Howard Siegelbaum and coworkers




  • Wausaukee County, Massachusetts


  • Tuberculosis department (1910-1962)
  • Asylum (1962-1971)


  • All episodes from Asylum and in orphans

Briarcliff is the central location and focus of Asylum and appears briefly on Freak Show.

History [edit | Edit source]

Located in the state of Massachusetts, the mansion was built in 1910 and served as the largest tuberculosis department on the east coast. During that time, an estimated 46,000 patients died within its walls. The Catholic Church acquired the institute in 1962 and turned it into a sanatorium for the mentally ill. The sanatorium was directed by Monsignor Timothy Howard and administered by Sister Jude, Dr. Arthur Arden was chief physician. In 1965, the church sold the mansion to the state before it was closed and abandoned in 1971. It is currently in ruins.

Structure [edit | Edit source]

The foyer contains a spiral staircase that leads to the administrative offices. The common room is intended for the recreation of patients. It contains a phonograph which, at the insistence of Sister Jude, repeatedly plays the song "Dominique" by Jeanine Deckers (aka The Singing Nun). There are separate sections for men and women that contain rooms not dissimilar to prison cells. A soundproof lower level houses Arden's laboratory. A little-known tunnel adjoins the boiler room, which leads into the surrounding forest, where the end of the "death slide" is also located; Here, victims suffering from tuberculosis were unloaded and taken to a crematorium.

Known rooms [edit | Edit source]

  • Administrator Office (used by Sister Jude)
  • kitchen
  • Common / day room
  • Doctor's office (used by Arden)
  • Therapy room (used by Thredson)
  • Infirmary and Surgical Bay
  • Morgue
  • boiler room
  • The "death slide"
  • Torture room

Employees [edit | Edit source]

Main employees [edit | Edit source]

These are the individuals who were employed by Briarcliff Manor on a contract or permanent basis. They consist of members of the clergy, health professionals, carers, and security guards.

Other / auxiliary workers [edit | Edit source]

There are many others who take care of the needs of asylum. Various orderlies and guards look after the patients. Other professionals, such as Father Malachi, who are not employed by the institution, are occasionally called in for services such as the exorcism case.

  • Frank McCann
  • Carl: Carl is an orderly. He fought in Korea. He loves sexual favors from Shelley.)
  • Sister Felicity: Sister Felicity was a nun who worked in Briarcliff. Sister Felicity was first seen in the episode Angels of Death. She finds Grace sitting in the kitchen and after Grace tries to stay, Nurse Felicity allows her to hang around until she finishes cleaning. Nurse Felicity leaves the room and Kit appears. He hugs Grace and they hear Nurse Felicity call for help. Nurse Felicity's throat was slit after being killed by one of Dr. Arden's monstrosities had been attacked; he throws her body away.
  • Sally Starns: Sally Starns appeared in The Origins of Evil and is a former nurse at the Briarcliff Facility when she was once treating TB patients. She put herself in touch with TB and had Father Timothy Howard perform her final rites. She died and her body was cared for by Timothy and Dr. Arden brought to the crematorium.
  • Stan: Stan is an orderly. He was attacked by Leigh Emerson during a Christmas party.

Inmates Edit source]

Female [edit | Edit source]

  • Lana Winters: Because of her homosexuality and instinct in Briarcliff
  • Grace Bertrand: Briarcliff patient observing and an ally of Kit Walker
  • Shelley: Suffers from nymphomania
  • Sister Jude: Got mad
  • Alma Walker: Kit Walker's wife before she was abducted and taken to Briarcliff.
  • Charlotte Brown: New arrival at Briarcliff
  • Pepper: Accused of mutilating a child
  • Martha: Always bangs his head against the wall

Male [edit | Edit source]

  • Kit Walker: falsely accused of Bloody Face killings
  • Leigh Emerson: Killing Some People at Christmas
  • Jed Potter: Exorcist
  • Spivey: Compulsive masturbation, often in public and in front of children.
  • Daniel: Helped Lana in her therapy (I'm Anne Frank, part 1)
  • Rudy: suffers from intense masturbation addiction

Gallery [edit | Edit source]