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Rubens Elf and her RUB

There are 1124 books on my SUB. (As of 09/27/2013)


Abdolah, Kader The house by the mosque
Abedi, Isabel Forbidden World
Ackermann, Lea For God's sake, Lea. My commitment to women in need
Adair, Gilbert Liebestod on Long Island
Adams, Gerry Before daylight
Agus, Milena My father's wings
Ahern, Cecelia A moment for life
Ahern, Cecelia Perhaps forever
Ahern, Cecelia P.S. I love you
Ahern, Cecelia time of your life
Aiken, Joan The Crystal Crow
Akofa, Henriette No time for tears. My life as a slave in Paris
Albee, Edward Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf
Allende, Isabel The haunted house
Allende, Isabel The city of the wild gods
Allende, Isabel Fortuna's daughter
Allende, Isabel portrait in sepia
Allison, Jennifer Gilda Joyce and the Ladies of the Lake
Almqvist, C.J.L. The week with Sara
Alvtegen, Karin The fugitive
Amory, Jay The world in the clouds
Anand, Mulk Raj The Untouchable
Anar The sixth floor of a five-story house
Anchee Min land of my heart
Andersen, Merete Morken A sea of ​​time
Andrews, V. C. The Orphan Saga
Anonyma A woman in Berlin
Arct, Bohdan Kamikaze
Arndt, Susan Africa and the German language
Arnim, Elizabeth von Miss Schmidt and Mr. Anstruther
Arnim, Elizabeth von Vera
Aubert, Brigitte In the dark of the woods
Aykol, Esmahan Baksheesh
Aziz, Christine The library of Olea


Ba, Mariama. Such a long letter
Bachmann, Ingeborg Complete poems
Bachmann, Ingeborg Simultan (New Stories)
Baker, Kevin Road to Paradise
Baldwin, James Another World
Ball, Edward The Plantations on the Cooper River. A southern dynasty and their slaves
Baltenstein, Dorothea S. The night lasts four days
Bambaren, Sergio The bay at the end of the world
Banerjee, Anjali The Book Whisperer
Bank, Zsuzsa The swimmer
Bar-Gil, Eran twin star
Baricco, Alessandro City
Baricco, Alessandro Land made of glass
Barnhardt, Wilton The 13th Apostle
Barry, Dave Peter and the Star Catcher
Barry, Sebastian A hidden life
Bauer, Friederike Kofi Annan. One life
Tree, Vicki The golden shoes
Becker, Jurek Jakob the liar
Beckett, J.C. History of Ireland
Bell, Madison Smartt Riot of All Souls
Benmalek, Anouar The lovers of Algiers
Bennett, John world tour with sea otter
Benni, Stefano The fast-footed Achilles
Benthin, Anna The Secret of the Stone
Benz, Wolfgang German Jews in the 20th Century. A story in portraits
Berger, Hilde Is it hate, such love? Oskar Kokoschka and Alma Mahler
Berlinger, Katryn The Chocolate Girl
Beti, Mongo sun love death
Beynon Rees, Matt The Betrayer of Bethlehem
Bilger, Burkhard Katfisch, Bourbon, cockfighting
Binchy, Maeve Cathy's dream
Binchy, Maeve The green lake
Binchy, Maeve The Irish Signora
Binchy, Maeve summer lights
Binchy, Maeve see you at Brenda
Björkson, Snorre Prelude for Josse
Bjornstad, Ketil Vindings game
Blackmore, Neil The sky over Damascus
Blobel, Brigitte The dark waters of indolence
Bloom, Amy The Incredible Journey of Lillian Leyb
Bohlen, Dieter Nothing but the truth
Bolano, Roberto Amuleto
Bollmann, Stefan Why reading makes you happy
Borchert, Wolfgang The Complete Works
Boudjedra, Rachid The dissolution
Bove, Emmanuel A bachelor
Boylan, Clare Irish Roses
Boyle, T.C. Water music
Bozai, Agota To err is divine
Bradbury, Ray Dandelion Wine
Bradley, Alan Flavia de Luce. Murder isn't child's play
Brashares, Ann One for four
Bratt, Berte Sunny days with Katrin
Braune, Rainer The crocodile dyeing
Brecht, Bertold All the pieces
Bredel, Willi Sieben Dichter
Brenna, Allison Easy prey
Brezan, Jury Stories from the Water
Brinkbäumer, Klaus The dream of life
Briscoe, Constance How can you be so ugly
Broder, H.M., Follath, Erich Give the Jews Schleswig-Holstein. When Germans criticize Israel
Brodkey, Harold The Story of My Death
Brogna, Luigi The child under the lettuce leaf: stories from my Sicilian family
Brontë, Emily The Storm Heights
Brown, James Godfather of soul. The autobiography
Brown, Rita Mae Bingo
Brown, Rita Mae jacket like pants
Brown, Rita Mae Ruby Rita
Brunner, Bernd A Brief History of the Bears
Buffa, D.W. Evangeline
Burger, Wolfgang Heidelberg Requiem
Burke, Jan Signs of Death
Busch, Wilhelm The large Wilhelm Busch album in color
Byatt, Antonia S. Obsessed


Caffari, Dee Against the Current. Around the world alone in 178 days
Caldwell, Lucy Summers in Belfast
Camilleri, Andrea The railway attendant
Camilleri, Andrea The thief of sweet things. Commissario Montalbano's third case
Camilleri, Andrea The shape of water. Commissario Montalbano's first case
Canetti, Veza The find
Caparros, Martin Valfierno
Capote, Truman The grass harp
Capote, Truman in cold blood
Capus, Alex Léon and Louise
Carofiglio, Gianrico One night in Bari
Carson, Mary Ginny. A mother doesn't give up
Case, John F. The first of the seven seals
Case, John F. The eighth day
Castel-Bloom, Orly The sea behind you
Cather, Willa The woman who lost herself
Cather, Willa My worst enemy
Cather, Willa Meine Antonia
Cauley, Harry Uncle Josh and the gift of wonder
Cechov, Anton Three little novels
Celine, Louis-Ferdinand Journey to the end of the night
Cerrato, Pink Snow on the Riviera
Cesco, Federica de mussel silk
Chagall, Bella First meeting
Chase, Trudi outcry
Chatwin, Bruce Dream Paths
Chazin, Suzanne The Flames of Anger
Chernin, Kim Beyond the Limits
Chevalier, Tracy Two remarkable women
Chiaverini, Jennifer The Christmas quilt
Childress, Mark Burned Down in Mississippi
Christensen, Lars Saabye Nightshade
Christopher, Paul The Rembrandt Legacy
Cisneros, Sandra Caramelo
Claudel, Philippe Monsieur Linh and the gift of hope
Clayton, Marie Marilyn Monroe
Clayton, Victoria clouds in my sky
Coetzee, J.M. Elizabeth Costello
Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl. The magic gate
Comencini, Cristina Only at night
Connelly, Michael L.A. Crime Report
Connery, Sean My Scotland, my life
Connolly, John The Dark Legacy
Corley, Elizabeth Crescendo
Corroneo, Roberto When a child on a summer morning
Cosse, Laurence The magic of the first page
Cox, Michael In the middle of the night
Cozarinsky, Edgardo The bride from Odessa
Crombie, Deborah Everything will be fine
Crombie, Deborah The hotel on the moor
Crombie, Deborah The Lost Poem
Crombie, Deborah Revenge's cold sword
Crott, Randi don't tell anyone. My parents' love story
Cunningham, M. Allen Green Age. The story of Asher Witherow
Cunningham, Michael Bright days


