Evil Attractive Couples That Kill Tom Nelson

,, .... "someone speaks
/...../ someone thinks
~ .... ~ Parseltongue

Chapter 30 From the rain to the eaves

Hermione pov

She watched with Argus' eyes as the books repaired themselves. She really hoped she could fix any damage. She would love to pull a book over the head of Peter Potter again, how could he be so irresponsible with books? She completely ignored that the curse was supposed to hit her. Her gaze fell briefly on her staff, since her transformation it no longer worked properly. She could do magic normally, but it didn't feel the way it had for years. Somehow he had become a stranger to her. It didn't belong to that time either and probably hadn't even been made. Perhaps she would have to buy a new one on occasion, but she didn't have the money and as long as it worked she would continue to use it. It was just a little annoying, not just that she felt like her body had been against her since she was transformed, or the purring of the being inside of her. Now her wand was also aimed at her. She just felt betrayed by everything that didn't help her ignore the pull Tom was exerting on her.

When the last book was back in its place, repaired, she put her wand away and made her way to the cash register. Tom followed her, she felt his eyes on her, but he was silent. As always, he accepted when she didn't want to talk about something and she was very happy about it. How could she explain that her staff had no signature because the staff would not be sold to her for almost 50 years? She sighed flatly. She wished so much that she could finally talk to someone about what had happened to her. But that would only work when she was back in her time, before the consequences were simply too unpredictable. A painful pull formed in her chest, but she ignored it.

When they both entered the sales stress, the others had already made different stacks and Mister Boltimor was just collecting Tobias' books. He seemed to have recovered and had some color on his face. When he saw her he gave her a friendly smile. It hurt her to see him like that. He was handsome as a young man and yet he would never marry and have children. His whole life would be about books. Even if he was an old man in her day who looked much smaller because he only stooped, he had never lost his passion. In her day she had often spent hours talking to him about various books in an armchair in the shop. Mister Boltimor had often told her about his life too.

And of course she had met his house-elf, Pinna. Mister Boltimor had always treated Pinna well, she always wore clean clothes because he wanted her to make a good picture when she was in his shop. The house-elf, who was old in her time, was very shy towards Hermione at first, but since baking was her great passion, Hermione had been able to pave a way into the heart of the little creature with baking recipes. Hermione had stopped counting the number of times she'd sat in this store during the summer vacation and ate Pinna's homemade cookies while reading. She thought of her timeline with a little sadness while looking at the much too young Mister Boltimor. She tore herself out of her thoughts and stepped up to the counter herself. She gently put the thick book on it, with which she had previously so roughly killed the lion. She would buy it, not just because it was interesting, but because it made a really good weapon.

She was still somewhat in thought when they stepped out of the shop together afterwards. She only got the edge of how the others were discussing something. Only when Abraxas cleared her throat tore her from her memories. ,,Oh sorry. What did I miss? ”“ We want to have a quiet drink together, but not in Diagon Alley because it is still so full. Are you coming with me? ”“ Yes, why not. A tea would do me good now. ”“ Well then hold on to us, Tom, Nelson and I will Apparate. ”She thought nothing of it and grabbed Tom's arm. The world sank into Apparation chaos, it was pressed through a narrow tube and, as always, was a little afraid that it would suffocate. But with a plop the feeling was over and she felt hard earth under her shoes. She took a breath of relief and looked around.

She wanted to scream.

Before her lay Malfoy Manor in its purest glory. It didn't look like the same manor from their time. The garden or park that stretched in front of the site was full of flowers, hedges, small neat trees and gargoyles. The house itself shone in soft white in the bright sunshine, many windows were open and a light breeze let the curtains flutter in it. The air was stifling hot and the house promised to cool down and invited to linger. But it was freezing down her back, her legs were frozen and her knees were shaking so much that she would fall over at any moment. She didn't feel how they finally gave in, she was too captivated by the sight and the shock. A warm hand fell on her arm and prevented her from going down. She looked into Tom's worried eyes. "Hey are you all right?" He asked. She nodded timidly, what should she have said? That she didn't want to go into her boyfriend's house? With what justification? The others had now scraped around her too and looked at her with concern.

She swallowed dryly, tried to say something, but it took several tries to get out. "En ... Sorry, I wasn't expecting the house of a Pureblood family." She uttered while looking Tom in the eye and thinking / It was here! Here they did! / Panicked at that moment, she just couldn't act normally. And somehow he seemed to understand what she was trying to tell him. What reminded her the house, the grip on her arm tightened a little. "Shall I take you out of here?" He asked, leaving no doubt that he would do so on the spot.

