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Caline bustier is a teacher at the Collège Françoise Dupont. She teaches literature and various foreign languages.[2] While she tries to protect Marinette from an Akuma in "Zombiezou", she is killed by Hawk Moth ZombizouAkumatized, a super villain who can turn people into kissing zombies.

Appearance [edit | Edit source]

Caline is tall, slender and has reddish-orange hair that she wears in a topknot. Her eyes are blue-green and she has freckles.

Clothing [edit | Edit source]

She wears a light blue jacket with a blue-green shirt and a white undershirt underneath. She also wears a pair of white earrings and a small gold necklace. She also wears white pants and white shoes.

As a zombizou Edit source]

Zombizou has gray-blue eyes, gray skin, and gray hair. She is wearing black heart-shaped lipstick. Her mask is pink and has the shape of a butterfly. She wears a mainly black dress with torn sleeves, which is decorated with a pink heart in which a smaller black heart is located. The black heart has a pink lipstick stain on it. The dress has puffy pink sleeves that have a stitched design. Zombizou wears her hair in a top bun that is decorated with two pink bobby pins with large round ends. She has a black lipstick with her.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Caline is nice, friendly and helpful and finds nothing more important than love, brotherhood and a well-functioning society. She is kind to her students, but she is strict with them when they misbehave and sends them to Monsieur Damocles' office when she deems it necessary. When André Bourgeois is upset when Chloé loses her bracelet in “Rogercop”, she is outraged by the behavior of her parents. However, when a bad guy or other threat shows up, Caline gets nervous, e.g. B. when Rogercop asks her, and she tells her students to leave if it becomes potentially dangerous, as seen in "Lady Wifi".

Caline also has a great willpower, because in "Zombiezou" she can initially defend herself against the influence of an Akuma and Hawk Moth and before that, no one else was seen who did that. As a zombizou, her view of love is distorted and she believes she is spreading love by turning people into kissing zombies.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

Caline can teach literature and various foreign languages ​​as a teacher.

As a zombizou Edit source]

With her lipstick, Zombizou can spread kisses through the air, turning people into zombies trying to kiss other people. Zombizou also has improved physical skills such as B. Strength and flexibility.

Appearances [edit | Edit source]

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Her akumatized form was first shown as a silhouette in a promotional poster on Jeremy Zags Instagram.[3]
  • She celebrates her birthday in "Zombiezou".
  • Caline is the first character in the series to be akumatized not because of another person, but because of the Akuma itself.
  • In "Miraculous New York" it is revealed that she is pregnant.

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