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Fortune, Dion - Life and Magic

Life and magic

Dion Fortune

Scaned by Detlef u

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Translated from the English by Regine Hellwig

In love for Rita Alan Richardson
With thanks for Loris, without his linguistic and loving support this one
Translation would not have come about, and Hans - Dieter Leuenberger for his
expert advice.

Editing: Anke D. Sievers and Mara Ordemann Original title "The Magical Life of Dion Fortune, Priestess of
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Page 2
Hans - Dieter Leuenberger:

Tribute to Dion Fortune

The renaissance of esotericism in the western hemisphere over the last hundred
Years is represented by three names: Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley and
Dion Fortune. Three names whose bearers are fundamentally different from one another
and each of which awakened a very specific direction for himself
Represents interest in esoteric world view. The importance of Helena Blavatsky lies in
the creation of a new religious consciousness independent of the churches. you
was the theologian within this triumvirate who gave the inhabitants of the West the
Showed the background from which the great world religions developed.
Crowley and Dion Fortune were magicians who uncovered the knowledge that Helena Blavatsky
had been researched and applied for practical purposes, albeit diametrically
opposite way.
Crowley plunged into the depths of atavistic, barbaric names, and demons
Shoots. Dion Fortune rose into the realm of the ancient gods residing in the soul of the
People wait for their resurrection. Of the three, Dion Fortune appears to me
- I hesitate to say the most important, because, seen in an unbiased way, this is the meaning of
Blavatsky and Crowley would do undeserved damage to the history of esotericism -
than those for our time, both in terms of the immediate present and the future,
most important.
Dion Fortune has at times been called the feminine answer to Aleister Crowley.
That is only partially correct. Because this sentence could lead to misunderstanding, as if
Dion Fortune was involved in a competitive battle with Crowley, namely on
its very own area. That is not true in any way. That is why this sentence has to be a lot
be formulated more comprehensively. Dion Fortune is the alternative to Aleister Crowley and
in every respect. That this alternative could be given by a woman
Of course it also has its deeper meaning, because Crowley needed the woman for
his magical operations, but despised the woman. To Crowley, women were
the magical disposable tool, the fate of which hardly affects it after use
How different is Dion Fortune, she too knows about the great magical secret in
Finding the feminine with the masculine as the two great ones
Basic forces of our cosmos. She respected the masculine, the man. This is the big one
Subject of the novels by Dion Fortune, and I do not know of any female writer who has it in
would have succeeded in such a way not only to empathize with the man's psyche,
but also to understand them. Also to understand what it means in today
Western culture to be a man, and what emotional price to pay for it
must in order to partake of the advantages and privileges of patriarchal society.
I can well imagine that some men only get through reading the writings of
Dion Fortune, especially the novels, to recognize and understand his own
Masculinity is coming.
Dion Fortune was born when the torch of theosophy by Helena Blavatsky im
distant India only flickered and the lesson it was supposed to bring to the West
more and more in undergrowths in the east, which are mostly impenetrable for western people
Philosophy entangled and hid. Dion Fortune brought teaching not only to the West
but also discovered his own western source of this teaching and gave it
a form and expression that is also suitable for the average and unprepared
People are to be captured. In this she was similar to Rudolf Steiner, but surpassed him
magical knowledge and in the literary clear representation.

Page 3
Dion Fortune discovered the forgotten or perhaps not yet at all
discovered group consciousness. The group consciousness is through in every person
its genetic, ethnic origin, and is responsible for ensuring that we are aware of
feel attracted to certain myths, gods or cultures or even to them within ourselves
find again.
Here, however, Dion Fortune shows himself to be a member of her epoch, because western
was almost synonymous with British for them. Let's not forget that she's still in the
Victorian era was born and raised. The tension that results from it
her magic is often felt in her writings. For example, she respected in
their novels carefully ensure that husband and wife are bound by the bond of legal marriage
are related, or at least their relationship is not seen as adultery
can be before entering into magical union at the height of initiation
soar up. From today's perspective, this is slightly touching and somewhat amusing.
But Dion Fortune consisted of two personalities. There was the priestess and
Magician Morgan, true to her magical name (DEO NON FORTUNA, what mine
happens, comes from God and not through fate), able and ready to meet the man,
who entrusts himself to her and gives himself up to her, in touch with his innermost essence
to bring it and thus let it become what its destiny is. The woman who
knows one another with the goddess and speaks the words of the ritual:

I am the star that rises from the sea, the dark sea. All tides
are mine and listen to me the tides of the human soul, the dreams,
their fate Isis Veiled and Ea, Binah, Ge.
See, I take the gifts that you bring me life and more and more life - in
fullest ecstasy! I am the moon, the moon that draws you close I am the
waiting earth that calls you. Get down, Big Pan, get down! Descend
Big Pan, get down!

But Dion Fortune also stayed somewhere, Violet Firth, as her real name was. The
shy little girl who looks a little frightened into the world with astonished eyes,
wrote poetry during puberty and loved having children in a middle-class marriage
would have given birth. She was denied children. She only found her husband in later years
Years. That her Penry, whom she used to affectionately call Pan, her for someone else
Wife left, and she the last years of life with the then common stigma of one
divorced woman was probably the secret tragedy of her life. It
Experience confirms that great magicians seldom manage to use the power of their magic
away from the astral plane in their material everyday life to bloom and effect
to let go.
What further distinguished Dion Fortune was her talent as a writer. Not just in
We meet him in her literary works, but also in the essayistic work.
Dion Fortune had the ability to work in and between the smallest of frames
Lines to give important and most important esoteric information that one in some
hopes to find thick tomes in vain.
Reading Dion Fortune is like reading a foggy English day all in one
comfortable armchair, legs cozy in front of a warming English fireplace
stretched out to drink a spicy cup of fine tea.
The time quality is favorable that finally Dion Fortunes in the German-speaking area
Works and magic made accessible to a broader esoterically interested circle

page 4

Dion Fortune was the pseudonym of one of the most impressive, mysterious women
of the twentieth century, about their strange life and unusual
Worldview is still very little known.
Most of all, she was a magician who believed until her death in 1946
believed that their special powers and magical practices would one day be revealed to the world
convey new knowledge. With this in mind, her whole life must be as prophecy
be viewed: for equality of women and their spiritual abilities; for the
Consciousness of the earth and the responsibility of the people for the earth; for the
transforming forces of love, sex and mediumship; for the energies that dream and
Carrying imagination - but also for the strong, verifiable reality of those
Another world that affects our own so much.
As the clerics of today in the Orthodox, established churches are still awkward
To debate the sense or nonsense of female priests must value the fact
be laid that Dion Fortune already more than 60 years ago as true, powerful
One of her contemporaries, the infamous Aleister Crowley, went to see the whole thing
Popularity for his kind of magic - and with it his affection
Contemporaries, while the shadow of Dion Fortune sank into darkness - a
State of affairs that would have been entirely in their interest.
That she was a magician deserves our attention; that they are on the subject
who uttered magic with a clarity and power never to be matched again, demanded
our respect; and that she wrote prose with an evocative power that made the
Withstands comparison with any writer in the English-speaking world, ours demands
There are many who place her as a medium, mystic, and magician above Crowley. Like that
Be that as it may, she certainly did more as a person. And with their philosophy it is
she managed to foster these qualities in all of us.
Now there cannot be a definitive biography of or about a personality.
This is especially true of someone like Dion, whose consciousness runs through many
Extending dimensions, over many lifetimes, using innumerable masks
seems. In my extensive correspondence with her many admirers (not all
admired my analysis) it became clear that it applies to every individual, be he or she
Christian, pagan, theosophist, sorcerer, Kabbalist, esoteric or spiritualist, or whatever,
the full manifestation of his or her own spiritual inclinations
embodied. To me, it's an affirmation of her true nature: Dion Fortune was everything
for all.
Today, a century after her birth (1890), we have only just begun
to delve deeper into this remarkable woman. Even if the
Main sources of biographical material - diaries, photographs, letters and
personal things - have been shamefully and solemnly destroyed by their heirs is that
what remains is wonderful enough to inspire our imaginations and our souls too
nourish. No biography could capture the full scope of Dion's vision. One
Her writings offer a little insight, some of which contain a force that is felt when
Gives the reader goosebumps and makes him feel like the chorus of heavenly ones
To hear hosts. Each of us could, starting from the same basic principles
Details of her life, give it a completely different color - which are still right,
would still be true. I would like to emphasize that everyone has this opportunity and seize it
should, because one thing is certain: Dion was a priestess of Isis, whose symbol is the throne;
but also the symbol for an energy and a potential that is in each of us