Dahl, Arne Rosenrot
Dahl, Roald Matilda
Dahl, Roald The Witches
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 1
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 2
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 3
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 4
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 5
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 6
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 7
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 8
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 9
Dahlquist, Gordon The Glass Books of Dream Eaters 10
Dalager, Stig Journey into the blue
Dangschat, Ebba Fine places
Davidar, David The house of the blue mangoes
Davidson, Diane Mott Tough Nut
Davidson, O.G. Gentle giants
Dawson, Jill Edith & Fred
Day, Cathy winter quarters
de Loo, Tessa The dream palace
Deaner, Janice When the blues started
Deaner, Janice The Shadows of the Past
Debelius, Helmut Feast for devil rays. My most adventurous diving experiences
Decker, Gunnar The magic of the beginning. The little Hesse lexicon
Deeg, Sophia I came as a person
Defoe, Daniel The life, adventures and pirate trains of the famous Captain Singleton
Denis, Ariel Silence in Montparnasse
DeRobertis, Carolina The Invisible Voices
Dibaba, Yared The local history explorer. How I visited Germans all over the world
Dickens, Charles All Christmas Tales
Dickens, Charles Bleakhaus
Dickens, Charles David Copperfield
Dickens, Charles The Pickwickier
Dickens, Charles Martin Chuzzlewit
Dickens, Charles Nikolas Nickleby
Dickens, Charles Oliver Twist / Christmas Stories
Diffenbaugh, Vanessa The hidden language of flowers
Dijk, Lutz van Themba
Diome, Fatou Ketala
Diski, Jenny The blue heart of the ice
Divakaruni, Chitra The guardian of the spices
Various 50 classics. Couples
Diverse A Place in the World Called Paris
Various absolute black beats
Various American dramas from five decades
Diverse The reading book for connoisseurs
Diverse The summer of my childhood. A reading book
Diverse The most beautiful Japanese fairy tales
Diverse The most beautiful sagas from all over the world
Diverse A day at the sea. Reading book
Various ice flowers and ice skating dreams. The big winter book
Various English dramas
Various Finbars Hotel
Various French fairy tales
Diverse Jewish life in Germany
Various love stories from Ireland
Various Lithuanian folk tales
Diverse Mark Twain for pleasure
Diverse My classics. Authors talk about reading
Various New Irish Christmas Tales
Diverse Not entirely kosher. Stories for the holidays
Various trips in a cardboard box. Weird stories
Various love of roses. Magical rose fairy tales
Various special forces
Various SS in action
Various summertime
Various urban legends
Various Christmas monastery stories
Diverse We were Stalin's political prisoners
Diverse Between heaven and earth. The great reader of Afro-American literature
Dominguez, Carlos Maria Desert Seas
Dönhoff, Friedrich Mister Helmut's School
Donnelly, Jennifer The Tea Rose
Dorf, Fran The dead thinker
Dorner, Francoise The woman in the back row
Doron, Lizzie The beginning of something beautiful
Doron, Lizzie Quiet times
Dostoyevsky, F.M. Uncle's dream
Douglas, John Hunter in Darkness
Douglas, John Obsessed Killer
Dowd, Siobhan On the other side of the sea
Dowswell, Paul The Convict Ship
Dowswell, Paul Powder Monkey
Doyle, Mogue my friend Minnie
Doyle, Roddy Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
Drawer, Nicole The mark on the forehead
Dreiser, Theodore An American tragedy
Du Bois, WEB The souls of black people
Dumas, Alexandre The three musketeers
Dumas, Alexandre The Lady of the Camellias
Dunmore, Helen Indigo. In the wake of the sea
Dunne, Patrick The Celtic needle
Dunning, John The Bookseller's Secret
Dunthorne, Joe Me, Oliver Tate
Duve, Karen rain novel
Dyson, Cindy Unalaska


Ebershoff, David The scent of oranges
Echlin, Kim In the middle of the river
Eco, Umberto The name of the rose
Edelfeldt, Inger the messenger
Edwardson, Ake The Shadow Woman
Edwardson, Ake For all eternity
Eggenwirth, Gunhild Sam Hamilton and the silver dust of happiness
Eichendorff, Joseph from all stories
Ekman, Kerstin Midsummer Dark
Ekman, Kerstin Skord from Skuleskogen
Ekman, Kerstin Springquelle
Ellis, David In God's name
Ellison, Ralph Juneteenth
Ellory, Roger Jon A time of fire
Engel, Karin The coffee princess
Englade, Ken Student love
Englade, Ken Where all pity ends
Erdal, Jennie The ghostwriter
Erdmann, Johannes Alone across the Atlantic
Erdmann, Wilfried Alone against the wind. Around the world non-stop in 343 days
Erdrich, Louise From books and islands
Esquivel, Laura Bittersweet chocolate
Evans, Richard Paul The wondrous casket