She looked at her friends, who were looking at her with concern, but also clearly confused. She realized that she was unlikely to get away with this situation with a flimsy excuse. And if anyone deserved their trust, it was this group. In addition, Bellatrix would not be born for a few years, and she had met Abraxas' parents. None of them were to blame for the behavior of their descendants. “No, it's okay. It's nonsense. ”She said and shook her head to chase away the thoughts and so that her strands fell over her face so that she could hide her eyes behind them. "It scares you." He refuted her attempt. "Yes, but fear should never be a reason to run away." She finished the conversation and straightened her shoulders.

Abraxas hadn't taken her eyes off her as she was led to the house by Tom's arm. She could feel the other looks on her back, but it wasn't threatening. It gave her security and helped swallow her fear. They wouldn't let anything happen to her, she was sure of that. When the wooden door closed behind them, she couldn't suppress a feeling of imprisonment. She was sure that the light marble, the velvet curtains that hung on the walls as spells and the glittering chandeliers only looked threatening and cold to her alone. Abraxas led them on through the building to what he said was a guest living room. On their way they also crossed the ancestral gallery.

At that point Hermione wanted to run out of the house screaming. Several moving images looked down at them, they all looked alike and even if the facial features were clearly finer in the previous generations, she recognized Lucius and Draco in them. Goosebumps formed on her arms, she was almost certain that the pictures would show her her former blood status and start screaming. But nothing of the sort happened. Most of them looked rather boring, those who threw them more than a second glance also seemed rather friendly. The few female pictures that were hanging smiled clearly more openly and bowed her head in greeting. Still, she was both happy and frightened when they had finished their journey.

She prayed all the way that it just wouldn't be the same room, since she couldn't see the way back then, she didn't know in which wing it had taken place. Her heart pounded all the way like a jackhammer in her chest and she was sure she was hurting Tom as tight as she was clutching his arm. She had the feeling everything was going on in slow motion when Abraxas stopped at a door and opened it for the group. But then a mountain fell from her heart when she stepped into the room and there was nothing in it to remind her of the worst day of her life. She felt years old and exhausted as she sank into the upholstery of the soft dark velvet sofa.

Tom still hadn't let go of her and she leaned against him trustingly. She couldn't prevent her eyes from searching the room for dangers and escape routes. A door, three windows, two large sofas facing each other and in between a long table at knee height. There were large bookshelves on two walls, but she didn't take a second look at them. On one wall was a huge picture of a castle on a green hill, which glowed in the evening sun. It was so ostentatious, and she couldn't think of an expression other than Malfoyish, that she managed even a quick smile, though it didn't reach her eyes. When they were all seated, she winced when there was a pop. She was almost ashamed when she saw the little house elf, who bowed so low that she was afraid he would fall over.

A short time later, when she had all a butterbeer in front of her and was no longer listening unbearably to her blood in her ears, she felt collected enough to face the fact. Her friends deserved to know what had just gone on inside her. She clung to the cool bottle like a drowning woman, the cold glass almost stinging her heated skin and helping her focus on it until her heart had calmed down. She unsuccessfully persuaded herself that it wasn't Tom while she unconsciously snuggled a little closer to him. She looked Abraxas in the eye for a moment, but quickly averted her gaze again. “I'm sorry, Abraxas, this has nothing to do with you. It's up to your house. ”She broke the silence and continued to stare at the bottle in her hand. she was glad that none of the others spoke, because that way she had enough courage to go on talking. She took a deep breath.

"When I said I was half-blood, it was a lie." After a second of hesitation, she continued. “I grew up as a Muggleborn and I didn't know anything about magic until I was 11 years old. It was quite a shock, to say the least, and yet like a blow. I finally understood why I couldn't get on with my fellow human beings. Why I was different from her. I was happy to know that I wasn't an abomination, freak, or freak, but that I was a witch. ”She gulped and closed her eyes as she thought of her elementary school days, how often she was teased and about the schoolyard had been hunted. How her books had been torn from her and thrown into the pond. All the strange things that had happened after that, the children they had avoided out of fear.