page 5
slumbers. The mystery of their lives can show us the way, the secrets
to track down our hidden selves.

Alan Richardson
On the occasion of the 100th birthday of Dion Fortune
in December 1990

Finally I realized why there had to be priestesses as well as priests: in
there is a dynamic in a woman that fertilizes the man's emotional nature, such as
he fertilizes her physical body. This fact has modern civilization that
Pressing everything into clichés and forms, forgetting the way they called the magic of the moon
Forgets rulers of ebb and flow.

Dion Fortune

page 6

In some ways, legend may affect the world more in the long run
than by exercising power: Legends change the way people think, and that
on a higher level than power.
Leonhard Mosley

Dion Fortune, whose real name was Violet Mary Firth, died of a sullen
Leukemia on January 1946.
When she left this world she was 55 years old and had been a for the last 5 years
divorced woman lived.
Dion Fortune was the name of a personality who completed at least one life
devoted to the passionate study of the gods. This mask finally sat
so tight that at the end of her life no one, least of all herself, would have lost her weight
can. Violet Firth disappeared sometime in the 1920s.
Century and made way for Dion Fortune who got stronger and stronger.
The contact with dead souls, with beings of other systems of evolution and almost
forgotten deities were as natural to them as breathing. The
Communication with the afterlife and trying to find the secret of life
discover were the meaning of their lives. She was a child of the Empire and one at the same time
of his last priestesses. In her meditations she penetrated the Other World as deeply as
hardly anyone before her, albeit at the expense of her humanity, like some of her critics
That is difficult to judge, and one is most likely to do it justice if one sees it as
Magician sees. In a way, she was the women's alternative to Aleister Crowley:
he a highly, bad man with a few good qualities, she one
mostly good woman with some black spots. She herself defined magic as
, the art of making conscious changes.
This is the best definition of magic that has ever existed.She proved: if we
learn to change consciousness under complete control of one's own will,
we come much closer to the meaning of our life, and thus to the gods. By
certain techniques unlocked skills that each of us possesses. She succeeded
To transcend time and space and the collective life of their gender, theirs
To influence nation and race. It was your role in this life that
To show mankind that potential of development possibilities, the enlightened
Masters is available. If today's women have those freedoms and insights
who have failed Dion Fortune in the pre-war world, may their shadow
rightly claim that this is due in no small measure to the rites which they perform
in their various temples in Bayswater Road, Belgrave Square, at the foot of
Glastonbury Tor and celebrated in her own soul.
That was the path of high magic. She believed in it with all the strength of her heart.
Maybe she wasn't aware of it, but the name Dion means Fortune
two things: Dion - daughter of heaven and earth; Fortune, or Fortuna -
Goddess of fate.
It was the synthesis of all that she was: a shaman, a priestess, part of the,
Apparatus human, so to speak the power source - and when its energy was used up,
the gods exchanged the lightbulb and threw it in the garbage.
Born in the sign of Sagittarius under the influence of the great and the small
Dragons, she sent her arrows of consciousness to the star of knowledge she was in
Saw west go under, to a destination beyond the extreme limit of normal

