Tehzeeb Medium Pizza has how many slices

Part 5: Covering the pizza - order and rules

By observing a few simple basic rules, you will differentiate yourself from a pizza beginner and become a professional. Making pizza is easy, but if you want to amaze your friends and family, you should follow these rules.

1. The order: first the cheese

So that the pizza is not only a highlight in terms of taste but also shines with a good appearance, it is important to adhere to the correct sequence.

The perfect pizza structure:

  1. ground
  2. tomato sauce
  3. cheese
  4. Covering

When you finally sprinkle the cheese over the topping, the high-quality ingredients will be hidden. That would be a shame, because as we know: the eye eats too.

2. Not too many ingredients

From the tomato sauce to the topping, it is important to use the right amounts. You can remember the following rules:

  1. Not too much tomato sauce otherwise the pizza base won't get crispy
  2. Not too much cheese or the pizza will be too greasy
  3. Not too much topping, otherwise the pizza will look overloaded

3. Easily burnable ingredients after baking on the pizza

Easily combustible ingredients and spices should only be placed on the pizza after baking. This includes spices like oregano or chives and toppings like rocket.

4. Fresh ingredients

Use fresh, high-quality ingredients for your pizza. Firstly, they taste much better and secondly, they don't burn as easily as ingredients that will soon lose their best-before date.

5. Sprinkle enough flour on the pizza peel

So that the pizza can be easily pushed from the pizza peel into the oven, it is very important to sprinkle the peel with sufficient flour. Otherwise the pizza could stick to the pizza shovel and be destroyed.

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