check. and gays.
Everyday life in 2011. As always, it is ultimately a personal one
Decision that nobody can make for you
After the great AIDS panic of the 80s
and the success of the prevention campaigns
can. Whether you always know what you are doing
does? At least one should try
the nineties followed, especially since knowing it. CELEBRITY
Normalization in dealing with the disease Michael Zgonjanin The German pole vault
Yvonne Buschbaum
came out on Nov. 21, 2007
as a trans man. After
gender reassignment surgery
did she finally feel
come in the right body.

A maritime festival
to the Hamburg harbor
birthday; this is how SPIKE receives
Leather and fetish guys
all over the world to "Sleazy Ham-
burg "with the election of Mr.
Leather Hamburg 2011.

OUR COVER MAN this month: OliveR

Oliver stopped by for a photo session some time ago
stop by with Volker Glasow and Viktor Vahlefeld.
When he's not working or going out in Berlin, that's www.box-online.de
he is sure to visit his friend in Brussels: Olivier, our www.facebook.com/pages/BOX/70440984148
Title man of the last issue. twitter.com/#!/BOX_Magazin
More about Oliver in pictures and words at www.box-online.de www.calameo.com / www.scribd.com
PICTURES: js, qo TEXT: js, BOX, queer.de

21 years ago when the World Health Organization

Homosexuality from its diagnostic key
put out. BOX is a partner of the campaign and
supports how many organizations and associations from
the community, this action.

Take part in the worldwide RainbowFlash 2011: -

write down your message against homophobia, couples oppose each other
- let them fly with a balloon, - take
tax discrimination
it as a photo or video, - share your rain-
May 17, 2011 bowFlash over the Internet. Do you too
at RainbowFlash 2011 and host your one living in a registered civil partnership
Days against homophobia own RainbowFlashmob on May 17, 2011 at Mann it was in negotiations with the tax office

RAINBOW FLASHMOB 7pm, no matter where you are. Or just take part
at the organized RainbowFlashmobs in some
Bochum managed to provisionally
same tax assessment as income tax
2011 - JOIN US! towards German cities and sets a visible
Signs against homophobia. The organizers
To be enforced in 2009 and also for 2011
for the first time to receive the change in wage tax classes
On May 17, 2011, the International Day, we are looking forward to lively participation in these cities. Based on the Bochum model and with support
Against homophobia and transphobia, set on May 17, 2011: an employee of Rosa Strippe e.V. is now too
Gays and lesbians, their friends, colleagues, a Dortmund couple who have a civil partnership
Parents and siblings in many cities in Berlin: had established, succeeded, at the responsible tax office
The world is a colorful sign - balloons leave 7 p.m. - 10 p.m., the homosexual memorial changes the wage tax bracket from 1 to single people
soar in the sky. In 2010 Dresden found: to achieve income tax class 3 for married people.
RainbowFlashmobs, among others, in the following cities 19-19.15, Theaterplatz
th place: New York, Paris, Vienna, Beijing, Mos- Hamburg: reren judgments of the Lower Saxony Finance Court
kau, Helsinki, Hamburg and Berlin. 7 p.m.-10 p.m., Rathausmarkt provisionally announces the last quarter of 2010 that
Cologne: same-sex couples the same tax
Homosexuality is still around 70 countries - 7pm - 10pm, rights will be announced as married couples. That the Treasury
punishable by law. In seven countries (Iran, Nigeria, Schweinfurt: the local authorities are now taking the long overdue steps,
Sudan, Yemen, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia and 7 - 7:15 p.m., Schillerplatz about the discrimination against lesbian and gay couples
United Arab Emirates) become homosexual Würzburg: dismantling is another appeal to these regulations
ual acts subject to the death penalty, 7 - 7.30 p.m., inner courtyard of the town hall now also by the highest court by the federal constitution
Uganda is currently planning to reintroduce it. The solution law and legally implemented by the Bundestag
Day Against Homophobia reminds of the day before Info: www.rainbowflash.info add.

On March 26th, the Frank Hichert Foundation awarded the Julit:))) Prize for the second time, the "secular humanistic young lite-
raturpreis for lesbians and gays ”. The Julit Prize aims to encourage young lesbians and gays up to the age of 25 to write stories about
Put friendships of young lesbians and gays on paper. The jury sees the values ​​of secular humanism
committed and wants to convey this through their prices. Thanks to Frank Hichert's commitment, the Frank Hichert Foundation
increase their capital, which then made it possible for two Golden Julit :) to be awarded this year. Prize winners were
Christoper Zangl, 22 years old, from Hamburg, Rike Ernert, 22 years old, from Cologne and Silas Schmidt, 24 years old, from Halle / Saale.
If you would like to find out more about the foundation and the award ceremony, visit www.frankhichertstiftung.de and www.julit-preis.de.

