Employee who killed Ellen

"God told me to kill an evil person - a homosexual"

A 49-year-old defendant confessed on Wednesday in the trial of the homophobically motivated murder of a 60-year-old man in the Giessen regional court. This is what the "Gießener Allgemeine" reports. Born in Kazakhstan, he attacked his neighbor with a knife on October 29 in front of the men's house on Egerländer Strasse in northern Giessen and injured his heart and soul. The victim died a little later in hospital from his injuries. The public prosecutor had accused the mentally ill defendant of insidious murder on the first day of the trial in April.

On the second day of the trial, the accused said in court that he had heard voices asking him to take the life of an "evil person". According to the newspaper report, the accused literally said in response to a question from Judge Regine Enders-Kunze: "God told me I should kill an evil person - a homosexual."

He therefore asked his neighbor on the street in broad daylight whether he was gay. As his chance victim with "Why?" replied that he had pulled out a kitchen knife with an eight centimeter blade from behind his back and stabbed it. Then he returned to his apartment, said the 49-year-old. When the police arrived, he confessed to an officer directly. The murder weapon, which he had previously disposed of in a garbage can, was secured with the help of the defendant.

"He calmly told me that he stabbed"

In further testimony, among other things, a police officer confirmed that the accused had immediately confessed to the crime: "He was absolutely calm, did not scream or anything like that, he calmly told me that he stabbed." According to other testimonies, he later appeared confused, talked to himself and had mood swings.

The defendant's defense lawyer stated that his client had a different perception than healthy people due to his mental illness. He defended the act until he took medication. Meanwhile he shows remorse. The 49-year-old is currently in a mental hospital in Haina and is being treated with medication.

Even before the start of the trial, a psychiatric report was prepared that certifies that the defendant was incapable of guilt at the time of the offense. The public prosecutor's office also assumes that he is incapable of guilt. The process is set to continue next week. (cw)