Faber, Michael The crimson petal
Fallada, Hans The Drinker
Faulkner, William The Free State
Feller, Toni The Samaritan Mask. Authentic criminal cases
Ferrante, Elena The woman in the dark
Ferreras, Pipin Deep Intoxication
Fessel, Karen-Susan pictures of her
Fessel, Karen-Susan Soft tones
Fetjaine, Jean-Louis Before the Elven Dawn
Feuchtwanger, Lion Exile
Fielding, Henry Tom Jones. part 1
Fielding, Henry Tom Jones. Volume 2
Fielding, Henry Tom Jones. Volume 3
Filasto, Nino The Eden alphabet
Findley, Timothy The Ambassador
Findley, Timothy The Last Flood
Fischer, Andrea What do you think? The people and the good Lord
Fitten, Marc Valeria's last stand
Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Love Ship
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Pat Hobby's Hollywood Stories
Flagg, Fannie The Miracle of Lost River
Flanagan, Thomas tenant of the time
Flaubert, Gustave Madame Bovary
Butcher, Wolfram The stolen evening
Fletcher, Susan Oystercatcher
Flohr, Markus Where every Saturday is Sunday. A German student in Israel
Fontane, Theodor Jenny Treibel
Fontenoy, Maud The Atlantic and me
Ford, Jamie Keiko
Forster, E.M. See you in Howards End
Forster, E.M. room with view
Franck, Julia The midday woman
Franzen, Jonathan The corrections
Frazier, Charles On the Way to Cold Mountain
Fredriksson, Marianne's beloved daughter
Fredriksson, Marianne Lillemor's Riddle
Fredriksson, Marianne Simon / Inge and Mira
Fredriksson, Marianne Sofia and Anders
French, Albert Billy
Frentzen, Carola Abyssinia: My year in Ethiopia
Fresan, Rodrigo Kensington Gardens
Freund, Wieland The improbable journey of Jonas Nothing
Fricke, Hans The hunt for the coelacanth
Fried, Amelie Rosanna's daughter
Fried, Amelie Schuhhaus Pallas. How my family resisted the Nazis
Fresh, Max Stiller
Fuentes, Carlos The glass border
Funke, Cornelia My Reckless fairy tale book


Gaarder, Jostein The Christmas Secret
Gaarder, Jostein The story seller
Gabrielsson, Eva promise. Larsson and I rose
Gage, Elizabeth Taboo
Gandon, Yves The Last White
Gardner, Lisa cry when night comes
Garnett, G.Zoe Blue Girl
Genazino, Wilhelm Happiness in times far from happiness
George, Elizabeth God save this house
George, Elizabeth On Honor and Conscience
George, Nina The moon player
Geras, Adele Silent night, secret night
Gercke, Stefanie I'm going back to Africa
Gerdom, Susanne The Fog King
Gerhardt, Uta Never go back to this country. Eyewitnesses report on the November pogroms in 1938
Gerritsen, Tess blood marks
Gerritsen, Tess Seems dead
Gerritsen, Tess sister murder
Ghosh, Amitav The Glass Palace
Gibson, Rachel you came, saw and loved
Gilbert, Elizabeth The Lobster War
Gilbert, Marianne That only happened once. Lost between Berlin and New York
Gilbert, Martin you were the boys
Glass, Cathy Damaged
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang fifty poems
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang The sufferings of young Werther
Golden, Arthur The Geisha
Golding, Julia pirates. Hunt for the golden dew
Goldman Family If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer
Goldsworthy, Peter Maestro
Good, Jeffrey The killer from the next house
Goodall, Jane R. Fire Flower
Goodman, Allegra Two weddings and a Passover
Gorelik, Lena wedding in Jerusalem
Gough, Julian Juno & Juliet
Gowdy, Barbara The White Bone
Graham, Heather's St. Patrick's Day murder
Grange, Jean-Christophe The purple rivers
Green, John Fate is a lousy traitor
Greene, Melissa Fay All of my children
Greig, Charlotte serial killer. The fascination of evil
Griffin, John Howard Black like me
Grill, Evelyn In the ear
Grill, Evelyn Fine Arts
Grisham, John The Prisoner
Grisham, John The Client
Grisham, John The Rainmaker
Grisham, John The Treason
Grisham, John Touchdown
Gross, Daniel Forbes The greatest success stories of all time
Gschwind, Ludwig Perlen for Maria. The power of the rosary
Gudelius, Claudia The detective of fragrances
Guelfenbein, Carla The rest is silence
Guggenheim, Alexandra The painter's assistant. A Rembrandt novel
Gunn, Kirsty A pale-eyed story
Gunn, Kirsty Featherstone
Guttridge, Leonard F. The Ghosts of Cape Sabine


Hagen, George The pupils of Doctor Underberg
Hagen, George The Two Lives of Tom Bedlam
Hahn Beer, Edith I went through the fire and didn't burn
Hahn, Ulla The hidden word
Haji, Nafisa words on my forehead
Hakans, Ann Caroline The swimming pool crisis
Halam, Ann The night window
Hamilton, Cheri My daughter Bethany. The story behind Soul Surfer
Hamilton, Hugo piebald people
Hamilton, Hugo Legends
Hansen, Eric Orchid Fever
Hardebusch, Christoph Sturmwelten
Hari, Daoud The translator
Harksen, Verena The diamond mops
Harris, Joanne Five quarters of an orange
Harrison, Stuart The Snow Hawk
Hart, Maarten The raging of the whole world
Hartley, L.P. The go-between
Hastings Burke, William Hermann's brother. Who was Albert Goering?
Hatwood, Mark David Marcello and the Run of Love
Head, Rick The Pirate Ship. The adventurous discovery of Oxford
Hauser, Jochen When Kutte was Jack London
Hay, Sheridan The Antiquarian
Hebbel, Friedrich Dramas
Heidenreich, Elke A dream of music
Heine, Heinrich Germany. A winterstory
Heldt, Dora Aunt Inge is leaving
Hellberg, Björn Quota Murder
Hemon, Aleksandar Nowhere Man
Hendricks, Judi The bread of life
Henkel, Katja LaVon's song
Herlin, Hans The journey of the damned
Hermann, Judith Sommerhaus, later
Hermanson, Marie Muschelstrand
Herrmann, Elisabeth The nanny
Hesse, Hermann 1 Camenzind / Under the wheel
Hesse, Hermann 2 Getrud / Roßhalde
Hesse, Hermann 3 Demian / hike
Hesse, Hermann 5 The Steppenwolf
Hesse, Hermann 6 Narcissus and Goldmund
Hesse, Hermann 7 The Glass Bead Game 1
Hesse, Hermann 8 The Glass Bead Game 2
Hesse, Hermann The night peacock butterfly
Hesse, Hermann The world of books
Hetmann, Frederick Scottish Fairy Tales
Hetmann, Frederik The thorn bush of Donegal
Hettche, Thomas The love of fathers
Hickey, Elizabeth The Painted Kiss
Hielscher, Juliane On the life and death of the penguin fish
Higgings Clarke, Mary Silent Night
Higgins Clark, Mary The Christmas Thief
Highsmith, Patricia The sweet delusion
Highsmith, Patricia The talented Mr. Ripley
Hill, Melissa Just behind cloud nine
Höckel, Kerstin How can you believe so firmly
Hoeg, Peter Miss Smilla's flair for snow
Hoffmann, E.T.A. The Miss von Scuderi
Hoffmann, ETA Nutcracker and Mouse King
Hogan, Steve The Secret of St. Andrews
Hohlbein, Wolfgang The threat
Hohlbein, Wolfgang The night of the dragon
Hohlbein, Wolfgang Flame Wings. Fantastic dragon stories
Hohlbein, Wolfgang Intruder - 6th day
Hohlbein, Wolfgang and Heike Drachenfeuer
Hohlbein, Wolfgang and Heike Märchenmonds heirs
Hollland, Merlin Oscar Wilde cross-examined
Holmberg, Bo R. Rabenseelen
Holt, Anne The truth behind it
Hoppe, Felicitas Piggafetta
Hornby, Nick My Favorite Year
Hosseini, Khaled Kite Runner
Hosseini, Khaled A thousand radiant suns
Houellebecq, Michael Elementary Particles
Hugo, Victor The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Humphreys, Helen The illustration
Hussaarts, Josee One thousand freckles
Hutter, Claus-Peter Das Bahnhasserbuch