“My parents no longer had to be afraid of me because things happened to me that they didn't understand. I thought I had finally found my place in the world. ”She looked up briefly, looked into the eyes of Abraxas, whose eyes looked so much like his grandson, almost expected to see the same hatred and loathing in them that they endured for years had to, but all she saw was confusion and affection. She couldn't face that gaze and looked down at the ground again. “How wrong I should be. I learned everything I could find by the time I started school. I wanted to be part of it so badly that I spent days studying. After all, there would certainly be students who knew all of this from an early age and I didn't want to be considered stupid. "

A wistful smile crept on her face. “During the outward journey, however, I had to learn that a Mudblood like me would never be accepted by society and that I would only be tolerated. I escaped from a world I didn't fit into, where people were afraid of me and avoided me .. and ended up in someone who didn't want me. Who only saw me as haunting. Forced to be tolerated, but certainly not desired. But I hadn't given up yet. I learned what I could, I was good. I was top of the class, even the best of my year. But that didn't matter. I've been alone for a long time. Either I was shunned because of my achievements or my blood. I don't know what was worse. In the beginning, the mudblood insults didn't really hurt me, I was young and didn't understand the deeper meaning behind it. That I was called a know-it-all almost hurt more back then. I thought they were just jealous kids. After all, it was something I couldn't help, something I couldn't change. It just spurred me on to get better. Show them that they were wrong. But those who didn't hate me for my blood also hated me for being better than them. I saw the teachers smile at me at my zeal. The scornful looks from my classmates when I call in class. The school librarian's compassionate smile because I've been sitting alone in the library all day ... ‘‘

Lost in thought, she wiped a tear from her cheek, still not daring to look up and see the reactions of her friends. “If something is said to you long enough, at some point you will start to believe it. If you are always seen as inferior, you start to feel inferior. I met Harry just before it happened. ”An honest smile crossed her face. “He and Ron became my friends. The first ever in my life. I finally felt I had a place. A few turbulent years followed, I learned to deal with the ridicule and the abuse. Learned that it didn't matter who the insults came from, whether from the pureblood advocates who openly berated me or those who inadvertently did so because they were delightedly surprised that I was doing such things, despite my parentage. I didn't care anymore about your words ... At least I thought ... "

She swallowed dryly at the thought of the following, briefly closed her eyes in agony. Harry's face flashes briefly in front of her in various situations. How he smiled gently at her, how he grinned proudly at the fact that she was wiping out the Slytherins and Snape in Potions. How his eyes flashed angry because she had been insulted. The understanding looks when he comforted her because an insult hit her deeper than she wanted to admit.

She opened her eyes again, forcing herself into the here and now. Her gaze flickered for a second over the faces of her friends, who she actually didn't know and who meant so much to her. “Circumstances that I unfortunately cannot explain to you in detail forced us to leave school. Harry, Ron, and I had to run away from a few fanatics. We wandered the country for months. On our own, in constant fear. In cold and snow. I don't know how we managed to survive. How we managed to remain undiscovered for so long ... But then .. "

She closed her eyes again in resignation when she briefly heard her own scream in her mind, could taste the blood in her mouth again. Her voice sounded brittle as she continued. “We were captured and thrown in a dungeon. Everything from that time is lost in pain and fear. Even today I can see the gray walls in front of me when the fear tries to crush me. All I can remember is that it was a pureblood house. While they tortured me to get information, they kept telling me how worthless I was with my blood. ”She looked up briefly and only saw shock in the individual faces, that almost brought her to an end, but she wanted so honestly be with them as much as she could. Her voice no longer wanted to obey her, she tried. However, she did not bring the torture out of her mouth. She would have to show them. Her arm trembled when she brought the gold chain to her mouth and whispered the word. The chain fell into her lap, but it took her a moment to catch herself as far as possible.

"What I have retained from my involuntary visit is the fear of windowless rooms and a scar that will always remind me of it." She turned her arm around and the air around her was inhaled with a hiss. Tom had put his arm around her shoulder and gave her support. She looked at the scar herself, it was no longer fat and purple. But it was by no means beautiful, even if the letters were now rather white, you could still read the word very clearly. The gentle caresses from Tom on her shoulder helped her to catch herself so far that she could tell more.

