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“Was” is used for the indicative past tense of “to be,” and “were” is only used for the subjunctive past tense.
So gem · se [gem-zuh]. / ˈGɛm zə /.

Origin of gems

Words nearby gems

gemmuliferous, gemmy, gemology, gemot, gempylid, gems, gemsbok, Gem State, gemstone, cozy, cosiness
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Words related to gems

stone, jewelry, jewel, ornament, masterpiece, hardware, trump, glass, pick, paragon, nonpareil, pearl, rock, bauble, prize, sparkler

Example sentences from the Web for gems

  • Great directors are finding gems now anywhere and everywhere, not just hiring the biggest stars in the world anymore.

  • You may look again and again, and see millions of suns and systems spread out across the heavens like rivers of living gems.

  • The snuff boxes of this period were very elegant and were decorated with elaborate paintings or set with gems.

  • In Europe they are made of the most costly materials, and studded with the rarest gems.

  • There were silver and gold, as she had said there would be, and crystal which glittered like the gems which the women wore.

  • He wore a cock feather over his ear, and on his head a diadem set with enormous gems.