Ibsen, Henrik Dramas
Ibsen, Henrik Dramas
Iles, Greg Black Mail
Ilibagiza, Immaculée ash blossom
Indridason, Arnaldur Frost Night
Indridason, Arnaldur Glacier Tomb
Indridason, Arnaldur sons of men
Irving, John's widow for one year
Isau, Ralf The Museum of Stolen Memories
Isau, Ralf Pala and the strange volatility of words
Iser, Dorothea Lea
Ishiguro, Kazuo Back in Nagasaki
Isigüzel, Sebnem Am Rand
Isler, Alan Clerical Errors


Jacobs, A.J. The Bible and me
Jacobsen, Roy The summer Linda learned to swim
James, George P.R. Robin Hood
James, P.D. In the room of the murderer
Jeier, Thomas The great book of the Indians
Jeier, Thomas you had a dream
Jeissing, Ivana Invisible
Jelloun, Tahar Ben The fruits of anger
Jelloun, Tahar Ben Papa, what is Islam
Jensen, Carsten We drowned
Jha, Raj Kamal The blue cloth
Johansson, Kjell The dream sailor
Johnson, Uwe Conjectures about Jakob
Jones, Edward P. The Known World
Jones, Edward P. In the Labyrinth of the City
Jones, Gail Sixty Lights
Jordan, Robert Threatening shadows


Kafka, Franz The judgment
Kallentoft, Mons Midwinter Blood
Kaminskaja, T.B. The Moctezuma's spoons. Mexican legends
Kang, Hyok you are here in paradise. My childhood in Korea
Kantor, Jodi The Obamas. A public life
Kästner, Erich poems
Katz, Gabriele Margarete Steiff. The biography
Kaufmann, Jennifer The daydreamer
Kaye, M. M. Palace of the Winds
Keane, John B. Whiskey for Santa Claus
Kehlmann, Daniel Measuring the world
Keller, Gottfried Romeo and Juliet in the village
Kelly, Elizabeth The Crazy Flanagans
Kempowski, Walter Culpa. Notes about the echo sounder
Kennedy, Ian & Jeff Glorious Book for Heroes
Kennedy, Kate Pictures of a Summer
Kertesz, Imre Kaddisch for an unborn child
Keyserling, Eduard von Beate and Mareile - A castle story
Keyserling, Eduard von Dumala
Khemiri, Jonas Hassen The camel without a hump
Khoury, Raymond Scriptum
Kindl, Patrice Anna in the wall
King, Laurie R. Who swears vengeance
King, Owen The real President of America
King, Ross The labyrinth of the world
King, Stephen Atlantis
King, Stephen Christine
King, Stephen The Mostrum. Tommyknockers
King, Stephen The attack
King, Stephen The Buick
King, Stephen Desperation
King, Stephen The arena
King, Stephen Love
King, Stephen Qual
King, Stephen Regulator
King, Stephen Insomnia - Insomnia
King, Stephen Shining
King, Stephen Stark
King, Stephen Sunset
Klein, Michael Vera and the lucky man
Klemperer, Victor collect lives, do not ask for what and why. part 1
Klemperer, Victor collect lives, do not ask for what and why. Volume 2
Klemperer, Victor So I'm sitting between all the chairs. part 1
Klemperer, Victor So I'm sitting between all the chairs. Volume 2
Klüpfel, Volker Rauhnacht: Kluftinger's fifth case
Klüpfel, Volker and Kobr, Michael patron saint. Kluftinger's sixth case
Knecht, G. Bruce The hurricane
Knopp, Guido Hitler's helper. Perpetrators and executors
Koch, Boris The king's key
Koff, Clea The Bone Woman
Kohl, Christiane Pictures of a Father. The art, the Nazis and the secret of a family
Kolatch, Alfred, J. Understanding the Jewish World. Six hundred questions and answers
Come on, Ulrich, with broadside and cutlass
Korn, Fadumo sister of the Lionheart. A brave African woman fights for human rights
Korn, Vilmos Mohr and the Ravens of London
Kostova, Elizabeth The swan thieves
Kourouma, Ahmadou Allah doesn't have to be righteous
Kramer, Clara A hand's breadth of hope
Krause, Harald Lexicon of Religious Curiosities
Krauss, Nicole The story of love
Kristof, Agota The big booklet
Krol, Torsten Callisto or the art of mowing the lawn
Kuffner, Manuela Mogli. The fight for my wonderful child
Kundera, Milan The unbearable lightness of being
Kurtz, Mareile Pfui Spider, cotton wool, button! - 33 crazy stories about weird fears, absurd dislikes and funny phobias


