Cut swirls counterclockwise in their hair

How do I tame annoying swirls of hair?

From STYLEBOOK | April 17, 2020, 5:38 pm

Do you know that? You have just finished styling your hair when a strand flips out of line and lies down where it should not be under any circumstances. The reason is most likely a swirl of hair. STYLEBOOK knows tips and tricks to tame unruly sections of hair with the right styling.

What is a swirl of hair?

A hair swirl is when the hair grows in a circle at one point on the head, from this round shape it falls in all directions. Hair swirls can appear anywhere on the head, are turned to the left or right and, depending on the position, provide the natural parting. Which and how many vertebrae a person has is already recorded in the womb, as is their expression. Some are not even aware of their hair swirls, with others they completely determine the position of the hairstyle.

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The "problems" with hair swirls

The "problems" with hair swirls are as individual as those who wear them. It often happens that the hair pulled to the parting does not stay in the desired position or that straight bangs cannot be styled because strands of hair are pulled upwards by a swirl at the base. Women with short hair in particular are often aware of their vertebrae, the short hair often sticking out in one or more places. In general, the longer and heavier the hair, the less noticeable the hair swirls. And women with curly hair also tend to have fewer problems taming their vertebrae.

Tips for the right styling for hair swirls

First of all: you will not get rid of your hair swirls permanently. But it doesn't matter, because the hairdresser, styling products and warmth can definitely help.

Hairstyles at vertebrae

The right hairstyle is crucial when you have pronounced and constantly annoying eddies. Good hairdressers can cut the hair accordingly and incorporate the swirl (s) into the hairstyle construct. An approach swirl should be taken into account especially if you want a pony - the hairstyle can usually be adapted to the hair swirl, but the hairdresser should know this early enough. If the hair swirl is taken into account in the cut, it no longer has to be styled in an “unnatural” direction later.

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Tricks to blow-dry your hair swirls properly

Vortices can also be blown away, brushed and clamped for a short time. To do this, apply a small portion of mousse and heat protection to wet hair and blow-dry strand by strand using a round brush until smooth and dry. Every now and then twist the hair up close to the head. If the hair is dry, the swirls are clamped tightly to the head with bobby pins to cool them down. So that the styling is guaranteed to last, fix everything with hairspray at the end.

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Tame swirls of hair with volume

The hair can also be gently teased with a comb and the swirls hidden underneath. If you find this too time-consuming, you can use dry shampoo or other volume powder variants and give the entire approach more fullness. If the hair is styled fluffier and fuller overall, a swirl is no longer noticeable and can even provide a little extra volume.

What is the use of smoothing for vertebrae?

Every now and then, the vertebra can also be treated with the straightening iron, so it is easier to style afterwards. However, the following always applies here: do not forget heat protection!

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