“When I came to England shortly after my escape, I just wanted to forget. I swore to myself that I no longer wanted to be judged on my blood. I never wanted to be called Mudblood again, but under no circumstances did I want to pretend to be pure blood ... So I became half-blood ... You can imagine my shock when I came to Slytherin. I confess ... I was very afraid of you at first. Until I realized that I made the same mistake as my tormentors. You cannot help your ancestry and your families. And then you became really good friends. ”She looked up and looked everyone in the eye, then stayed with Abraxas. “I know all of this, but your house has caused something of a relapse. It looks a lot like the one back then and I just panicked. Though I know you wouldn't do that. I'm sorry. ”She mumbled, Tom pulled her a little closer and she buried her face in his shirt.

She heard a brief commotion and a chair fall over, and she winced. But then there were hands that gently pulled her away from Tom and onto another chest. She stiffened briefly in shock, but when the familiar lavender perfume rose to her nose, she sobbed and clung to Mia. She heard her friend mutter something indistinctly, only now and then understood a curse from it. It took a long time for her to calm down. When she had recovered so far, Abraxas had meanwhile pulled out something stronger and they clinked glasses in silence.

Neither of them knew exactly what to say in this situation. There were no words that made up for what had been done. There were no possible solutions. Words couldn't do anything in this situation. And so they were all silent for a few moments in silent harmony. But at some point a silence becomes overwhelming and Sac was the first to break it. "Violent ... Really violent .. that's real ..." "... sick?" Offered Tobias, Sac nodded and emptied his glass. “For you, staying in the dungeons must be a cave. With so few windows. ”Threw in magenta thoughtfully at one point, she turned her glass in her hands and watched the amber-colored liquid in it. Glad for a little change of direction, she nodded regretfully. "Yes, at first I felt trapped in the dungeons all the time. At times I was afraid of suffocating ... But now it works. Thanks to you. "

Then there was silence again. "Is that why you got the ball?" Mia asked at some point, while she was still rubbing her hair incessantly. She nodded, took a sip herself and enjoyed the burning in her throat that left no other thoughts. "... and because of you. I didn't want something like that to happen again." She mumbled into her glass, her friend pressed her a little closer to her. Again the group sank into silence. “What I don't quite understand is how your transformation fits in there. If your parents were Muggles. ”Tobias interjected at some point, he raised his hands defensively at the evil looks and called out. ,,What?! I have nothing against her parents, but we're all curious why she doesn't want to tell us what kind of being she is .. ”he justified himself and looked at her apologetically.

She could understand it, she had been curious about the different beings of her classmates before she had found out. The others still looked angry at Tobias. She could only hope that they wouldn’t start to handle her with kid gloves. "Because I'm selfish." Came her voice. Everyone looked at her in surprise, she was no less surprised that she had spoken her thoughts out loud. She cleared her throat and sat a little straighter. She put her glass on the table, she didn't want to drink any more alcohol. “Can I have some tea? Please? ”She asked a little sheepishly, hoping to be able to distract. Abraxas gave her a calculating look, then gave a short shrug and called a house-elf.

After she had brought what she wanted, she clung to the warm cup and warmed her clammy fingers. When the others also held their tea in their hands, it was Mia of all people who brought the subject up again. "How did you mean that earlier?" She asked gently, but also carefully. Hermione almost wanted to sigh in frustration, but they had a right to know. She had already said too much anyway. If she had to lie over and over again about her previous life, she couldn't ask them to remain friends unless she was honest with them, at least on this matter.

“I didn't know I had genes of nature in me until the transformation started. That means, I had suspected it and suppressed it again. But I still don't know where the genes crept in my family tree. Though I suspect it was my great-great-grandfather as there is a song that he passed on from generation to generation. But it doesn't really matter and I don't have the opportunity to check it out. So I was a little surprised by my transformation. "

Tom next to her suppressed a laugh. “She denied it at first. And claims that there was a mistake. ”She blushed and there was general laughter, it helped to loosen up the mood and alleviate some of the insanely oppressive feeling on all of them.

She glared at Tom and gave him with a look to understand that there was something in this story that he didn't want the others to know. He seemed to have understood and raised his hands as a sign of surrender. For a sardonic moment she toyed with the thought of telling the others about his cuddling attack and the growling of his parents. But somehow the whole thing was too personal. The Slytherins hadn't noticed the little silent exchange in their laughter. "So you denied it?" Magenta asked, taking up the subject again, and Hermione nodded.

