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Corona rapid test from Siemens, Roche & Co: This overview shows how accurate the tests are

With the previous tests, of course, medical professionals must ensure that the smear and evaluation are carried out properly. Pharmacies are also only allowed to sell to specialist staff. For laypeople, the risk is too great that they just poke around a little in the throat and the result will then be too imprecise, it is said to justify.

However, the broader use of self-tests for laypeople is also approaching. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices has received several applications for special national approvals. Federal Health Minister Spahn told the editorial network Germany that the new lay rapid tests would be "checked and approved as quickly as possible." His department is in negotiations with manufacturers to secure minimum quantities for the German market through framework agreements. "These test options can contribute to a safe everyday life," Spahn expects - especially in schools and daycare centers. SPD parliamentary group vice-president Bärbel Bas said that such spit and gurgle tests are much easier to use. As soon as there are enough tests, the ministry also considers “low-threshold access” to be sensible for everyone. We are talking about a contribution of one euro.

More on the subject: The US corporation Johnson & Johnson applies for approval of its corona vaccine. It can have a number of advantages over its competitors.

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