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Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of stamina and strength. If you want to win a tennis match, you should of course meet these requirements and work on your stamina and strength regularly. As soon as the fitness is available, it then "only" depends on the mental attitude and the strategy. This article gives tips on how to master this in order to win at tennis.

There are so many tips and techniques that are circulating on the Internet. In the following, however, the most important ones are listed, which can be helpful for both beginners and professionals. Everyone can perform better in tennis right away, but one should not underestimate the familiarization and experience factor. It is well known that practice makes perfect.

1. Adjust to the circumstances

Before the game, you should get used to the weather conditions and the overall atmosphere while warming up, and you should get used to it. This is a very unconscious factor that many people do not even notice. The subconscious, however, notices whether you feel comfortable and at home or whether you feel a little queasy.

Of course you are in good form and in bad form and not everyone can be in top form every time. However, it helps if you imagine that the place is yours and that you accept and enjoy the current weather.

2. Relax and notice the opponent

As soon as the tennis match starts, there is usually a queasy feeling in the stomach. In this phase it is particularly important not to get into the game too hastily and uncontrollably. The first thing to do here is to feel comfortable in your own body and to perceive your opponent's style of play.

Because every opponent is different and has an individual style of play. That's why you have to get used to it first in order to be able to develop a certain game tactic later. It is enough if at the beginning you only notice how fast your opponent is playing, how the ball is flying and whether you are too slow or too fast yourself. If you can relax in this phase, the so-called flow comes into play and your own form increases.

3. Service and return

The most important thing in tennis is the serve and the subsequent return. They mostly decide on the points in the game. Therefore, one should particularly focus on these two points. If you have a bad serve and a return, you will have to be defensive throughout the game. Everyone can especially improve their serve.

One tip is that you should find your own serve early in the game. That means that you don't start right away with full power, but start at around 75% and feel your way into your strokes. In the further course of the game you can then estimate whether you want to use harder blows. The same rule applies to setbacks. First of all, you shouldn't start at full speed, but increase slowly.

4. Forehand and backhand

The tennis game is based on the use of forehand and backhand. Here, too, the initial feeling is very important. You should first play long and diagonal balls to get a feel for the trajectory of the ball. Afterwards you can hit shorter balls so that the opponent has to run a little more. However, you shouldn't play too hastily for a win because that can have the opposite effect.

5. Recognize the weaknesses of the opponent

At that point you should be familiar with your own constitution. Here you can begin to assess the opponent and find appropriate tactics against his type of game. Now it's time to put aside all emotions and just think logically where the opponent's weaknesses are and how you can make use of them.

6. During a guided tour

When taking a tour, most players think, "I don't want to lose this set". This in turn leads to exactly the opposite being achieved. Because what happens if you tell a person not to think about a pink elephant now? He has to visualize it automatically. Therefore, replace this thought with “I want to win this set!”.