Page 7
human thinking. Like all of her students, she believed she was born for the task
to walk between the worlds. With due care and the right amount of care
Any of us could follow enlightenment.
Many of her contemporaries thought Dion was a very wealthy woman at the end of her life.
No wonder she headed a group of people who are by and large right
were wealthy, including some outstanding, socially and professionally high
respected personalities. But it was also due to her maiden name, Firth. It was
always emphasized, sometimes even by herself, that she was one of the Firths, from Sheffield,
the famous city of steel. When she died, her fortune was exactly 9,781
Pounds and 18 shillings. That was a big one for the time, if not a huge one
Total. With the exception of a small gift to her cousin, she left her
Property of the Society of the Inner Light, which they themselves
had launched. Every penny was conscientiously used for the continuation of the work
used - to which she had already sacrificed all her money during her lifetime. Flitter and the
They were not stimulated by sensual desires of the material world and for hobbies and interests
there was no time outside of magic.
Their prosperity found its roots in good old Yorkshire earth, and though they did
was proud of this origin, she had always known how to prevent one of the
professional Yorkshire women who show off their origins.
Even if it's not entirely clear what connected them to this county, and only once
officially mentioned her participation in a dance festival on the occasion of the Blade Festival in Sheffield
she herself has always attached great importance to the finding that a Yorkshire -
To be a girl for two reasons: pride and disguise. She knew one day
would anyone dare to attempt a biography, and there you the thought
repugnant, she was consciously obscuring the facts of her life. With that she achieved exactly
the opposite: people felt even more through this woman's secret
The themes of her life were the moon and dragons, water and virgins, and the
Silence that lies in the core of strength. And Dion had strength. She was like the high priestess
in the tarot card of the same name, remote from the world and lonely, forever young and knowing about
surrounded by radiant moons, sitting between the pillars of those opposites,
that drive them forward. In her lap lies the mystical book of divine knowledge, that
means nothing else than that the land and the people are one. Behind her the
Curtain that leads to the mysteries: one catches a glimpse of the ocean - the cold ones
Atlantic waters. If we were to pull the curtain completely aside, we would find ourselves
Panorama with the Great and Little Orme in North Wales, the foothills of Brean Down,
the round mass of Glastonbury Tor and all those places where they lived and magic
operated. For them, life and magic were inextricably linked.
The land of her birth meant everything to her. It was alive, and it was feminine, and
fertile and maternal in a way she was never allowed to.
The stations of her life are like the rock and the earth of an elongated one
Barrows from prehistoric times: they connect to the depths of the
Darkness, to the other world, the hereafter, up to the stars.
And sometimes, when the circumstances are favorable, their spirit will be at the entrance of this grave
show up to greet us.
The origin of their prosperity and Yorkshire ancestry lay in Sheffield, the
City on three hills at the crossroads of two rivers, the Don and the Sheaf, in the
Heart of Great Britain - a nation for which Dion is the great living goddess
embodied, brooding and powerful, gazing steadily to the west.
The soil of Sheffield contained the fat Silkstone coal, the basis of the wealth of the