Laforet, Carmen The island and the demons
Lagerlöf, Selma stories at Christmas time
Lahiri, Jhumpa The namesake
Lahnstein, Manfred The open wound. Anti-Semitism as Fate?
Lahutsky, John The boy from baby house No. 10. The true story of a Russian orphan
Lamb, Wally The music of the whales
Lamb, Wally The hour that I began to believe
Lamb, Wally The night begins early in the morning
Lambrecht, Christine December letters
Lange, Hartmut The concert
Langer, Adam crossing california
Lansens, Lori by my side
Lapid, Shulamit The beach bar
Lappert, Rolf Swim home
Lärn, Viveca Spring on Saltön
Larrea, Miguel The Adventure Rides of the Kip Parvati
Larsen, Reif The map of my dreams
Larsson, Bjorn Long John Silver
Lawhead, Stephen The Caliph's Guest
Laxness, Halldór The fish concert
Le Clézio, J.M.G. Onitsha
Lebert, Benjamin In winter your heart
Lee, Tanith The power of the unicorn
Leeuwen, Joke van years without Amrar
Lehane, Dennis In the turmoil of those days
Leino, Marko miracles of a winter night. the Christmas story
Lethem, Jonathan The Fortress of Solitude
Leupold, Dagmar Green Angel, Blue Land
Levi, Carlo Christ only came to Eboli
Levi, Carlo The clock
Levoy, Myron The yellow bird
Levy, Andrea An English kind of happiness
Levy, Bernard-Henri American Vertigo. In search of the soul America
Levy, Marc All the unsaid words
Lewis, C.S. The chronicles of Narnia
Ligocka, Roma My father's handwriting
Lindemann, Werner Mike Oldfield in the rocking chair
Lindgren, Astrid Always this Michel
Lindgren, Astrid Kalle Blomquist
Lindqvist, John Ajvide In Hidden
Lindqvist, John Ajvide So dark the night
Lindsay, Nicola The girl in the silver mirror
Link, Kelly The elven handbag
Linna, Väinö The Unknown Soldier
Lodge, David Scavenger Hunt
Loeb Shloss, Carol Lucia Joyce. The daughter's biography
Lopez, Steve The soloist
Lottmann, Joachim Among doctors
Lukianenko, Sergei Guardian of the Night
Lurie, Alison The Truth About Lorin Jones
Lurie, Alison Couples
Luther King, Martin Why We Can't Wait
Lüthold-Minder, Ida I was healed in Lourdes


Maathai, Wangari Africa, my life
MacBride, Stuart Dark Blood
Machfus, Nagib The intoxication
Machfuz, Nagib The children of our neighborhood
Machfuz, Nagib The Trail
Machfuz, Nagib Miramar
MacLaverty, Bernard The School of Anatomy
MacLeod, Alistair The Island
MacLeod, Charlotte The hangover doesn't let the mouse moult
MacLeod, Charlotte An owl seldom comes alone
MacLeod, Charlotte Silent pools are deep
MacLeod, Charlotte About Stick and Runestone
MacLeod, Charlotte When the weathercock crows
Madison, John And Good is. American Oddities from a Native Perspective
Magnan, Pierre The murderer with the beautiful handwriting
Magnan, Pierre Commissioner Laviolette's secret
Mailer, Norris Church A summer in Sweet Valley
Maiwald, Stefan Mysterious deaths
Malpass, Eric When the moonlight sleeps sweetly on the hills
Almond, Sally Heart and Soul
Mandela, Nelson The Long Road to Freedom
Mani, Stefan The ship
Mankell, Henning The whispering souls
Mankell, Henning The Italian shoes
Man, Thomas Die Buddenbrooks
Man, Thomas The Stories
Manseau, Peter Library of Unfulfilled Dreams
Mansfield, Katherine Miss Brill
Manzoni, Alessandro The betrothed
Marai, Sandor The four seasons
Maraini, Dacia The last night train
Marini, Lorenzo The tulip painter
Markaris, Petro's moth
Marks, Howard Mr. Nice - Autobiography
Marron, Monika terminal moraines
Martensson, Bodil The Threat
Martensson, Bodil The Affectionate Witness
Martin, Jesse Lionheart. Around the world with full sails
Martin, Julie Wallis The bird garden
Martinez, Guillermo The Slow Death of Luciana B.
Massaquoi, Hans J. Hänschen klein, went alone .. My way into the new world
Massaquoi, Hans J. Neger, Neger, Chimney sweep. My childhood in Germany
Mathabane, Miriam My heart stayed in Africa
Maugham, W. Somerset Master Tales
Maugham, W. Somerset Man's bondage
Mayall, Felicitas The lioness from Cinque Terre
Mayall, Felicitas The night of the porcupines
Mayall, Felicitas Wolfstod
Mayer, Gina My sister's song
Mazetti, Katarina The guy from the country
McAllister, Angela Children of the Tide
McCann, Colum Heaven under the city
McCann, Colum The Dancer
McCourt, Frank An all-round great country
McCrea, Barry The Poets of the Night
McCullers, Carson The Autobiography
McCullers, Carson clock without hands
McCullery, Johnston Zorro
McDermid, Val The moors of oblivion
McDermid, Val Deadly Words
McEwan, Ian Atonement
McEwan, Ian On the Beach
McEwan, Ian The Daydreamer
McGilloway, Brian Borderlands
McGinniss, Joe The murderer's innocence
McGinniss, Joe Tormented Doubts
McGrew, Chandler Freezing Cold
McGrew, Chandler dead pale
McGrew, Chandler dead silence
McIntosh, Matthew It takes a hell of a long time to get there
McLarty, Ron The Incredible Journey of the Smithy Ide
McMillan, Terry Mama
Mehari, Senait desert song
Mehran, Marsha The Persian Café
Meissner, Janusz The adventures of Jan Kuna, called Marten
Melville, Herman Israel Potter's wanderings and adventures
Memminger, Hans In storm and ice. With the kayak through the dreaded Northwest Passage
Menasse, Eva Vienna
Mendelsohn, Daniel The Lost: A Search for Six Out of Six Million
Mengestu, Dinaw To the reunion of the stars
Human, Diana guardian of words
Mercier, Pascal The piano tuner
Mercier, Pascal night train to Lisbon
Mérimée, Prosper's master stories
Meyer, Kai Arkadien awakens
Meyers, Randy Susan Today and forever
Michael, Sami Viktoria
Mieville, China Unlondun
Miller, Arthur focal point
Miller, Arthur pieces
Miller, Kirsten Kiki Strike. The shadow city
Millhauser, Steven The Brief Life of Edwin Mullhouse
Mills, Magnus India can wait
Mills, Sam a lovely way to die
Miralles, Francesc Samuel and the love of the little things
Mistretta, Roberto The cold look of vengeance
Mistretta, Roberto The dark message of the seducer
Mistretta, Roberto Fatal Vow
Mistry, Rohinton The kaleidoscope of life
Mistry, Rohinton Squaring Happiness
Mitchell, Margaret Gone with the Wind
Moers, Walter Wilde Journey through the night
Mohanraj, Mary Anne love seekers
Monroe, Marilyn Brave love. Your personal notes, poems and letters
Montanari, Richard Septagon
Moody, Bill Bird lives
Moody, Bill Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas
Moody, Bill Solo Hand
Moor, Margriet de storm surge
Moore, Ann's mistress Gracelin
Moreton, Cole saying goodbye to the island
Mörike, Eduard poems
Morrison, Toni Very blue eyes
Mosley, Walter Astray
Mtawa, Nicole Sternenddie: My life in Africa
Mujawayo, Esther One more life
Mülbe, Wolfheinrich from Die Zauberlaterne: Or Knight Kunibert's search for happiness
Müller, Herta Breath Swing
Munoz Molina, Antonio The Polish rider
Munoz Molina, Antonio Sepharad
Munson, Ronald fanmail
Murail, Marie-Aude Three forever
Murakami, Haruki Afterdark
Murakami, Haruki Mister winder
Murakami, Haruki What I mean when I talk about running
Murkoff, Bruce In the heart of the wild river
Murray, John Brief Notes on Tropical Butterflies
Myerson, Julie The Woman with the Lily Bones
Myerson, Julie Like out of breath
Myron, Vicki Dewey and friends