“Yes, the whole thing was very difficult for me to understand. I didn't feel any different at first either. I really had the feeling it was an April Fool's joke or something. ”“ What is an April Fool's joke? ”Tobias asked in between. "A Muggle tradition, April 1st is the official day of pranks." She graciously gave information, Tobias and Newt looked at each other and grinned broadly, but they didn't go into it. These two also recognized the seriousness of the situation. "But why are you selfish if you don't want to tell us what being you are?" Asked Nelson, who until now had only listened in silence. She assumed that he and Mia could best understand what it was like to suddenly be a being.

"Just as I was afraid of losing you if I tell you I was muggleborn, so I'm afraid of losing you if you know what kind of creature I am. I don't want to be reduced to my blood again. I just want to be Hermione. ”He had furrowed his brow at her reply. "Well, I can understand that up to a certain point, but we are all for the most part beings, you should know that we do not judge anyone for it. And let's face it, we werewolves, like Shadow Demons, don't really have the best reputation with the Ministry. Nobody says anything about the vampires because they are too scared, the mermaids and nymphs are not really taken seriously because they spend most of their lives in the water. Veelas are highly valued by human magic, but only if they are feminine and white-magical. So your circle of friends does not exactly consist of beings popular in society, what makes you believe that we could reject you? There is almost nothing worse than us. ”She could only stare at him in silence, on the one hand because she had seldom heard him talk so much, on the other hand because he had almost answered the question himself. That seemed to have struck him at that moment. His eyes got a little bigger, more inquiring. She swallowed dryly and nodded once. He let out his breath and propped himself up on his knees with his arms. "But now I'm curious." She could clearly see that he was considering which beings were considered more dangerous than werewolves and vampires. The others understood too and began to puzzle.

"But a kid?" "No, I said she's a succubus." The pillow thrown by Tom landed with a lot of momentum in Tobias' face, who made a startled noise. Tom hadn't even taken his arm off her shoulder. Laughter briefly filled the group before beings were enumerated again. She was a bit squeezed between him and Mia, who both didn't seem to move even an inch from her, but she was glad about it, they were helping her a lot with her closeness. It helped remove the chill that had built up inside her since telling her past.

Hermione found the guessing game a bit amusing, especially because she eventually met nonsensical creatures like a drool witch, troll or a phynx, but she was nervous the whole time that they would guess it by chance. Tom leaned a little closer to her, goose bumps spread over her body and her inner being made a leap in the air. "Come on, have faith in her." He breathed in her ear and she bit her lip so as not to sigh ecstatically. While half of her wanted to throw themselves into his arms, the other half managed to understand the words. Reluctantly, she had to admit that he was right.

“Well, I'll tell you. But before you run away screaming, remember that I'm better at magic than you are! ”She tried to joke. But she couldn't quite hide the fear behind her words. She closed her eyes for a moment and when she found her magical armor, she hesitated for a moment and then nudged it to break it, at the same time she blew the veil spells she had put on herself. She found it easier to show them what she was then she didn't have to tell. She felt her armor fall from her and the surprised breath of her friends.

More courageous than she felt, she opened her eyes, which resulted in another deep breath.

Abraxas pov

That demack Potter had ruined their entire trip with his idiotic act. How did you get the stupid idea of ​​attacking a schoolmate during the summer vacation? The ministry has recently been taking the law very seriously that banned underage wizards from doing magic. Since the incident in France where a third grader burned down almost half a wizarding village for mistaking a spell. They were literally waiting for offense. He thought that was ridiculous, after all, many wizarding families had magic especially for that. It usually only hit Muggle-born wizards or purebloods who were so sloppy they deserved to be caught. He did not know of any being who had been held accountable for it.

Though he was sure the Ministry had tried. Since Grindelwald raged so abroad and more and more beings had joined it, the Ministry's distrust of certain species has increased. Stupid people, as soon as they headed the ministry for a few decades, they had already forgotten that it had originally been the Veelas who founded it and then handed it over to them over the years. Now they pretended to be something better.

They had tried his family too, of course. It wasn't too big a secret that his father was interested in black magic artifacts. And his father was good at tracking them down. He had an affinity for black magic and felt it from miles away. Nor was it a secret that the Ministry was looking for such artifacts to investigate in their new department. The unspeakable were called these employees. They were of the utmost importance, so important that no one knew exactly what they were actually doing. The entire department was also closely guarded and only the unspeakable were allowed to enter. It would be all well and good, but the Ministry believed they had every right to just bag the artifacts.