page 8
With the charcoal obtained from it, the seemingly unlimited quantities were melted
of iron ore, also mined in Yorkshire, and processed in-house
House to steel.
These first, industrialists had a name that was on the lips of every magician
evokes an appreciative smile: 'Little masters.
One of the countless companies that focused on the production of steel in the 19th century
belonged to Sanderson Brothers and Company. Your melting master was
Thomas Firth, Dion's great-great-grandfather. In 1833 he received what was then a remarkable salary
from seventy shillings a week. He had two sons, Mark and Thomas Jr., who were in
joined the company that year. It wasn't long before they both made a pound
Sterling per week. To the astonishment of the managing director, they asked for more wages, the
this refused. This demand, be it greed, a dream, or just Yorkshire -
Being cunning was one of those banalities that, in retrospect, had great significance
The rejection of their demands brought Thomas and Mark, both in their mid-twenties,
to get a six-chamber furnace on Charlotte's Street. How
they came to the capital is not known. It probably comes from the
Her father's savings. In the beginning they only produced steel for domestic use,
however, gradually expanded their activities to Birmingham, then to Bristol the
second most important city in England. When her father died in 1848, it was agreed, Mark
to make the head of the company. Theirs were enough within half a year
Relationships as far as America. After all, they built on one in their hometown
About thirteen acres of land the Norfolk Works bought additional works in Derbyshire
on and several blacksmiths in Clay Wheels, near Wodsley.
They owned land and made it work for them. Their prosperity came from the earth. For
Dion, whose wealth was of a very different kind, was the same.
Mark Firth, Dion's great-grandfather, was way ahead of his time: he realized that
British Empire in 1850 was not yet at the height of its glory, and Great Britain
was not yet the most powerful of all nations. In his eyes that was just that
a question of time. He would contribute to the economic upswing and specialized
on steel blocks for artillery pieces, various types of shotgun pellets and one
large variety of heavy forgings for mechanical engineering. Focus of
However, production were weapons. One of the cannon blocks measured forty centimeters
Diameter and was designed for a massive 81-ton cannon, the heaviest
single casting ever made.
By the middle of the 19th century, the Firths did it: every cannon used by the
British government was made from Firth steel. The Firths gave that
Empire its thrust. The cannons that drove the Chinese fleet to sink in 1857
brought were Firth cannons; the weapons with which the mutiny in India (1957 -
1958) were suppressed Firth weapons; and as the British Kagoshima as
In retaliation for the murder of a single Englishman, the cannon was bombed
a firth cannon.
It was the cannon years - diplomacy. The well-known technique of the Firth family
mixed the elements of earth and water, fire and air, and brought half the world
under the sovereignty of the British Empire.
When they weren't making cannons for their own country, they were importing huge ones
Lots of iron from Swedish mines for which they held the concessions. Even
Italy and France (their allies at the time) purchased cannon barrels from them.
The Firths were prominent and productive members of a people who, at least in
his own eyes, the true ones, Lords of the Dazzling Face
embodied, gorgeous to look at in their azure blue seats. The former symbol
Britain, the white horse, in Dion's eyes over the Eohippos with the ancient Atlantis