Nadolny, Sten The discovery of slowness
Naipaul, V.S. The riddle of arrival
Naipaul, V.S. The night watchman's book of hours and other comical discoveries
Naipaul, V.S. India - a wounded culture
Naipaul, V.S. The last colony
Naipaul, V.S. Guerrillas
Naipaul, V.S. Master and slave
Nair, Preethi coriander green and saffron red
Naumann, Uwe Seduction to read
Nazer, Mende Liberated
Némirovsky, Irene Suite francaise
Némirovsky, Irène David Golder
Neudeck, Rupert The rescuers of Cap Anamur
Nevo, Eshkol Four houses and one longing
Nießen, Jörg Take a look at this mess
Nothing, Garth Grim Tuesday
Nothing, Garth Black Monday
Noack, Barbara Jenny's story
Nöstlinger, Christine Nagle put a pudding on the wall
Nouwen, Henri I listened to the silence. Seven months in the Trappist monastery
Nuhr, Dieter Whoever believes it will be happy
Nurowska, Maria Letters of Love
Nurowska, Maria Marriage Games
Nuyen, Jenny-Mai Nocturna


Oates, Joyce Carol Blond
Obama, Auma Life always gets in the way. Stations of a journey
O'Brian, Patrick Master and Commander
O'Brien, Edna James Joyce
O'Connell, Carol The Judas Child
O'Connor, Joseph The salesman
Oji, Chima Fallen under the Germans
Oliver, Maria-Antonia Moonstruck
Olmert, Aliza A piece of the sea
Olsson, Linda The night has your name
O'Nan, Stewart Halloween
Ondaatje, Michael Divisadero
Ondaatje, Michael The English patient
Orford, Margie Blood Brides
Otremba, Gerard The Bookseller's Secret Records
Owens, Sharon Time for little miracles
Oxnam, Robert B I'm Robert, Wanda and Bobby
Oz, Amos A story of love and darkness
Oz, Amos don't call the night night
Ozick, Cynthia The Distant Shine


Paasilinna, Arto Adam's bad luck to save the world
Paasilinna, Arto the poison cook
Paasilinna, Arto A bear in a prayer chair
Paasilinna, Arto An elephant in mosquito land
Paasilinna, Arto North of the end of the world
Padberg, Doris Through the wind
Padgett, Abigail Cold is death
Paholo, Katharina Black Prince, White Queen
Pamuk, Orhan The Museum of Innocence
Pamuk, Orhan Snow
Paolini, Christopher Eragon. The legacy of power
Pap, Karoly Azarel
Pasternak, Boris Doctor Shiwago
Patchett, Ann Family Matters
Father Pedro Fighters of Hope. How I gave the children of Madagascar a future
Peacock, Nancy Roseberry Roots
Pears, Ian The portrait
Peek, Bookey My farm on Matanje
Peinkofer, Michael The brotherhood of the runes
Pelzer, Georg Mondindianer
Peper, Rascha Visions of Hanna
Pepper, William F. The Execution of Martin Luther King
Pérez- Reverte, Arturo The Dumas Club
Persson, Leif GW In good company
Peters, Veronika The sea in gold and gray
Petrignani, Sandra Where poets are at home
Petry, Ann Link and Camilo
Petsinis, Tom The book lover
Petterson, steal by horse
Pettersson, Jan-Erik Stieg Larsson. A political biography
Philbrick, Nathaniel In the heart of the sea
Picoult, Jodi 19 minutes
Picoult, Jodi guilty
Pinol, Albert Sanchez Pandora in the Congo
Plass, Adrian Light in the heart of darkness. Experiences and encounters in Africa
Plath, Sylvia tongues of stone
Poe, Edgar Allan Scary Stories
Pokorny, Tatjana Alinghis summit storm. America's Cup
Polak, Oliver I can do that, I'm a Jew
Powell, Dawn My distant home
Power, Kevin The last night of summer
Prange, Peter The seeker of God
Pressler, Mirijam Shylock's daughter
Pressler, Mirjam The time of the sleeping dogs
Pressler, Mirjam Novemberkatzen. If luck comes, you have to put him in a chair
Preussler, Ottfried The little ghost
Preussler, Ottfried The little Aquarius
Preussler, Ottfried The little witch
Price, Richard The Face of Truth
Priestley, Chris uncle Montague's horror stories
Prior, Lily La Notte Azzurra
Proulx, Annie The Green Accordion
Pullinger, Kate A love in Luxor
Pullman, Philip The Amber Telescope
Pullman, Philip The magic knife
Pullman, Philip The Golden Compass


