How To Use Dark Magic Flooder Meaning

The magic of witches

Sometimes you feel depressed and don't really know why. Something weighs on your soul and you go through the day sadly. With such small upsets, this simple cleaning spell can help to get rid of this heaviness. He frees you from negative energies and cleanses spiritually.

I perform this ritual regularly when I notice that I am burdened with too many negative thoughts. This magic ritual ensures that I feel better and more free and that I can make clear, positive decisions again.

Ingredients for the cleansing ritual

  • 1 white candle - a tealight is enough
  • 1 refractory base - a candle base or a simple (base) plate is sufficient
  • 1 lemon
  • Rosemary - fresh, as a dried herb or as a tea

Magic ritual for a spiritual cleansing

Slice the lemon and rub it on the saucer. Put the candle in the middle. If you are using a tea light, first take it out of the bowl so that the candle comes into contact with the lemon juice.

Scatter a circle of rosemary around the candle. If you want to increase the effect, you can also put some rosemary on the candle so that it is burned. I discussed the importance of rosemary in magic and the art of charm in a separate article.

At the same time, prepare a drink made from lemon and rosemary. Here you have different options depending on your preference and taste. In summer I like to take chilled water, drip some lemon into it or add a lemon wedge and a sprig of rosemary. This makes a wonderfully refreshing summer drink. In winter I prefer hot rosemary tea with a little fresh lemon juice or hot water with lemon and a little rosemary.

When everything is ready, you light the candle. The flame, protected by lemon and rosemary, purifies your surroundings and frees the bad energies around you. The drink that you take on the side cleanses you of the bad forces in you.

It helps to visualize or meditate meanwhile and also to imagine how the flame drives away the darkness around you and evil spirits recede. And how the drink loosens and loosens dark knots inside you and washes away the negative energies with it.

Magic spell for spiritual cleansing

I very rarely use spells because I often feel uncomfortable with them. But sometimes I feel the need to reinforce the ritual with words.

After the candle has been lit and I've already had some of the lemon and rosemary drink, I sometimes say the following words out loud:

Evade evil spirits from me

Leave this apartment and my body

Take the dark with you

Only light remains in me