Many artifacts, especially those based on essence magic, have been passed on from generation to generation. Like his father's walking stick, shaped like a snake, with several useful Veela spells woven into it. He would inherit it one day and then pass it on to his son. The Ministry was so keen on such artifacts that they usually just took it when they found one and claimed it was dangerous or forbidden, even though they themselves had no idea what exactly it was doing. But they had never recognized the staff as such, even though his father always took it with him everywhere.

They had even searched their manor, but of course found nothing. Back then, he had just been to Hogwarts and sat dutifully next to his mother in the drawing room while his father sat in an armchair and played with his cane. Two Aurors had been watching her while other Aurors had searched her home. His father had twirled the stick over and over and played with it. He did not know it then, it was not until many years later that he was told the story of this stick. Abraxas hadn't understood his father's unusual behavior at the time, or why his mother had to chuckle a laugh all the time. But now he loved this story and he couldn't wait to hold it in his hands at some point.

This event was also the decisive factor that Malfoy Manor now had many new strong spells on them. Some made sure that no spells could leave the property, which had the nice side effect that you couldn't prove what kind of spells were cast within the walls or by whom. The Ministry had created a new source of income for the Malfoys without wanting to, because his mother, who was also a Veela, knew how to speak such spells and she was very strong. In the past few years she had protected a number of high-ranking houses. The more he thought about the Ministry, the angrier he got, including Mister Potter, who was so committed to his son and worked at the Ministry. He was head of the accounting department and knew quite a few dirty secrets, he believed that he could get away with anything.

But until now he too had bitten his teeth into the Malfoys. It had been wonderful to see how he had fluffed himself up like a peacock and his face had got redder and redder. Abraxas had wondered briefly how many different shades of red he would get. But the most beautiful thing had been the pale when he realized who exactly he had just messed with. But nothing compared to Hermione's action with the book, he would never have trusted her to abuse a book for such purposes. He was lucky enough to have stood so that he could watch it. She had wound up fully and hit him over the head with the book. He'd fallen over like a flubworm. He would store the memory of it in his pensieve later, and every time he was in a bad mood he would look at it. Or the way she had held the charges up to Mister Potter's face, it was amusing to watch her like that.

But now it was more important that they get Hermione out of here. She said she was fine, but it wasn't just him who noticed that she was paler and her hands were shaking. The attack had reminded some of them of something. If he could, he'd give Potter another over the head. But they were dismantled earlier, although with his mother it could really be that there would be an aftermath. Maybe they were lucky and he was missing next year, well, hope died last. He looked out the window into Diagon Alley, it was still packed, certainly not something Hermione wanted to go through now.

Anyway, he didn't understand why Hogwarts didn't send their letters earlier, so that not everyone had to squeeze into Diagon Alley for the past two weeks. He wrinkled his nose at the thought of pushing through there again. The ‘spitting toad would certainly be packed, and the other pubs were in Nockturngasse and offered harder things. Amusing in the evening, but nothing to go with women in an afternoon. In addition, there have recently been an increasing number of Aurors who drank over their thirst after their service.He was still thinking about it while the others paid for their books. He would take them all home with him. Most of them had already been there and there they could end the day in peace. They had all the books they needed and they had already bought a lot at the beginning of the holidays. Still, he asked the others first, but everyone agreed, even if Hermione didn't react at first. She still seemed a little confused.

He Apparated forward and opened the apparatus lock for his friends, who followed shortly afterwards. As always, Tobias sat down in the dirt and Hermione clung to Tom, she had become a whole lot paler from the trip. He watched her worriedly when she looked up and saw his home. He didn't think she could get any paler. But one ghost looked really sane compared to her. He could tell from the painful expression on Tom's face that she was literally squeezing his arm and she was trembling all over, but when he cast his gaze into her face, his breath caught. She could see sheer panic in her eyes. Tom asked if everything was okay, she replied something that Abraxas did not understand.

But it seemed like something that his friend wanted to get her out of here immediately. Confused, he let his gaze wander over the colorful terrain, but he couldn't see anything that could have frightened her so much. Hermione punished herself and so Abraxas started moving too. He led her to one of the salons that were intended for guests. His Veela senses told him that the panic Hermione exuded grew with every meter she was in the manor. He was glad he had already planned to use one of the front parlors. It was one of the smaller living rooms for friends and family. Some of her tension eased as they walked into the room, but she was still very upset when she leaned inconspicuously against Tom.