Que Du Luu total loss


Ragen, Naomi The diary of Hannah Mendes
Rahlens, Holly-Jane My little big life
Rakoff, Alvin Baldwin Street
Ramondino, Fabrizia Every being screams in silence
Ramsay, Caro His own flesh and blood
Ransmayr, Christopher The horrors of ice and darkness
Rath-Vegh, Istvan The Comedy of the Book
Raven, Michelle Dangerous use
Rawson, Eduardo Belgrano Rosa's voice
Ray, Kitty Nell's secret garden
Rees, Celia Sovay
Remnick, David Barack Obama. Life and advancement
Renn, Ludwig On foot to the Orient
Reuter, Bjarne The museum guard
Rice, Christopher The snow garden
Richburg, Keith B. Beyond America. A confrontation with Africa, the land of my ancestors
Riel, Jorn My fathers house
Rijsewijk, Trees van Kumari: My daughter from Nepal
Rilke, Rainer Maria The notes of Malte Laurids Brigge
Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson. Volume 2. Under the spell of the Cyclops
Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson. Volume 4. The Battle of the Labyrinth
Rivers Siddons, Anne Street of Peach Blossoms
Robinson, Lewis The Diver, and other Maine stories
Roche, Henri-Pierre Jules and Jim
Rogasky, Barbara The Holocaust. A book for young readers
Roger, Marie-Sabine The labyrinth of words
Rogers, Morgan Callan Ruby Heart, Ice Blue Sea
Rosenboom, Hilke The summer of dark shadows
Roth, Henry Requiem for Harlem
Rothschild, Walter To life
Rowling, J.K. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Rowling, J.K. Quidditch through the ages
Rowohlt, Harry In Swallow-Two-Woodpeckers
Rusesabagina, Paul An ordinary person
Rushdie, Salman The ground beneath your feet
Rushdie, Salman Anger
Russell, Willy The Fly Catcher
Rutherfurd, Edward The Princes of Ireland
Rygiert, Beate The love life of the ferns


Sacks, Oliver The fine New York fern company
Said, Kurban Ali and Nino
Samartin, Cecilia The stars of Santiago
Sand, George A winter in Mallorca
Sanderson, Brandon Alcatraz and the Dark Library
Sardou, Romain Little Santa Claus
Sartre, Jean-Paul The words
Sauvageot, Marcelle Almost entirely yours
Schami, Rafik narrator of the night
Schami, Rafik With strange eyes
Schätzing, Frank The swarm
Schätzing, Frank News from an unknown universe. A journey through time through the seas. Illustrated edition
Scheffer, Paul The Immigrants
Scheib, Asta The second country
Scheib, Asta An ornament in your home
Schertenleib, Hansjörg Cowboy Summer
Schertenleib, Hansjörg The antiquarian
Schertenleib, Hansjörg's shadow paradise
Schiller, Friedrich The ghost seer
Schiller, Friedrich Don Karlos
Schiller, Friedrich Kabale and love
Schine, Cathleen days with Emma
Schlink, Bernhard The homecoming
Schlink, Bernhard Escape from love
Schneider, Georg Sun and Rain
Swede, A.O. The Abraham Lincoln Story
Schweitzer, Eva C. Tea Party. The white rage
Scudamore, James Fabian's wondrous world
Sebold, Alice In my heaven
Sedaris, David I will speak pretty one day
Segal, Lore Where other people live
Segev, Tom Simon Wiesenthal. The biography
Semel, Nava mourning, hope and radishes
Seth, Vikram Two lives
Setterfield, Diane The Thirteenth Story
Shaffer, Mary Ann your Juliet
Shah, Tahir In the house of the caliph
Shakespeare, William Macbeth
Shakespeare, William The Complete Works in One Volume
Shalev, Meir Judith's love
Shamir, Igal Hitler's violin
Shan Sa Die Go player
Shem, Samuel House of God
Shreve, Anita The weight of water
Shreve, Anita Olympia
Shwarzman, Ori moonlight girl
Sidhwa, Bapsi Ice Candy Man
Sijie, Dai Muo and the oriole in the cage
Silverman, Dov The Fall of the Shogun
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the Spy. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 10
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the shadow play. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 12
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the Saint-Fiacre affair. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 13
Simenon, Georges Maigret with the Flemings. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 14
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the mysterious captain. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 15
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the madman from Bergerac. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 16
Simenon, Georges Maigret in distress. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 18
Simenon, Georges Maigret and his nephew. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 19
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the Cellars of the Majestic: Complete Maigret Novels Volume 20
Simenon, Georges Maigret versus Picpus. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 23
Simenon, Georges Maigret and his rival. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 24
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the maid. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 25
Simenon, Georges Maigret is upset. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 26
Simenon, Georges Maigret as a furnished gentleman. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 37
Simenon, Georges Maigret, Lognon and the gangsters. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 39
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the good people. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 58
Simenon, Georges Maigret and the Clochard. All of the Maigret novels. Volume 60
Simon, David Homicide: A Year on Murderous Roads
Sjöberg, Frederik The fly trap. About the happiness of immersion in strange passions, the soul of the collector, flying and living with nature
Skarmeta, Antonio The thief and the dancer
Skarmeta, Antonio With ardent patience
Sklenitzka, Franz The Monster Hunter
Slater, Susan The Ghosts of Tewa Pueblo
Slaughter, Karin Godless
Slaughter, Karin Schattenblume
Slaughter, Karin falls silent
Smail, Paul The bottom line
Smith, Ali At the hotel
Smith, Tom Rob Agent 6
Sonnenfeldt, Richard More than a life
Sotscheck, Ralf Instructions for use for Ireland
Spada, James Grace. The secret past life of a princess
Spark, Muriel In a storm-torn world
Sparks, Nicholas Time in the Wind
Spoto, Donald Marilyn Monroe. The biography
Stallwood, Veronica Death comes swiftly in Oxford. A Kate Ivory crime thriller
Stanisic, Sasa How the soldier repairs the gramophone
Stanley, Mary The School of the Silent
Steinbach, Gunnar The master carpenter's most beautiful coffin
Steinbeck, John Schelme from Tortilla Flat
Steinbeck, John Street of Sardines
Steinbeck, John Beyond Eden
Steinhöfel, Andreas The middle of the world
Steinhöfel, Andreas Rico, Oskar and the theft stone
Steiniger, Klaus Show trial in San Jose
Steinsdottir, Kristin Own ways
Stenmans, Elisabeth Every child is a gift
Stevenson, Anne Sylvia Plath. A biography
Stevenson, Robert Louis Master Tales
Stevenson, Robert Louis Treasure Island
Stewart, Paul Rook in the Free Valleys
Stewart, Paul Twig in the Eye of the Storm. The Cliff Country Chronicles 03
Stewart, Trenton Lee The Secret Benedict Society
Stone, Irving Michelangelo
Strachan, Mari The world is humming in B flat minor
Strindberg, August stories
Strindberg, August A madman's plea
Stuart, Julia The love spell of Monsieur Ladoucette
Suter, Martin The last Weynfeldt
Swann, Leonie Glennkill. A sheep thriller
Szabo, Magda Lala the Elven Prince
Szerb, Antal The Pendragon legend


