Elsewhere meaning in Malayalam

Aliasesa spy operating under the alias Barsad
AnonymousLarge palmate leaves are the main attraction of this 5 foot tall plant.
CognomenA grateful Senate voted him the cognomen Augustus, by which name he is generally known in the history books.
EpithetThe corrupt politician was greeted with abusive epithets on his arrival / So many kings of France were named Charles that modern students need epithets to te ...
Handlethe pan features helpful lifting handles / Jacob can handle that situation very well / I handle all the complaints from customers / do not handle the goods
MonikerCan you name the artist's solo title, her Spice moniker and her actual name?
SurnameMy name is Robin / my name is Parsons, John Parsons
NicknameJoes mother would not use his nickname and always called him Joseph / There are a lot of different kinds of railway cars, their names and nicknames familiar ...
Nom de plumeAnd if anonymity is so unimportant, why are we using noms de plume on this board?
Otherwiseif it were otherwise, we would be unable to acquire knowledge / hurry up, otherwise we'll miss the train
Pen nameMostly the poet use their pen name to introduce themselves
pseudonymHe was living in society with a pseudonym / Samuel Clemens' pseudonym was Mark Twain. / Mark Twain is the pseudonym of the American writer Samuel L. Clemens ....
SobriquetHis on-field partnership with fellow Galway great Frank Stockwell saw the pair earn the sobriquet of the ‘Terrible Twins’ - a name borne of their almost tele ...
SurnameMy name is Robin / my name is Parsons, John Parsons