Quite specific
with Markus Danuser The penultimate will counts!
Fortunately, we are all getting older and older and can often stay longer
healthy. But towards the end of a life it is often the case that one's own adult does not run counter to it ”. According to a recent decision, this applies
Performance strongly decreases, and many gays can then not even go to the Federal Court of Justice, even if the person to be cared for does not
resort to the support of children. is more legally competent or is severely impaired in his ability to understand.
It is even better, however, in "good times" when you are still active
Nevertheless, more and more gay men are living in a stable and sometimes al- and unrestricted sense, to regulate these things and e.g. in a
mixed social networks that can adequately replace a family. To put down a power of attorney or a care decree. One such
In these cases, however, it is important that the individual ensures this in good time, but the document should be designed as individually as possible and also regulate
that his will, if necessary, is moderately updated or confirmed by one or more specific people, also for the "penultimate will"
to be represented, is also articulated in such a way that the administration of justice can actually apply to this. The Federal Ministry of Justice (www.bmj.
Will not come by if possible. If due to frailty or continuity) offers corresponding forms on his homepage.
legal care is necessary for progressive dementia, is regulated by § 1897. Markus Danuser is a lawyer in Cologne. Questions about his contributions
Paragraph 4 BGB: “If the adult suggests a person to be appointed as a supervisor, please send an email to [email protected]



Diversity is the success trend in business

in 2011. More and more
Companies in Germany are now advertising the MILK Congress & MILK Fair 2011
also active for homosexual talents -
This is shown by the success of MILK - Europe's first career fair for gays. New this year are the specialist forums, which offer a networking opportunity
Lesbians and straight people. MILK 2011 will take place in Berlin for the first time in May. other students and professionals in their own field such as advice,
Media or law made possible. Of course, the popular ones will be back too
The exhibitor directory is impressive: Deutsche Bank, IBM, Google, speed networking rounds are offered where every participant new contacts
Axel Springer, Ford - they all want to be part of the MILK trade fair. After getting to know you in no time. Especially for women, the
the success in the south of Germany, the MILK is now on May 28, 2011 in MILK this year and is therefore offering special lectures and a
Berlin in the Spree Automobil-Vertriebs-GmbH (Stralauer Allee 44, Berlin) new L-Lounge where women can be among themselves.
instead, there is a new attractive program waiting for the visitors:
Numerous other top employers such as Deutsche Telekom, A.T. Kearney, The MILK fair is refreshingly different and offers one to all of its visitors
Allianz or Simmons & Simmons lawyers are expected to have new opportunities to do something for their own career development. The
In addition, more than 40 seminars, workshops and group discussions are also convincing for heterosexuals. A visitor from last year says: “I am
all topics to do with careers, leadership and starting a career. The MILK may not be a lesbian, but this is exactly my construction site! Unlocked
The congress will take place on May 27, 2011 in the WHITE Spreelounge (Edisonstrasse 63, sene companies where you can feel comfortable and a great contact forum. "
Berlin). At the fair, the companies come out as open and future-oriented
Employers who have all talents, regardless of their sexual orientation,
BOX spoke to the initiator of the welcome via Milk. Who the questions “Gay? Lesbian? Hetero? "Expected,
However, MILK career days Anders Wikberg will be disappointed. At the MILK fair the question is probably
rather: how good are you and what can we do to win you over?
n How would you like the current situation of Info & Tickets: www.milkcareer.com
Gays and lesbians in the world of work
write? Successfully applies the pillar in the company. The goal is that
We think that the situation is by and large more companies are dealing with it and an open and
is. Of course there are problems, but they create a tolerant working environment. Last but not least, you are interested in thinking who is sitting across from you, and not with whom
also women, the disabled and immigrants. We also like to refer to the "family members" who were last in bed with theirs. The more natural you are with
Challenges are at the level of society that Ak jobs are not yet open to. Avoiding an open, deadly topic, the more difficult it becomes to do this
The acceptance of same-sex partnerships and a smart and inviting environment will hopefully create a weakness here and, if necessary, exploit it.
what the consequences of this in the labor law area, requirements that we can all be ourselves who
has, e.g. B. Pension insurances, etc. we may be. n How do companies benefit
from gay workers?
n What goal or purpose does the MILK serve n With what problems in their career Without falling into clichés, many gays and readers are
Fair or the MILK Congress? have gays and lesbians, very socially competent compared to heterosexuals, they work extremely successfully
With the MILK fair we want Germany's employers to fight sexual workers often? in the service sector and also make a career there. In addition
We think that it can still be difficult, many of us are also aesthetically gifted, of which we are not
Community there. And we want gays and lesbian workplaces to be open and with the same self- ultimately the fashion & beauty industry will benefit.
show that there are really great and open employers, where you can talk about your private life as if you were hetero- If you also think about the fact that the realization
we are welcome as we are without any ifs or buts. colleagues. In part, this is a problem because in some of the "otherness" it is a very dramatic event
In addition, we hold great seminars ready, which employees and supervisors who are intolerant of a variety of jobs then understand that we are strengthened by them in the
of topics that are of interest to us, e.g. there, a very heteronormative jargon or also future go. We don't just accept the status
B. "Do you use your body to make a career", just because you tell yourself to ... You are allowed to face the obstacles, quo, but are ready to question it. Of which
Communication workshop. Further topics are evaluations - do not underestimate those who get in your own way. An employer benefit because it is not easy for them to do
Exercise letters, leadership qualities, interview tech employers have a great responsibility to get a so-of-yes, but employees who are willing to
niken etc. In addition, there are very good opportunities to create a positive and open atmosphere in the workplace, to question things and to ensure that the best
Chat and network, e.g. B. in our specialist forums, in order to enable everyone to have the same conditions. Solution is implemented.
which you can meet with representatives from your own area. That is why the MILK trade fair is also preparing excellent
can exchange. n What are the chances of gay work- prerequisites for cross-sectoral
The MILK Diversity Congress is Germany's leading mer on the labor market? to establish tacts, to build networks and each other
Diversity congress in the field of LGBT. In lectures and the same as any other employee. To exchange experiences, of course. With that we can of the
Workshops, the participants get an intensive fight many with prejudices, but we are learning the best examples and applying them to other industries
education and how to use the potential of this diversity generation that employers primarily transmit to the person.

