Emasculated husbands who cheat

The best and worst husbands by zodiac sign


They are very loyal men. They are more traditional and they find family and friends to be two of the most important parts of their lives.

A Taurus would never intentionally hurt you, let alone cheat you.

When he can no longer feel a spark, he will be honest with you, but he will never deceive you.

He will respect and honor you as long as he is with you, and you will consider yourself really lucky that you ended up with the best husband in the zodiac.


He just has a beautiful soul. He will love you and honor you until the end of your days.

He will never let anything or anyone hurt you. He will make sure that you never lack anything in your life.

Sometimes he can be a little jealous, but that's not a pathological jealousy, it's a positive one.

He just loves and misses his partner so much and he is also scared of losing him at times.


He will do anything to please you. Thanks to his incredible creativity, he will do a bunch of romantic things for you that you never expected.

He will make sure that enough money flows into the house and that you feel safe and loved.

Its sensitive side is also a plus, but it can be a bit over the top at times.

But with a Pisces husband, everything is easy to sort out.


It's common knowledge that Capricorns are a little old-fashioned and cramped, but that doesn't mean they aren't great husbands anyway.

He'll make sure you don't go for anything financially, and he'll always have a plan for the future.

He's also very romantic and doesn't argue that often. Well, unless there are money problems.

But by and large he is a really caring and wonderful husband.


The fact is that Leos care a lot about themselves and their ego.

What not so many people know, however, is that Lions are considered very loyal. If a Leo loves someone, they will never give up on them.

He is a protector who is very loyal and likes to laugh.

If you are someone who really wants to have fun, then you should definitely find yourself a Leo husband.

He's hilarious and his laugh is just infectious.


He is very kind and warm-hearted. He will devote all of his time to you, but the problem is that he prefers to stay home.

He likes to work from home and doesn't like going outside that much.

So if you're planning on spending some time alone, don't think you'll do it at home because he'll always be there.

You should drag him out of the house every now and then for his own good.

Take him for a walk or take him out to dinner. Doing something outside of the home.


Geminis men are usually totally messy, and it's not easy for them to commit themselves.

The Gemini is more of a free-spirited person who does not like to be tied up.

However, if you manage to catch a Gemini, know that they will treat you the same way you treat them.

If you are nice to him, he will be nice to you, but if you don't treat him right, he can get very naughty and pretty mean.


Sex is written on their faces. They are very passionate and they exude that sexy energy.

Scorpio is a wonderful husband, but sometimes it is difficult to trust him.

Due to his charisma and the way he treats other people, you can never be entirely sure whether he will remain loyal.

Scorpio will keep his promises, but you will never be able to find out if there is anything he is hiding from you.


You can be sure from the start that an Aries just won't be true to you.

It's not because you mean nothing to him and because of that he gets into bed with every other woman he sees - he's just like that and he can't help it.

He really tries to be faithful, but his thirst for adventure and the need to be constantly on the move prevent him from doing so.

But there is a solution to this problem, and that would be to talk to him and then see what comes of it, because Aries is very insightful.


Their biggest shortcoming is that they expect way too much.

While he will give you a lot, his expectations for the return will just be sick.

He will help you achieve your dreams, but while you are going through a turbulent time, he will expect you to put your problems aside and deal with his own.

The only thing that can pull the two of you apart is the problem with these high expectations, because at some point they are guaranteed to ask for something you just can't meet.


They are very closed people and they are so difficult to talk to.

As a result, communication with them can be easy, which is a big problem in the first place.

He knows what he wants from the marriage and from you, but the problem is you don't know.

You cannot read minds, and there is no way you can know how he is feeling and what he wants.

He just has to spit it all out!


It's a little too good and people take advantage of it. He is perfect for you. He takes care of you and makes you laugh.

You feel loved and everything is fine.

But he's not only so nice and loving to you. This is how he behaves towards everyone else, including other women.

He is also very personable and charismatic, which is a plus for him and for you, but also for other women.

Don't be surprised if your Libra man is doing favors to other people, including other women, who could take advantage of this.