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About: Zahir Howaida

  • Zahir Howaida (Persian: ظاهر هویدا) (also spelled as Zahir Huwaida; February 28, 1946 - March 5, 2012) was a popular Afghan musician. He had been active since the 1960s and his popularity peaked with the hit songs "Kamar Bareek-e-Man" and "Shanidam Az Inja Safar Mikoni." Howaida was renowned for his deep, soulful voice. Almost all his songs were in the Dari Persian language. Aside from singing he also worked as a radio news anchor, poet, and as an actor on Afghanistan's television. In his later years, he lived a secluded life in Germany and seldom performed until his death there. (en)
  • Zahir Howaida (also Huwaida; Persian ظاهر هويدا; born February 28, 1945 in Daikondi in the central Afghan Hazara region; † March 5, 2012 in Hamburg) was an Afghan singer, news anchor and presenter at RTA, songwriter, poet and film actor. In the 1960s, Zahir Howaida worked as a newscaster on Afghan Radio (RTA). In 1966 he traveled to Moscow with Babrak Wassa to study at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory there. (de)