The motto
C SD dates 2011 campaign des
13-14 May The Belgian Pride in Brussels, thepride.be
May 28th CSD Innsbruck, csd-innsbruck.at
ColognePride 2011
The ColognePride is breaking new ground this year, and from April 25th it will call on everyone to
June 1-12, Europride 2011 in Rome, europrideroma.com
in addition to the parade on July 3, 2011, also to show virtually what love is to them. About the
3rd - 5th June CSD Düsseldorf, csd-d.de website www.colognepride.de/liebe- you can upload short videos,
June 4th Gay Pride Lille, gaypride.fr that focuses on funny, romantic,
on political or simply completely
4th June CSD Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, csd-sh.de
personal nature with the most beautiful feeling
June 9th - 13th Cologne Fetish Pride in Cologne, rheinfetisch.com the world busy, because everyone
June 11th Gay Pride Strasbourg, gaypride.fr Love deserves respect. And under
those participants who have their
June 11th - 12th Hanover Pride; hannoverpride.de
Submit videos by May 31, 2011
June 17-19, Zurich CSD, zurichpridefestival.ch den, will be various attractive
June 18th CSD Regensburg, csd-regensburg.de Prizes are raffled.
The conditions for participation can
June 18, CSD Münster, csd-muenster.de.ms
at www.colognepride.de
June 18th CSD Trier, csd-trier.de can be seen that published
17th-18th June CSD Northwest in Oldenburg, csd-nordwest.de Videos are then on the website
and on the ColognePride pages
June 18th Rainbow Parade Vienna, hosiwien.at
See Facebook and Twitter. It is also now possible to register for the parade
June 18 LGBT city festival Berlin, regenbogenfonds.de register for ColognePride on July 3, 2011. The registration form and information at
June 20-26 Antwerp Pride, antwerppride.com www.colognepride.de in the “CSD Parade” program area.
June 25th CSD Berlin, csd-berlin.de
June 25th Gay Pride Paris, gaypride.fr
June 26th - July 3rd CSD Dresden, csd-dresden.de
July 1-3, Cologne Pride in Cologne, colognepride.de
July 2nd, CSD Schwerin, csd-schwerin.de
July 2nd - 9th CSD Leipzig, csd-leipzig.de
July 9th, CSD Kassel, csd-kassel.de
July 9-10, CSD Munich. csd-munich.de
July 16, CSD Bielefeld, csd-bielefeld.de
July 16, CSD Rostock, csdrostock.de
July 16th - 30th summer closed. Braunschweig, sommerloch-bs.de
July 23, Lübeck Pride, luebeck-pride.de
July 23rd CSD Augsburg, csd-augsburg.de
July 23rd, Sommerschwüle Mainz, sommerschwuele.de
July 29th - 31st CSD Frankfurt, guetlich-event.de/csd/ 23rd LSVD Association Day
The 23rd day of the Lesbian and Gay Association took place on April 2nd and 3rd
July 29th - 30th, CSD Braunschweig, csd-braunschweig.de
takes place again in Cologne after a six-year break. The venue was the LSVD
July 30th - 31st CSD Stuttgart, csd-stuttgart.de Cologne elected the large hall of the adult education center directly on Cologne's Neumarkt.
July 30th CSD Würzburg, csd-wuerzburg.com So there was room for all the members, who came from almost all federal states
who had traveled and who were interested in the work of the LSVD.
4-7 August Gay Pride Amsterdam, amsterdamgaypride.nl
August 5th - 7th, CSD Hamburg, hamburg-pride.de After the greeting and the handling of the usual formalities, the manager spoke
August 6, Ruhr-CSD in Essen, ruhr-csd.de of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, Christine Lüders, and reported
her work. The greeting from the city of Cologne then brought Cologne's First Citizens
August 6-14, CSD Wuppertal, wupperpride.de
Master Elfi Scho-Antwerpes, who as the board member of the Cologne AIDS-Hilfe with the
August 17-21, Copenhagen Pride, copenhagenpride.dk The topic is very familiar and has been promoting LGBT interests for a number of years
August 20th CSD Siegen, csd-siegen.de and their demands on administration and politics committed. In the afternoon
then spoke Marlis Bredehorst, the new State Secretary in the NRW Ministry
August 20th, CSD Koblenz, csd-koblenz.de
for health and emancipation. Her engagement was in the city of Cologne
August 27th, CSD Dortmund, csd-dortmund.de, as the department head for social affairs and integration, more than just made it clear.
September 3rd, CSD Märkischer Kreis in Iserlohn, slimk.de Her speech at the Association Day was correspondingly committed and confident. Alles
this makes it clear that the demands of the community in the middle of society
September 10th Folsom Europe Berlin, folsomeurope.com
but not all of our problems have been resolved by a long way.

