How To Make Nai Cha Tea Recipe

Make tea yourself: the best herbs for your tea

I have been making tea myself for 2 years. I'll tell you a great recipe for a homemade tea that tastes great.

You can easily make tea yourself - you don't need to buy expensive tea in the supermarket. Homemade tastes best!

If you are quick, you can still collect some good herbs. In my own mix for making tea, there are a lot of different herbs that grow all year round.

But you can already collect some great herbs for next year's tea mix this year.

You can find out in this post

What to look out for when collecting tea herbs

My first tip: Really only collect the herbs that you are sure of.

Whenever I go hiking or walking, I put a small plastic bag in my pocket. If I notice an herb, it will be picked immediately.

So you can transport the herbs home undamaged for making tea yourself: Put them in a plastic bag. When you have finished collecting, you blow air into the bag and tie it tight. This protects your herbs and prevents them from being crushed.

You need that to collect tea herbs

  • A bag with no holes
  • A basket or backpack
  • possibly a knife or scissors
  • Google or this post :)

How to dry the herbs for tea yourself

There are two options, either you dry them in the oven or in the sun. I have a great winter garden where the herbs dry very quickly.

You need warmth and, ideally, a little sun as well.

But full sun all day is not good either. Because then the taste is lost. 2-3 hours of sun per day are ideal.

When I come home from my walk, I put on the herbs that I have collectedParchment paper and an old one Baking sheet. And then you can go to the window or outside.

You need to make sure that you separate them so that they can dry properly. So I leave it for a few days.

Of course, that also works on balcony. If it's windy, however, your herbs could quickly run away. in the evening you have to bring the herbs into the apartment. Otherwise they will get wet again from the morning dew.

Would you prefer her in the oven drying is of course not a problem either. At 30 ° to 40 ° your homemade tea needs roughly 3 hours. Depending on the herb, it can be more or less.

Did you know that making tea bags yourself is so easy?

When the herbs are dry, I put them in empty Jam jars and close it tightly. If your herbs weren't completely dry, they'll start going moldy. Better let it dry a day too long than too short.

By autumn I have collected a large number of different herbs and can then start drinking tea :)

If you are interested in herbs, I can recommend the book The Power of Herbs. There you will find 350 recipes and ideas for herbs and wild herbs.

For example, how you can make herbal salt, herbal oil or creams from herbs. But just like you can turn weeds into a recipe and the experiences of over 30 herbalists. I love this book!

These are the best herbs for making tea yourself

I like this tea blend so much because it's a great mix of herbs and flowers. On the one hand, there are herbs in it that are included complaints help and on the other hand herbs that are great Flavor carrier are.

By the way, it came about as follows: I collected a lot of herbs in the garden, on the balcony and while hiking. Then I started combining them.

Some were eliminated afterwards - the taste wasn't that good. In return, others came along. Until I ended up with this mixture :)

For 2 years now, I've been using this mix when making tea myself. You will be delighted with it too. Tastes great and helps against coughs, sore throats and if you feel unwell. By the way, the order of this list says nothing about the mixing ratio.

Once you've gotten a taste for it, consider buying a food dehydrator. This allows herbs to be dried even when the sun is too weak. You save energy in the machine and the herbs are dried much more gently.

I recently got a taste for drying. Now mushrooms, fruit, vegetables and herbs end up in the dehydrator. It works wonderfully and is therefore almost always durable.

You have to know that about making St. John's wort with tea yourself

The flowers of St. John's wort were known as thousands of years ago Mood enhancer used.

St. John's wort has many active ingredients that affect our nervous system in very different ways.

It is particularly known for the substances dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. These messenger substances ensure that St. John's wort has a mood-enhancing, anxiety-relieving and antidepressant effect.

Other substances in St. John's wort have a growth-inhibiting effect on bacteria. St. John's wort is also known for rapid wound healing.

Nettle tea is really that healthy!

I can tell from the shape of the flowers that St. John's wort has a positive influence on the mood. They remind me a little of the sun. Sun = summer = good mood :)

How to recognize St. John's wort:

The shape of the flowers and the color are almost unmistakable. The flower has 5 petals and is bright yellow. You can find them while hiking in forest clearings.

St. John's wort grows to a height of 30 to 70 cm. It is a typical midsummer plant and can still grow up end of September to be collected.

To make my own tea, I collect the flowers of St. John's wort. The herb is often found on the edge of the forest or in clearings when hiking.

You need to know that about making sage with tea yourself

A sage should not be missing in any garden or balcony. The plant is right easy to care for. I have not yet found any sage plants in the wild. I have a small sage plant on the balcony. It's very straightforward. Highly Recommended :)

They can also be used wonderfully for cooking.

Sage should not be missing from these pumpkin gnocchi!

Sage is used in teas mainly because of it disinfectant Effect appreciated. It is the typical herb for colds and sore throats. Sage is also effective for gas and stomach upsets.

When making tea myself, I use the sage leaves. I pluck them off when they are nice and big and not yet brown.

This is how you recognize sage

Has sage furry and very soft green leaves. But there are a myriad of breeds. For the tea I use the common sage.

Sage flowers white, yellow, and purple. If you want, you can also pluck a few flowers off and dry them. But I mostly leave them for the bees - they love my sage. And in between, a ladybug gets lost on the plant.

Tip: Use only a little sage. It is bitter!

