My whole life has changed forever

Big words, you might think. How can meditation change a whole life?

We all know about the great effects of meditation:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Relaxing
  • Leads to more serenity
  • Leads to better relationships
  • More self-acceptance
  • More satisfaction
  • etc.

But that meditation can change a whole life - was that new to you?

To be honest, me too! Until I made the experience myself!

It wasn't that long ago that I didn't think too much of meditation.

  • To be relaxed, I preferred to lie down for half an hour
  • To feel good, I met up with friends or went shopping
  • For my immune system, I drank green smoothies
  • For my serenity, I practiced positive thinking
  • I didn't take myself so seriously for more self-acceptance
  • For my body feeling I practiced yoga ...

Only one thing fell by the wayside: my satisfaction and my joie de vivre.

Actually everything went smoothly: 3 children, a favorite man by my side, house and garden.

I was allowed to practice my dream job as a primary school teacher and

my life has been enriched by longstanding friendships.

What more did I want? Unfortunately, I didn't know that either!

Nevertheless, my dissatisfaction grew and my joie de vivre drained away

like a trickle in parched ground. What should I have changed?

Have I not already done everything imaginable? I found my anchor, my life force in yoga.

Of course I found joy in my work, with my family and

while teaching the yoga classes. Yes, I actually had a lot of fun at times.

But they were just islands of joy in an everyday life that was marked by discontent and dissatisfaction.

I asked myself, “Can't I just be content with what I have?

What else do I want? ”I didn't know.

I felt like I was developing into a person

who used all their strength for the "joy islands" and otherwise only one

complaining unsatisfied something was.

My son put it in a nutshell:

"You only complain!"

Of course, I found that totally inappropriate and totally exaggerated.

Still, it got me thinking!

They were no longer empty words - I felt them in my meditation. I also learned why meditation is so powerful and what happens to us in the body. It led to a deep understanding and knew exactly why I was doing the meditation this way. Everything took on a new meaning. A door had opened. A door to a new world. I began to perceive my own dreams - slowly the realization seeped through: What else do I want from life? What changes do I wish for!

Clarity entered my life. I knew what I wanted!

I wanted to teach yoga and meditation.

In my coaching I wanted to show my clients

how you can change your life through meditation,

just like I did. I started when I was two months old and

you can guess: I would not have stuck with it

if something hadn't already changed there. At first it was little things:

I knew what I wanted much more clearly and was able to communicate it.

I got others excited about meditation. I laughed a lot more often and

walked through town with a smile. Sometimes i was amazed

that other people smiled at me. Obviously they felt

addressed by my smile. I started to feel my dreams in meditation.

You won't believe it, but I was allowed to tick a few points!

  • I wanted to write an article for a magazine.
  • I wanted joy, fun and harmony in the family.
  • I wanted to do an online course.
  • I wanted to teach weekend workshops.
  • I wanted to write a book.

BINGO! When I think about it, I felt a big WOW!

This feels so good. And it feels even better because I know it's not a coincidence.

And it feels a lot better because I know a lot of it with ease

Has come to ME!

Meditation brought me to myself - to my dreams.

And she got me on my way. How exactly? You will find out in my workshops!

I am now networked all over the world and my life has become colorful and diverse.

I've created a whole new window to the world!

Of course, not everything was always peace, joy, pancakes.

Of course there were doubts, fears and now and then lows.

But meditation was my anchor! The deeper the low point, the clearer it was:

Meditate even more now. Through meditation I have found my focus again and again.

Yes, that also cost me a lot of discipline.

After all, in meditation I "lived and experienced"

what I wished for in my real life. And that's how it turned out.

And you know what? Meditation is not just something I practice on a daily basis,

it's something I'm really looking forward to!

In meditation I "experience" something beautiful in a very relaxed way -

I am traveling to another dimension.

Then I am refreshed and return to everyday family life relaxed and happy.

  • You always wanted to
  • Try meditation?
  • Wondering what's so great about meditation?
  • Do you want a life full of joie de vivre?

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