No Star of David at the Berlin Street Festival?

A delegation from Tel Aviv will be at the street festival
participate in Berlin, but renounced for fear of
negative reactions to symbols like the David
star. Like the Israeli intelligence service Ynet-
News reports that Tel Aviv wants to go to the street festival
with a booth and traveling artists
send. Symbols like the Israeli flag or
the Star of David could “among many hostilities
trigger, ”Ynet-News quoted a source in the tourism industry. The city of Berlin liked it
Tel Aviv invited to the CSD season this year.
The Berlin CSD organizers emphasize that they neither “allow pro-Israeli BOX to participate on Facebook and in the WEB
Groups still reject from pro-Palestinian groups ”, as CSD managing director
Robert Kastl explained. Instead, we welcome it when participants “show their colors”. BOX has been on social networks such as Facebook for some time
also visitors from Israel: “Just as gays, lesbians, trans, bisexual and intersex people or Twitter are active, now we want our commitment to be clear
Don't let yourself be pushed out of the public eye, nobody should increase fear at the CSD Berlin. Who can register in facebook via the "Like" button
have to use Jewish symbols in public, ”explained Kastl. connects to the BOX Facebook page, who will benefit from immediately
regular news from and about the community, as well
Date and raffle tips for events from all over Germany.
LSVD: 50,000 against the Pope in Berlin Simply search for “BOX” in the Facebook search function, and
In Berlin you will quickly find the LSVD. The Facebook
and other organizations offering BOX through the BOX Twitter account which you can find under
a De- “BOX_Magazin” will be found for the Pope's visit, and of course through our newly designed one
monstration against Benedikt BOX homepage (www.box-online.de).
XVI. registered, for which you can now also find the current look on the BOX homepage
Up to 50,000 participants online surveys, picture galleries and news on current topics
expect. At the LSVD init and current appointment recommendations from your region.
ied network meeting “The Here you can also get the BOX as a PDF download and for everyone who
Pope is coming “you think that you would prefer to leaf through and read through An BOX online
Beginning April 60 representatives from us at www.calameo.com or www.scribd.com. Simply the
More than 20 organizations use the search function and search e.g. for "BOX 214", so here
part, including the greens and always enter BOX and the number of the edition.
the organization Pro Familia. As the LSVD announced, a demo for groups, organizers and scene operators is now complete
registered with the city for September 22nd, but not yet approved. easy to add your appointments or notes in BOX, especially BOX Online
It should be published from Nollendorfplatz in Schöneberg via Potsdamer Platz.
Brandenburg Gate lead. In a resolution, the participants of the If you want to provide us with news & appointments for BOX, get in touch
Network meeting: “The Pope stands for a misanthropic gender - just send an email to [email protected]
and sexual politics. It marginalizes and discriminates against people. ”The leader
of the Catholic faithful is “one of the main people responsible for the Un- BOX Web: www.box-online.de
suppression of lesbian, gay and transgender people in the world ”. BOX Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/BOX/70440984148
BOX Twitter: twitter.com/#!/BOX_Magazin
Read BOX online: www.calameo.com / www.scribd.com

