375 ml correspond to the number of liters

Rosewood wood glaze 375 ml

Item details

  • Item type glaze
  • execution Universal glaze
  • Ideal for Children's play equipment, children's toys, roof soffits, garden houses, cladding, privacy screens
  • Suitable for underground Wood
  • hue Rosewood
  • Can be tinted in the HORNBACH color mixing center No
  • Painting type Glazing
  • Recommended number of coats 2
  • Coverage (approx.) With a single coat 14 m² / l
  • Note on the range Consumption depends heavily on the type of job. The manufacturer's recommendation is to apply the material thinly. Other factors influence the range: absorbency, structure (e.g. corrugation, roughness), type of wood and degree of weathering of the surface. For this reason, our range specifications are only approximate values.
  • Container size 0.375 l
  • properties Suitable for children's toys, splash and drip inhibited
  • Base Can be diluted with water
  • Blue Angel Yes
  • Moisture regulating Yes
  • Drying time approx. 24 hours
  • Weather and UV resistance Yes
  • Area of ​​application Outside
  • processing Brush, roll, spray
  • Note Clean tools immediately after use with soap and water.
  • Note on substrate preparation Pre-treat depending on the substrate. (See technical data sheet in the data sheets tab) The surface must be clean, dry, free of oil and grease and sound. The wood moisture should not be more than 15%. Renovation paint: Remove loose, peeling old paint, sand down weathered old paint down to the healthy wood. Pre-treat wood outdoors with a wood protection primer for adequate protection against blue stain. Sand intact old coatings. Apply 2 coats of wood glaze in the direction of the grain of the wood. Repainting: Pre-treat raw and pressure-impregnated wood outdoors with an appropriate wood protection primer to protect it from rot, fungus and blue stain. Min. Apply 2 coats of wood glaze in the direction of the grain of the wood. Coat heavily exposed areas 3 times.
  • Priming recommended Yes
  • Supplementary hazard information (EUH phrases) (EUH208) Contains 1,2-Benzisothiazol-3 (2H) -one. Can cause allergic reactions.
  • Short article number (AKN) 3V8F
  • Supplier article number 14706
  • EAN 4306517146146, 4306517199630, 4306517201906

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HORNBACH wood stain is a weather-resistant, decorative water-based wood stain for outdoor use with optimal brushing properties.

Product information on HORNBACH Acrylic Wood Stain
The glaze is suitable for all non-dimensionally stable wooden components outdoors made of hardwood or softwood. Also ideally suited for tropical types of wood. Ideal for wooden beams, cladding, boarding, roof soffits etc. Please note: The glaze is not suitable for horizontal surfaces, such as B. wooden floors, suitable.

Use an acrylic brush or sprayer to apply. 1 liter of the glaze is sufficient for approx. 14 m² with a single coat. Clean the tools with water immediately after use.

- Weatherproof
- Excellent UV protection
- Drip and splash inhibited
- Moisture regulating
- Safe for children's toys after drying (DIN EN 71 part 3)

What else you should know about HORNBACH Acrylic Wood Stain
Let's start with the finished result. When you have finished painting your object such as the wooden fence, the pergola, the privacy screen, you will be pleased with a wood grain that shines more expressively and with more quality than you could have imagined before. You have the choice to highlight the natural drawing or to accentuate it with decorative colors. HORNBACH offers you a selected range of ready-to-use glaze colors or mixes a tone of your choice. Contact our staff at the color mixing center, they will be happy to advise you in detail.

Nailed: With HORNBACH wood stain, protect your wood against constant attackers such as moisture, sun and the like and give it a great look. This is how you combine the useful with a lot of charisma - completely without solvents!

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