The Malfoy heir suppressed a gentle smile, so his suspicion had been confirmed. Since Hermione White started school, he had seen Tom change. He had been captivated by her from the first moment, but he had probably forbidden himself to think about it. Tom had always been a tough and dismissive character before. He could be charming and wrap anyone around his finger when it brought him an advantage, but actually he didn't care about his classmates. Abraxas was also aware that he only made friends with him because he didn't want to join the older vampire group that was in Slyhterin.

Abraxas as a male Veela and thus a connection to black magic had been a good choice. Little by little he had also brought the other boys from his class to him and over the years they had become a permanent group. Everyone had had a similar reason to bow to the expectation of another. Be it the vampires who believed they had a right to Tom, the parents of Sac and Newt who wanted to raise them in their pure blood madness or the father of Andrew who wanted to shape the perfect demon out of his son. They had come together because they had expected nothing from each other except mutual loyalty and freedom from the constraints. The first were the beings, when the Lestrangers became werewolves, Sac and Newt joined them along with Nelson. But for Tom it had always been more of a community and not a friendship over the years.

It was easier to prevent difficulties and hostility when you were in a group. Alone you were too big a target against attacks. Each of the boys therefore had to assert themselves against someone else at some point. He could remind himself of some threatening discussion before he went through his transformation. But now, after almost six years, their group has been accepted and tolerated. It was handy to have Tom, who knew some dark spells, to back up an opinion.

The others had left her alone, out of fear and because they were likely to have succumbed to the mistaken belief that after graduation the whole thing would go away. How wrong they were. Especially after this year. Yes, everything had turned out differently this year. Tom, who had always felt better towards them before, had changed. They had finally become friends that year. No longer just allies against the rest. Over the years they had developed the idea that the different beings had to work better together, especially as more and more people came to the wizarding world. Sac and Newt would sneak into the ministry to get information for them, while the others wanted to visit the various essence races and convince them of the importance. Tom's goal had been to separate beings from human wizards. Until now. Until the day the young woman came into her house with eyes like liquid chocolate.

In the beginning everyone was interested in her, as it was when someone new came along. Abraxas admitted that there was a moment when he was attracted to her, too. But this moment had been short, because even if he denied it, Tom had fallen for her from the first moment. Abraxas really liked her, but not as a companion, forbid. He would never get in Tom's way, he liked to keep his body parts to himself for that. He was all the more reassured when, after her transformation, he felt no pull to her. She was not his mate and he was allowed to go on living without having a bloody fight with the man who had been his best friend for a long time. And he'd made a few gallons, even if that didn't really matter. He was a Malfoy, he had taken care of until the end of his life, of course he would work anyway, after all you could never have enough money.

He watched the two of them as Tom gently took care of Hermione. Nothing more testified of the man he had experienced for years as callous and uninterested. Tom had resisted the feelings for a long time, Abraxas was almost certain that he had suppressed them so well that he hadn't even really noticed it himself, let alone having a discussion about it. But Abraxas had noticed how restless he became when he was not around, how he fell back into old, callous behavior when he was alone with them. How his narcissistic traits melted as soon as she walked into the room. The very fact that he had accepted her into the group, even though she was still human and half-blood, spoke volumes for her. At first they thought it was just his curiosity, but as soon as they spent more time with her, they all realized that they couldn't escape her. There was something about Hermione White that he couldn't name or hold his wand on.

They had all given this young woman a lot of thought, but even now, a year later, they had almost no information about her, rather more questions. The strangest part, however, was that none of them minded. They trusted her even though they didn't know why. It was like a charm, but this also made sure that they didn't even think about it. As long as she was with them at school, the whole situation just felt complete. Now that spell was weaker, but still there. But by now he no longer had the need to discover all her secrets, if she wanted to tell them, they would listen to her and be there for her. As long as they would just enjoy the fact that they put their boss in such a good mood. She seemed to have calmed down enough to be able to speak.

She looked directly at him and there was so much pain in her eyes that he had to swallow involuntarily. He hadn't thought that anything could be more painful than her look, but then he hadn't heard her face. He wasn't the only one listening in disbelief. When she told them more than they had learned over the past year. And none of it was nice. It stirred up hatred towards people as they could be so cruel, but he was smart enough to recognize that the beings with their madness were no better either. After all, they believed everything she was human. He had witnessed the hostility towards her performance and her parentage himself.