Page 9
connected, had been replaced by the lion, the symbol of a new species of
Consciousness that makes its way through the world with its paws.
In 1840 three sons had joined the family business, John, Edward and Henry.
We are most interested in John, Dion's grandfather. In a way, it was him, the Dion
Fortune created and gave her strength by giving her more than the pure name Firth -
the family motto: Deodorant, non Fortuna (God, not fate).
Was the adoption of a family motto the sign that the Firths was the world of
Leaving the working class and the realm of the nouveau riche, one step below the top
Layer of British society, then this was the motto for Dion's
Chance to leave the physical world and penetrate into the depths of the astral plane -
and thus into the human collective consciousness:
When I got my magical name, I started to look at myself in an idealized form
see, unchanged in type, but in a much broader sense, almost
superhuman, a larger than life statue, but still recognizable as, me.
After I had created this picture of myself, I was able to idealize it
Recall the version of my body and my personality over and over again. Me
However, I only succeeded in fully identifying with it when I got my magic name
pronounced, conjured him up, so to speak. From that moment on the identification was there.
Consciousness created the visualized form and I entered the world of dreams
naked. By imagination alone I could see this nudity, an ancient statue
similarly, with any robe or drapery desired, I veil the role with that
I wanted to play, wanted to symbolize. (1)
Deo, non Fortuna was the magical name the family gave her to make her stand out from the crowd
to highlight. For the rest of the Firths it was little more than the cream of the crop
Cake. No one would have ever guessed what power would be for one of the descendants of the dynasty
would hide behind this harmless piece of snobbery.
John Firth was married twice. His first wife was named Elizabeth Bowden and she died
1852. Daughter Jessie and son Thomas were born from their four-year marriage.
After four years of grief, John married Charlotte Harding, with whom he had four sons and two
Daughters fathered.
Charles Harding Firth was born into the second marriage in 1857, married one
certain Francis Ashington and was after graduating from Balliol College, Oxford
had received his doctorate, one of the most important historians of his time, as a knight in 1922
beaten, was a member of the British Academy, administrator of the National Portrait Gallery
and Royal Professor of Modern History at Oxford. He specialized in that
English Civil War, especially on Oliver Cromwell, and worked on
Monumental Dictionary of National Biography.
Luis John Firth, about whom almost nothing is known, was born the following year.
Edward Harding Firth, the third son, made the theology of his day not insubstantial
embossed. Ordained a priest in 1882, he became assistant pastor of the parish of Sankt Agnes,
Bristol, and later Vicar of Micheldean, Gloucestershire. From 1916 to 1933 he was
Country Dean and Honorary Canon - Canon of Winchester Cathedral in Romsey, the city in which
Unite King Alfred for the security of the kingdom in an act of talisman magic
buried golden dragons.
Most of all we are interested in the fourth son, Arthur, the future father of Dion,
born on February 13th, 1862 - the year in which you can see the speed of light for the first time
measured, in which Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote her last poems and Clark Sirius B
identified in the sky. Born under the sign of Aquarius, the water carrier,
Arthur was determined by a zodiac sign recognized by a magician named Moriarty
Prophecy Mr. hinted at the return of the goddess. Indeed it was. Firth jr. carried more
than just his own deep hopes: he bore the germ of those who were the
World as The Sea Priestess impressed. It was inevitable that he would be called Arthur:

Page 10
The father of the woman who would one day conjure up the spirit of the pentagram,
had to bear the name Arthur (= Arthur).
All boys attended Clifton College, which had recently been founded in Bristol, with
its high ethical and academic standards an alternative for the
new dynasties whose family name did not open the doors to the established ones for them
public schools opened.
In 1886 he and Frank Bowman founded their own in Sheffild
Law Firm, Bowman & Firth Ltd. They must have become friends because
Frank Bowman was the best man at Arthur's wedding. Still, Firth doesn't seem long as a
Having practiced as a lawyer, even if 1943 on the death certificate as
Profession information, attorney shows up. In 1893 his registration had expired, and so did he
never renewed it. A record of whether he continued to practice after that year,
there is not any.
Presumably the real work of a lawyer did not bring him enough prestige. So
he haunts through the sparse records that exist about him, like Arthur in myth
and the legend - as a shadowy, almost strict figure. In his will
there is no disposition in favor of his daughter Violet. Almost haughty
he claimed she was more than adequately cared for by her marriage contract. in the
In contrast to Arthur in the saga, he seemed to have a certain subservience in others
to have shown: to his father and his uncles as well as his
famous successful brothers; but especially with his father-in-law, John
John Smith and Arthur Firth must be determined by the fact that in their veins
the same blood of the holy Yorkshire clan pulsed, some
Have had sympathy for one another.
John was born in Sowerby in 1834, then a small town lost in the moor, of
Surrounded by valleys, densely overgrown with oak, ash and hawthorn. In the old days
the residents had lived up at the tree line in the summer and were only in the
Coming down from the moors in winter to move past the valleys to the coast.
The land was rich in tombs and stone circles, and when the Romans came here,
they had to fight against the tribe of the Brigantes, for them with their short ones
Imposing their supposed peace on swords.
John Smith is a household name in the English-speaking world. The only thing him
What stands out from the crowd are its mythical connections to the guild of the
Blacksmithing, once one of the most sacred and magical arts.
Wieland the blacksmith was one of the oldest and most popular heroes of the Norse
Sage, whose forge can still be visited, is still highly revered and
powerful, close to the dragon-like figure of the White Horse in Uffington.
It is not known when Arthur met his future father-in-law, nor
to what aspect of the wheel of fortune they owe their encounter
(it was probably in 1885).
It's easier to guess where they met. That brings us to the exact, identifiable one
Place in the lunar heart of the great goddess Britannia, the Moonra core (2) in the
County of Wiltshire. From a magical point of view, it must have happened there.
As Arthur Firth from the center of the sun, Sheffield, with all its fire and steel
came down to rest in a nest in one of the lost valleys in the west of the country
to settle, he did not know that he was Lord Sun and Lady Moon in a rite in the eternal
Brought together the cycle of nature.
The Church of St. Mary the Virgin is on a side street of the busy A 36, which leads to the
the feudal and pretty village of Freshford. Behind hedges and one
Hidden from dry stone walls, most motorists miss it. In the past
Little has changed there for centuries. Long before the birth of Christ, long before the