CSD Moscow: will it be approved this time?

At the beginning of April, the organizers of the CSD in Moscow received a permit for the annual Aidshilfe NRW reception
this year's Pride event - the annual reception of AIDS-Hilfe NRW
application to the city. was held on March 31st in the Düsseldorf Max-
For the first time an attempt is made to celebrate a house. Georg Roth was honored,
Permission for a cultural and comedian & Cologne-Bonn AIDS activist,
Educational event for its uninterrupted 30 years
to fetch. This offers better engagement for AIDS help and for
Opportunities for a person with HIV & AIDS. Since he himself
Rejection. The rally and that evening on stage again
was subject to a small demonstration, he was honored on a monitor. In the
the title "Moscow Gay Pride: Category" innovative "was awarded to the heart's content team the prize" merk /
Homosexuality in the history of culture and civilization “should be awarded on Saturday, worthy”.
on May 28, between 1 and 3 p.m. on Bolotnaya Square, near the In Herzenslustteam, over 100 volunteers had volunteered during the
Representation of the European Commission in Russia. The European Court of Justice Gay Games in Cologne. The same day, March 31st, was the
also had an objection from Russia at the beginning of April against a decision last working day of Dirk Meyer, who after 18 years in the
rejected the multiple ban on a gay and lesbian demonstration AIDS-Hilfe NRW now to the BZgA (Federal Center for Health
in Moscow as a violation of human rights. This is now education) changes. Thanked in a very personal speech
legally binding. That gives the activists hope. him the NRW Minister for Health and Emancipation, Barbara
Steffens, for his many years of commitment.

GREEN updraft - good for the scene? PICTURES & TEXTS: vvg

Raoul Fischer: Basically YES; because it is the first party that also expressly advocates the rights of
Lesbians and gays. The other parties tried that too, but that was more
or less “fell behind”. The Greens have had this on their agenda from the start. But I am
a bit sobered and disappointed that in the then red / green government Schröder / Fischer when it was
was about the partnership law, the fight stopped after the first partial success.
My expectations of the Greens when they come back to power: That they
Pick up the thread that you dropped in green and continue knitting. And for equality, the
Emancipation and with regard to the Partnership Act. The economy shouldn't be afraid of that
Greens have, but rather in front of the party Die Linke and parts of the SPD.

Claus Vincon: In the last 30 years, the Greens in particular have always advocated the rights of lesbians,
Used by gays and transgenders. That was an issue from the start. In 2001 the red / green coalition did that
Life Partnership Act launched. To this day we are fighting for even greater equality
in adoption and tax matters. Against the massive resistance in the CDU and especially in the CSU. We
fight for the extension of Article 3 in the Basic Law. We want an addition to the article on equality
in the Basic Law around the feature "sexual identity". This is already standard at European level. Why
shouldn't this be possible in the German Basic Law? After the election victory in BaWü it will be safe for many
LST projects in Ländle change something for the better. Until now, civil partnerships can only partially
can be closed on vehicle registration offices and cost up to 300 euros. And Mr. Mappus always has