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Where life once played in the community

Outwardly, a lot has remained the same on and around the village square in Bannwil over the past hundred years. And yet its use and, as a result, its character has changed fundamentally.

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Anyone who compares a photo of the Bannwil village square from around a hundred years ago with one from today will recognize a lot. Most of the surrounding buildings have remained the same, even if their use has changed over the years. For example, the cheese dairy (on the left of the picture) in the old picture was still busy. It was only discontinued in 1998. Today the property houses a spice shop and a ventilation company.

The old school building on the other side of the street (right in the picture) is still used for various school purposes. Today it houses a kindergarten and meeting room, among other things. It also serves as a rehearsal venue for various music societies and the civic community as a conference venue. To the left of it, in the former teacher's house, there are now rental apartments.

New fountain

The fountain is also still in place. At least almost. In 1919 the long fountain trough, which was used as a cattle trough, was replaced by a round one; In 2002 it was moved slightly again as part of the renovation of the village square and the correction of the course of the road.

The well does not carry drinking water, the spring is too superficial for that. As a result, the water is too poorly protected against environmental influences such as the liquid manure used in the surrounding fields. Today's fountain has two overflows: One leads into the fire pond, which is still underground next to the old cheese dairy building, and the other leads to the nearby Leuenberger farm.

The cut of the 1930s

The two most noticeable changes, which immediately catch the eye when comparing the two otherwise similar photos, occurred in the 1930s: in 1937 the Dorfstrasse received its first tarred surface. In 1938 the Gasthof zum Rössli burned down. The cause of the fire is still unclear to this day. In the same year, however, today's inn was rebuilt in the same place. The restaurant now also serves as a club room and contains apartments. Behind the inn, then as now, you can see the church.

Already with electricity

When exactly the Langenthal photographer Josef Gschwend captured the Bannwil village square as a postcard motif is not entirely clear. According to Bannwiler Hanspeter Bögli, who is very familiar with his village, it must have been created between 1905 and 1918. Because on the postcard you can already see the first electrical lines that were not built in Bannwil until the first Wanger power plant went into operation in 1904.

At the same time, the mentioned village fountain from before 1919 is still on the photo of Josef Gschwend. It is undisputed that the village square with fountain, cheese dairy, inn, schoolhouse and the proximity to the bakery, wagon and church used to be the most important meeting point in the village. Those days are definitely over. Nevertheless, the square, which is separated from the street by granite bollards, still serves as an event location for various occasions.

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