Sims 2 doctor who pictures tardis

Sims 4 + Sims 4 expansions

Today have two Gaming magazines a Interview with Lyndsay Pearson published: pcgamer and gamespot. Also has Lyndsay Pearson posted an interesting tweet. All new information is summarized here:

  • The policewomanthat are in the Middle on the cover can be seen, when the new add-on is released in the Gallery Find !

Shops :

  • One canjob have (e.g. as a doctor) and still have a business open (e.g. sell plants on the weekend)
  • One can open a business at home.
  • You can do all of them homemade items + Items from buy mode offer for sale (see Open for Buisness Sims 2)


  • Doctors operate using equipment and treat patients in the hospital


  • Scientists are working on Inventions, put Theories up, develop serums and make different ones Potions in the laboratory.
  • The Potions can you at oneself or the neighbourstesting. They will have different effects.

Police officers:

  • Police officers interrogate Suspects and lock them up. They do that in Police station.
  • But you can also do it in the city Crime scenes examine, make photos and Suspects search.

new careers:

  • You have to use the Sim Not every day accompany to work, so that he promoted becomes.

Experience here all about the new Sims 4 addon: get to work and order the expansionin front.