Page 11
It had been a sacred place to the Romans, even long before the Druids. Even today
the originally pagan temple still survived on the grounds of the church,
although only a curvature of the wall reveals that a temple once stood here.
As the legend goes, the original builders tried to keep the church going
down in the valley, but the devil has raised the church where he has it
wanted to have. Behind the unusual curvature in the wall, the land slopes steeply.
The eye flies like a witch over the rolling fields towards Westwood.
I am sure - once a young, fertile goddess was worshiped here, always - giving and
forever - chaste. When the Christians came, the goddess became the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Even the early fathers understood something of true virginity, its symbol
is not necessarily an intact hymen, but rather one, being - one - in - yourself, like
it is only possible for one goddess. (3) So the female deities of the fields and
of the grain the Virgin Mary, who according to the understanding of the magicians is also Isis, and
Keridwen, and Fian, queen of the valleys and rivers. Even if their colors change a little
change, it always remains the same. I have been to this church a thousand times
walked by and swore I'd see them one day. Too much with
my job, working on Gate of Moon and doing the research
concerned about the Firth family, I would never have dreamed that here, in front of mine
Front door, Dion Fortune's parents tied the knot.
He was probably paying a visit to his brother Edward in Bristol. Still
more likely he decided to take a cure on one of those vacation days. That was
then, in, even if there were only three baths in Britain: Harrogate, Leamington Spa
and Bath. They became the refuge of the, big world - those who received treatment
could afford. Healing springs come from the mystery. They have always been sacred
Places, although it was the Romans, who did the process of bathing and the
First gave worship the right meaning. The city, Aquae Sulis, like the conquerors it
called makes that clear. Built in the shape of a U on the hills, facing north
open - like the inauguration symbol of a raven priest from Mithras, the city also bears
Still today the flair of Minerva, behind her the goddess of the dead Sulla with the sun god
If Arthur had come with a desire to be cured, John Smith stood as him in 1879
fate led to Bristol, only the desire for money. He took over
Spa facility near Limpley Stoke and operated it from 1876 to 1888 with his
Friend and partner, George Crawford. While there was no natural source in that
The sanatorium was bubbling, but that didn't bother either of them. That they do not have this lack of that
big bell hung, of course. Large stone tanks were included
Mineral water that was brought here from Bath and bathers in one
Variety of possibilities offered: Turkish or Russian bath, jet shower,
Bubble bath or sulfur bath, in conjunction with massage and rubs carried out by
male or female masseurs were administered depending on their taste or preference
Dion would have liked that. That was water from the warm and fertile depths of the earth
universal symbol of the unconscious and was used for purification and healing. In the
Magic she would do the same, using rituals of various forms.
The sanatorium was a three minute walk from the train station, the post office and the telegraph office
away on the Bath - Salisbury Railway. The property measured
fourteen acres and provided space for a tennis court, a boat launch, and others
Leisure facilities, as well as a comfortable reading and writing room in which absolute
There was silence.
The establishment enjoyed a certain reputation, even if it was the creme de la creme
there was no rendezvous for British society. The sanatorium moved instead
Vicars and spinsters, undiscovered artists, and retired teachers. A teacher

