What is Janine Grespan doing now

Panu Natural - Janine Wohlgenannt - About us

YOUR GREEN OFFER | What green products / services do you offer?

- shower soaps
- soy wax candles
- foot cream
- Body lotion
- essential oils
- massage oils
- Herbal stamps
- hand cream
- body peeling
- hair shampoo
- hair conditioner

And the best thing about it:
You can rely on our products with a clear conscience, because Panu only producesveganNot tested on animals and upnatural basis.

ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE PROTECTION | What specific environmental and climate protection measures have you already taken or will you still take?

We send parcels with DHL - climate neutral, and if possible we use existing packaging, cardboard boxes and filling material.

In addition, we try to import as much as possible by train so as not to unnecessarily pollute the environment with even more aircraft.

We're a very small company and we're brand new to the market.
Nevertheless, we are currently trying to find a solution for the packaging of the products with our supplier that is plastic-free.
Unfortunately, this is not that easy - especially with glycerine soaps.

CSR | How do you live corporate social responsibility in everyday life?

We personally ride our bikes a lot in everyday life - also to customers and partners who come from the region.
We organize many meetings online so that we don't always have to travel across Germany.

WORLD IMPROVERS | Why is your offer progressive and what does it do in a positive way for people?

Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free and are extremely caring.
Many of our customers have already reported that they were able to fight severe acne with our soaps and our small brand has given many of them the "taste" of soy wax candles - this is of course great - because soy wax candles are sustainable in contrast to many other well-known scented candles.