Talarigo, Jeff The Pearl Diver
Tan, Amy Daughters of Heaven
Taraborrelli, J. Randy Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier. A Hollywood fairy tale in Monaco
Taraborrelli, J. Randy The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe
Tartt, Donna The little friend
Taylor, Mildred Roll of Thunder. Hear my screams
Teller, Janne Odin's Island
ten boom, corrie nonetheless
Terhart, Franjo Maud - My Irish love
Tesich, Steve One last summer
Thorn, Ines The painter of God
Thorsteinsson, Thorvaldur Little Blidfinn's great search
Toews, Miriam The Flying Trautmans
Toibin, Colm The Blackwater Lightship
Toibin, Colm Flaming Heath
Tolkien, J.R.R. The book of lost stories
Tolkien, J.R.R. The book of lost stories
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Silmarillion
Tolkien, J.R.R. The return of the king
Tolkien, J.R.R. Handbook of the Elders of Middle-earth
Trakl, Georg Fifty Poems
Treichel, Hans-Ulrich The earthly cupid
Trevor, William Irish dance hall
Tripp, Dawn Clifton moon spray
Tristam, Claire passion
Tsukiyama, Gail The Road of a Thousand Blossoms
Tucker, Lisa Song Reader
Tunström, Göran The moon drinker
Turner, Barry Rescuing the Children. Kindertransporte in the Third Reich
Tursten, Helene The dead in the cellar


Uhl, Volker You never forget the first corpse. Police officers tell
Unsworth, Barry Horatio's shadow
Updike, John Terrorist
Uri, Helene Honey Tongues
Uris, Leon Trinity
Urquhart, Jane Fort


van Almsick, Franziska showed up
VanLiere, Donna The Christmas Bride
Vantrease, Brenda The Illuminator
Vargas, Fred The third virgin
Verete-Zehavi, Tamar Aftershock
Verne, Jules The South Star
Verne, Jules The Robinsons School
Verne, Jules Five weeks in a balloon
Verne, Jules' trip around the world in eighty days
Verne, Jules Robur the winner
Verne, Jules Two Years of Vacation, Part 1
Verne, Jules Two Years of Vacation, Part 2
Vian, Boris The foam of the day
Vichi, Marco The second death of the silent witness. Commissario Casini's third case
Vichi, Marco Nightshade House
Vickers, Sally The Temptations of Mr. Golightly
Vida, Vendela Because I was late
Vieux-Chavet, Marie love anger madness
Villain, Jean And so God created apartheid
Vincent, Manuel The picture collector
Vinke, Hermann Cato Bontjes van Beek. "I haven't begged for my life"
Voorhoeve, Anne C. July twenty-first
Vosseler, Nicole C. The sky over Darjeeling
Voss-Scharfenberg, Sonja headwind
Vreeland, Susan The face of love
Vreeland, Susan Sundays in the Light
Vries, Theun de Anna Caspari


Wagner-Martin, Linda Sylvia Plath. A biography
Wahlberg, Karin The wrong lead
Wahlberg, Karin A sudden death
Wahlberg, Karin Cold November
Wahlberg, Karin Deadly Flowers
Wahlberg, Karin Deadly Businesses
Wahlberg, Karin Suspected murder
Waldschmidt-Nelson, Britta Martin Luther King / Malcolm X
Walker, Alice Meridian
Walker, Martin Grand Cru. The second case for Bruno, Chef de Police
Wallace, Edgar The Shining Key
Wallace, Edgar Turf Dizziness
Wallenberg, Jacob The mother's boy on the galley
Walser, Alissa In the beginning there was music at night
Walters, Minette The Sculptor
Ward, Amanda Eyre Forgive me
Wasdin, Howard Navy Seals Team 6
Watterson, Bill Calvin and Hobbes. An eventful day
Watterson, Bill Calvin and Hobbes. Psycho killer jungle cat
Because, Jiri lives with the star
White, Sabine The wax painter
Wek, Alek nomad child
Wellm, Alfred Morisco
Welty, Eudora The collected stories of Eudora Welty
Westerman, Frank El Negro
Wilce, Ysabeau S. Flora Segunda's Magical Mishaps
Wilde, Charlotte Apollonia Cox. In the eye of the typhoon
Wilde, Oscar Teleny
Wilfling, Josef abysses. When people become murderers
Willemsen, Roger Afghan trip
Wilson Wesley, Valerie Room 311
Winchester, Simon Korea
Winman, Sarah When God was a rabbit
Winterson, Jeanette Written on the body
Winterson, Jeanette Oranges aren't the only fruit
Witzko, Karl-Heinz The goblins
Wolff, Victoria The white evening dress
Wolff, Victoria The world is blue. A summer novel from Ascona
Volkov, Alexander The fire god of the Marranos
Wollenhaupt, Gabriellla Grappa and the fantastic five
Woolf, Virgina The Ordinary Reader
Woolf, Virginia The spring smells the trail
Worgitzky, Charlotte Today only the others die
Wortberg, Christoph The spirit of books
Wright, Camron letters for Emily
Wynne Jones, Diana From Anywhere to Almost Anywhere
Wynne Jones, Diana Magic Fight in Caprona


Yancey, Rick The Monstrumologist
Yangchen, Soname Cloud Child
Yeats, W.B. Autobiography
Yeats, W.B. The secret rose
Yeats, W.B. Selected Poems
Yglesias, Rafael Happy marriage
Yoshimoto, Banana Amrita
Yoshimura, Akira Inextinguishable
Yu Hua The man who sold his blood


Zafon, Carlos Ruiz The Angel's Game
Zafón, Carlos Ruiz The dark guardian
Zaimoglu, Feridun Leyla
Zeidner, Lisa stopover
Bradley Room, Marion Trapeze
Zola, Emile Paris
Zola, Émile Lourdes
Zusak, Markus The joker
Zweig, Stefanie The children of Rothschildallee