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Google Fonts: 5 serif fonts similar to Georgia

April 2, 2017 | from ♥ pure intuition

This post shows you 5 fonts that are like Georgia font.

Personally, I love the Georgia font. There are now fonts listed on Google Fonts that are very similar to Georgia. In the broadest sense, these are serif fonts.

1. Lora

My favorite - see Lora on Typecast


2. PT serif

PT-Serif on Typecast

PT serif

3. Source Serif Pro

Source Serif Pro on Typecast

Source Serif Pro

4. Droid Serif

Droid Serif on Typecast

Droid serif


5. Cormorant Garamond

Cormorant Garamond on Typecast

Cormorant Garamond


In my opinion, Source Serif Pro is most similar to Georgia. Ultimately, fonts are definitely a matter of taste. In any case, they have a very strong impact on the overall appearance on the web.


On Quora, 5 fonts are also compared with Georgia, in the comments there are more that are also worth a look: Unna and Cantata One, but these differ a little. Brian Gardner also mentions 5 popular serif fonts.

As you can see, it takes some time to choose a font. However, you then “live” with it again for a while 🙂.

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