Try using green oat tea as a detox wonder drug!

You need to know that about making lavender with tea yourself

Lavender brings color to our tea. The flowers are light purple even when dried. Lavender becomes one calming Reported effect. It calms you down with fears, worries and when you are upset inside.

As soon as all the flowers are open, I cut the stalks off. I dry them whole and later remove the stems.

For me, lavender grows on the balcony. It smells great, attracts bees and is also beautiful to look at.

This is how you recognize lavender

Lavender has its wedding in July and August. You can recognize it in nature by the fact that it is mostly full of bees. They love the scent of lavender.

Lavender blooms beautifully purple. The scent is also unmistakable. Continuous and circular flowers are arranged on the long flower stalks.

You have to know that about making lemon balm with tea yourself

Lemon balm calmed down Body and soul. At first glance, the herb is a little reminiscent of nettles and mint.

Melissa has a calming and antispasmodic effect. It helps against nervousness, insomnia and stomach upset.

I use lemon balm for the tea. I tear them off at the very bottom and hang them on a thread to dry.

It tastes sweet, refreshing and brings a delicious taste to the teacup.

These teas help with nervousness and inner restlessness!

Violets in homemade tea

They add color to your tea mix. They are not said to have many great active ingredients. I just like it a little colorful. :)

You can find violets in spring on meadows and on the edges of forests. They come in many different shades of purple. I pick the flowers to make my own tea.

Also ensure color in the tea mixture

  • Mallow flowers
  • Marigold rose flowers
  • Cornflower
  • Rose petals
  • daisy
  • Cowslips

You have to know that about making linden blossoms with tea yourself

They are my absolute highlight and shouldn't be missing in winter. Linden blossoms are used when one fever and feels uncomfortable. The flowers make you sweat and warm.

But I also drink the tea in between. I've never had a big break in a sweat. For that I get really warm inside. In winter I am very often very cold. A linden blossom tea works wonders there :)

This is how you recognize linden blossoms

As the name suggests, these are the blossoms of the linden tree. In mid to late June you have to be quick and pick a few flowers from the tree.

A little hint: There are linden trees in many parks.

You can recognize the linden tree by its heart-shaped leaves. The flowers in their heavenly fragrance.

You have to know that about making elderflower with tea yourself

The effects of elderflower tea were already known thousands of years ago. It was recognized then that elderberry tea was againstColds and also has an antipyretic effect.

Elderflower tea also helps with anxiety and depressions. In addition, the small flowers taste delicious. Elderflower tea generally builds up the body's immune system. The tea washes toxins and waste products from the body.

From May to June the small flowers, which are full of vitamin C, unfold their full fragrance.

This is how you recognize elderflower

The flowers of the elder are divided into umbels. If you've ever drunk elderflower syrup: Just like the syrup tastes, so do the flowers smell :)

Elder flowers grow on a shrub. Mostly on the edge of the forest. The plant can grow up to 7 meters high.

For the tea I take the umbels from the bush. Later I separate the umbels from the flowers.

You need to know that about making chamomile for tea yourself

Chamomile is probably the best-known tea herb. She is the most popular Medicinal herb Europe's chamomile works anti-inflammatory, calms the stomach and helps with anxiety disorders. Also bloating, sore throats and Colds are treated with chamomile.

Unfortunately, chamomile is rarely found in the wild. It needs a loose soil and gravel. I often find them around newly built houses. Next year I want to try to plant them myself.

This is how you recognize chamomile

The chamomile flowers white and is strikingly yellow. If you know what chamomile tea tastes like, you will immediately recognize chamomile by its typical scent.

The plant grows to a height of between 15 and 50 cm. The chamomile is in season from mid-May to June. But I already found some in August.

Make herbal tea yourself

Always keep the dried herbs airtight if you want to make your own tea. So the taste is preserved.

You need

  • 1 tbsp St. John's wort
  • 1 teaspoon sage
  • 1 tbsp lavender
  • 2 tbsp lemon balm or peppermint
  • 1 teaspoon of flowers such as violets, cornflower, marigold etc.
  • 1 tbsp linden blossom
  • 1 teaspoon elderflower
  • 1 tbsp chamomile


  • Grab a bowl. Gently mix all of the dried herbs in the bowl.
  • Put them in a jar or plastic bag.
  • Boil the tea water, then take it off the stove. Sprinkle the herbs in the hot water.
  • Put the lid on and let it stand for 4 minutes. The lid is important so that the ingredients in the tea do not evaporate.
  • Strain and you're done. If you want, you can sweeten the tea with honey. A piece of lemon is also wonderful in tea.
Save the instructions for later - follow @wegowild on Pinterest for more!
Save instructions

I keep all the dried herbs in separate jam jars. When I feel like a tea, I mix them depending on the complaint.

When I have a sore throat, I use more sage and more chamomile. If I am restless, lemon balm and lavender are the main ingredients in my tea.

Make tea yourself and give it away

A great gift for Christmas and birthdays is tea that you have mixed yourself. I surprised my loved ones with it for the first time 2 years ago. That was very well received :)

I put a little of each herb in a jam jar or in a plastic bag. On top there is a nice bow and two brown rock candy sticks.

Our conclusion

Making tea yourself is not witchcraft. You just have to consciously keep your eyes open all year round. If you haven't found something, you can also buy some dried herbs from the pharmacy.

Good succeed! :)