How Damon clings to a wider smile

A week has passed since Katherine returned so unexpectedly. A week full of happiness and sex for Damon, a week full of conversations with Stefan and Elena.

Yes, they spoke. Talked to each other.

Katherine has changed, kind of, over the past two hundred years. Even Damon noticed, even if he is otherwise completely blind with love.

Katherine has calmed down. Less domineering. Or so she pretends - she must have always been a good actress.

In any case, she got along well with Elena. Told her about the time back then and how infatuated she was with the two Salvatore brothers.

"You're really lucky with Stefan. But I'm even more lucky," she whispers in Elena's ear.

She only makes a slight grimace, subconsciously reaches for her boyfriend's hand.

The bad thing is: she's starting to get bored.

Stefan has lost it irrevocably, it's not worth fighting for - and Damon already has it, Damon is hers.

Where is the adventure, the challenge?

Mystic Falls is starting to lose its appeal for her. She weighs down.

Should she go? Should she leave Mystic Falls?

Go again, start a new life again, dedicate yourself to challenges again, master them, kill people, conquer people, have fun.

Or should she stay? With Damon, with Elena, with Stefan?

Damon begins to bore her. He loves her so idolatrously that there is no longer any stimulus for her to make an effort.

She could push him away, hurt him verbally or physically, but he would still pant after her like a poodle.


At that moment Damon appears. He steps up to her, wraps his arms around her from behind and kisses her neck.

Katherine can't suppress a smile, she turns and kisses the other passionately, and they both know where this will end.

What does Damon keep getting her with?

He's just so damn good in bed.


Unfortunately, in the end, the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages.

It is dark night when she disappears. Damon is lying next to her in bed, running his hair through his sleep, smiling gently. She loosens his arms from her waist and jumps up.

In less than a second the nocturnal silence of the house swallowed them up.


Damon wakes up, opens his eyes, turns to Katherine, and in the same second notices the cold sheet. Katherine's gone.

He knows the moment he sees the note on the bedside table, even before his keen eyes realize the words. Goodbye

Katherine left him again.


Elena finds him crying on the sofa. Damon sits there without saying anything, tears running softly down his cheeks. Not a sob comes from the vampire's lips, not the slightest sound.

And Elena immediately knows what's going on. "No," she whispers. "She didn't do that!"

Damon doesn't say anything. He looks like he'll never talk again.

Elena feels painful stitches inside her when she sees him in front of her. She's just not used to it.

She admits she's fond of him.

Damon has something she likes - even if he's a callous asshole.

Unfeeling, probably not like that. And if he's an asshole - she's suddenly not so sure anymore.

She is terribly sorry for him. She knows what it's like to lose a loved one. How does it have to be if this person left on purpose?

Silently she sits down next to him on the sofa. Silently she pulls him close, and Damon silently leans against her.

Seeking protection.

He needs your help.

Elena involuntarily throws her arms around the vampire, suddenly wanting nothing more than to see him laughing again, to see happy.

She is so sorry for him.


Stefan enters the apartment and when he sees his brother and Elena he knows that something is wrong. And he knows this must have something to do with Katherine.

How not? He thinks bitterly. Every pain in Damon's life comes from Katherine, all the hatred and anger, all of that comes from Katherine.

And he's been so happy in the last few days. Stefan almost had the hope that Damon could stop hating people and Stefan so much.

Could stop playing games, could become happy once and for all.

Now it's over again. Katherine is gone and Damon will start hating him again.

Elena turns her gaze to him and looks at him a little for help as she strokes Damon's hair.

Stefan notices how Damon wraps his arms around her in despair, pulls her tighter, clings to her almost possessively like a lifebuoy in a stormy sea.

And that's exactly how he'll feel.

Drowning in his feelings. Pushed into the deep sea by the woman he loves.

Without any possibility of ever reaching the shore.

Without any hope of salvation.

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