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flying through the years

New York 1920, Scribner's. Red cloth, 2 vol. set 243 + 467p., 24 x 16.5 cm., folding map, 126 photos, index, very clean, solid & bright example, contents bright & clean. FIRST EDITION. *** **** ***. . PRIMARY & COPIOUS ACCOUNT OF CENTRAL BORNEO. . . BY THE LEGENDARY ETHNOLOGIST. . . AND FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE EXPLORER'S CLUB. . * WHO WAS CARL SOFUS LUMHOLTZ [1851-1922]: He was a celebrated Norwegian explorer and ethnographer, best known for his meticulous field research & ethnographic publications on indigenous cultures, including his study of Borneo and its native tribes. . Lumholtz started an expedition in 1914 to explore the mostly unknown lands of Dutch Central Borneo, currently part of Indonesia. His primary focus was to interact with the indigenous peoples to learn about their culture and habits, the flora and fauna of the area. . He encountered two new species of flying squirrels and one new species of colugo that were native to the area. He presented his findings in 1916 in Amsterdam in a film titled Borneo Gefilmd (translated: The filming of Borneo). . In this expedition Lumholtz encountered several different tribes of indigenous people. One of them was the Dayak people, which not only are masters of woodcutting but also show tremendous fortitude when in battle with crocodiles, according to Lumholtz. They also played an important part in Lumholtz's expedition, by making camps and snares for catching wildlife, and carrying supplies for him. (Dayaks has been considered a collective term for the native people of Borneo.). Another people Lumholtz encountered were the Punan. When Lumholtz visited the Punan, they had already discontinued the practice of head-hunting and where now a peaceful and harmless people, according to Lumholtz. He also stated that the Punan had probably copied this custom from the Dayaks. . He also wrote about other tribes he encountered: Punans, Malays, Katingans, Kayans, Kenyahs, Murungs, Penyahbongs, Saputans, Punans, Bukits, Penihings, Oma-Sulings, Long-Glats, Duhoi, Tamoans, et al. . *** THE EDITION: This is the FIRST AMERICAN edition. With glossary, supplemental notes to the tribes in Dutch Borneo visited by the author. Some folklore of the tribes in Dutch Borneo visited by the author. . *** CONDITION: The set of 2 volumes is bound in the publisher's original red cloth with gold stamped spine titles. The bindings are in very good condition showing very minimal signs of wear, with a bit of lower edge rubbing, else very clean, solid example. Complete with all photos & the folding map at the rear. . *** Please review photos posted to our website. . *** REFERENCES: LUMHOLTZ, Carl: My life of exploration (1921). *. Item no .: 22000201.

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