Slowly the thought occurred to him that the general system in the magical world would have to be changed. It wouldn't work if you fought like that in school, what would it be like in the real world? When he saw that hideous scar, saw how someone could be so cruel to carve this swear word into their flesh, even though it was not at all true. He wanted to jump up and smash something, but he didn't know who to direct his anger against.

Tom seemed to feel his anger and when their eyes met he could see the same deep hatred in them. Tom was so angry that the red of his eyes could even be seen through the magical armor and yet nothing in his demeanor reflected this anger. He immediately understood why. Tom’s anger wouldn’t help Hermione. And he did everything to make the situation easier for her, so Abraxas sat back and forced himself to remain calm. Hermione's last words came to him muffled, it was more his subconscious that she heard while he tried everything to stay calm. Mia pulled him out of his anger when she jumped up and hurried to her friend. He took the opportunity to order fire whiskey from a house-elf. When he looked back at the brown-haired woman, a smile crept onto his face when he saw Mia grabbing Hermione and Tom still not releasing her shoulder.

He was still very thoughtful for the next part of the conversation. But he had to ask these questions that gnawed at him so urgently. A wild guessing game began, and as amusing as it was, he couldn't take his eyes off her because of curiosity. He didn't really expect an answer from her, and especially not one like the one he then received. But as always, she surprised them all by taking off her magical armor and piece by piece her being emerged from underneath. It started with her skin seeming lighter and lighter, the same thing happened with her hair until it lingered on a soft white with a hint of silver. Fascinated, he watched how her facial features became finer and more beautiful until it was almost painful to look at them. For a second he was convinced she was a Veela, although her magic signature contradicted that. Then she opened her eyes. They were still brown, but there was something golden about them, they seemed to glow and so intense that it looked like a vortex. It took his breath away. She nervously brushed a strand from her face and exposed her ears, which were clearly Elvish in nature.

Mia had broken away from her when she had taken off her armor to get a better look at her friend and was still very fascinated by the sight. Tom still had his arm around her shoulders and was still sitting next to her like a black shadow. It made it look so delicate and fragile that he was afraid it might break. Her whole skin was as pale as it had been shortly after her shock, but now it no longer looked sick, it looked more like porcelain. Her magic swirled around her, gentle, alluring and powerful, there was something bobbing about it, like a dance. A dance of magic that enveloped and caressed her. / If she were my mate, I would lock her up and never let her out. / Flashed through his head for a moment and then had to smile at the thought that nobody would survive who would dare to try it with her.

Even now that he saw her unveiled, he didn't immediately know what kind of being she was. But at the same moment it occurred to him how Magenta whispered some in awe. "You are a light elven." He knew stories about this breed. They hadn't been seen for centuries, they were considered cursed and almost no information was known about them. Everything that was left of them at that time was stored somewhere in the Ministry. / A wand maker or potions master would murder to get some hair or some blood from her. / Shot through the head and his fist clenched so fiercely at the brief thought that his nails dug into his skin. Hermione, who had seen his reaction, winced and fell back to seek protection, Tom's arms immediately embraced her, he could now also feel Tom's magic wafting around her. The two types of magic were so different and yet so in harmony that it almost hurt your heart to watch it.

"We have to protect them." He brought out the thought that had manifested itself in his head, screaming out loud. Tom nodded grimly and with determination, while Hermione visibly relaxed. Still in a trance, he watched the two of them, who were so different and yet so clearly belonged together. As he let his gaze wander over his friends, he saw the same grim determination on every face. He could understand Hermione's fear and had he not known her, but only seen her as a light elf, he would probably have been afraid of her because of the stories or would have been greedy because of her appearance and her magic. But it was Hermione. She was the most compassionate person he had ever known. She had confided in them and put her trust in her hands. She was one of them. And no one should ever hurt her again.

On this memorable day at the peaceful Malfoy Manor, the foundation stone was laid for a connection that would last for decades and change the society of wizarding forever. If Abraxas Malfoy had known at that time what was still in store for him and his descendants, what suffering he would experience and for which he would also have been responsible, he might have hesitated. But it wouldn't have changed his decision. The magical world had to go through a change and he would help start it. He would sacrifice everything for it and yet never regret it.

But none of those present knew about it, no one except the Lichtelbe had any idea what the future might bring. And so on this warm summer day it was just a realization among friends who had understood that something was going wrong in the world in which they lived and the promise to protect those whose essence others would not understand.
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