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took care of the physical and a vicar in the morning and with piano music and gymnastics
in the evening with a family service for the spiritual well-being of the guests - free of charge, understand
yourself. Guests with contagious diseases or those with intellectual or other
Ailments were undesirable. The same was true of dogs.
Hardly anything has changed on the exterior of the house to this day; it is called a hotel
used, is called Limpley Stoke Hotel, and is recommended for wedding receptions and parties.
Even the light organ of a discotheque is not missing.
If we wonder what forces might have drawn Arthur Firth here to be
To meet girl, Sarah Jane Smith, we shouldn't forget the gods.
Sometimes in the life of a magician the whole cosmos shines for a single favor or
a punishment for having had a hand in the game. That is an experience that is easy with
a hackneyed phrase from psychology can be dismissed, but it
Nevertheless, a powerful and intense real perception remains. The magician sees himself on
The end of a series of events that often sweep away an entire nation, and in which
social fabric, politics and the errors of the masses have played a role, and him
it becomes clear how much his life is controlled by the gods.
It may be that Arthur sensed something similar, like most people in him
first stage of falling in love. You will feel in the favor of the star out of the crowd
uplifted, chosen. In this case, at least, it was correct. Arthur, to one
Life without ups and downs damned, distinguished by no professional career,
and Sarah, who only appeared once in the public records,
namely at the birth of their child, were brought together to become a priestess
that should become the mouthpiece of the gods and goddesses.
Sarah was John Smith's youngest daughter. Before her, Emily and Amy, eleven and, were born
three years older. Lizzy, two years younger than Sarah, was an adopted child.
Sarah and Arthur tied the knot on August 19, 1886. It was the year that
Stevenson Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde wrote; in which Gladstone resigned; the year in
which the Statue of Liberty arose in New York, and all the contenders for the throne in
France were driven out. Marie Corelli who has little talent but a lot of popularity
owned, wrote A Romance of Two Worlds; On the 29th.
December, the anniversary of Becker's assassination, Thomas More was with
fifty-three other Catholics recognized for their allegiance to the Church of Rome during the
Reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I had been executed by Pope Leo
XIII beatified. Dion was not yet born, but this event was to be
become of great importance to their lives, as we shall see.
The Limpley Stoke Valley, however, had something special in store for Sarah and Arthur: it
infected them with the bacillus of the magic of a lost age. It is one of the places
which is calm but full of life - with the parish church on the hill the guiding star Mr.
all who came later.
We can well imagine the summer they got married. A small path leads
from the church down to the sanatorium and cuts the valley at an angle. Like in Samuel
Palmer's oil painting Coming from Evening Church, where the
vibrating air gives a feeling of strangeness and lets us see the beyond
we the wedding party, who look forward to the reception after the service.
John Smith, gentleman, was proud of his daughter that day, even if more
four years would pass before he held the granddaughter, whom he later adored, in his arms
In the sphere between the worlds, in that radiant timeless eternity between the
Life, the soul has the choice where, when and in which body it wants to incarnate. It is
not a whim of fate, but law. Sometimes you can remember
although the act of describing already weakens the experience if it does
Understanding succeeds in grasping the almost incomprehensible. The seeing soul sees them

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future parents, she feels them as a part of herself - separate, but still with her
connected. The soul sees them at a time when they are still very young, as young as they are
the child will never experience. She feels that it is right and she suspects the pattern.
Using her own magical vision, Dion realized what a
would happen next:
At the moment of sexual union, a psychic vortex, similar to one, arises