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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this website accessible without Javascript, it works better when it's enabled. Please turn it on! To remember. Job search: On the sixth, she makes a decision that distorts the future and ultimately changes the life, actions and feelings of herself, the second and the first. Yuki and Aru spend some time together hanging out in Yuki's room. But today Aru has more plans than just hanging out.

He's ready to let his feelings show ... My name is Samuel Gasai, commonly known as Sam. I am 17 years old. I live in japan. And I was born with an incurable disease, there was a strange emptiness in my heart that made me unable to feel anything. I had an emptiness in my chest. But then I met him. And every thought turned into him. I have to have it.

Yuno and Yukiteru were branded as refugees. Now they're running away from the other two journal users who are left AND from every cop in town. To make matters worse, half of the fugitive duo is a harmless cinnamon bun that forces Yuno to teach him how to stay alive. An unfortunate event makes Yukiteru feel depressed and lonely at Christmas, but if an unexpected guest shows up on his doorstep, will he feel better or will his mood sink even further?

Once again the game has begun that will determine who will succeed God, but this time neither Yuno nor Yuki have restarted the game and it appears that several players are being alerted to the events of the previous games and are trying to determine the outcome manipulate before the game officially begins.

This story is not for the faint of heart. Marinette Dupain-Cheng is horrified when a diary telling the future and told by an imaginary friend puts her in a killing game in which the winner becomes God. In desperation, she teams up with her long-time crush Adrien Agreste ... As the bodies pile up, Marinette has to wonder how much of it is survival and how much is just a game.

Part of a one-shot series with 10 anime openings based on Mirai Nikki's second opening "Dead End". The future is changing again.

A cheerful blonde named Masaomi moves in with her the second they meet and changes the future for the worse. Because now Yuno is just as in love with him as with Yukiteru. After all the other diary owners died, Yuno and Yukiteru lived in the Gasai household and watched the number of singularities steadily increase as the apocalypse looms. Takes place in episode 23: he doesn't think it'll last a minute. Fortunately, he has a psychological friend by his side who will protect him at all costs.

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