Maliki Fiqh combines prayers while traveling


In the name of Allah Most Merciful, Most Merciful, and peace and blessings be upon our Master Muhammad, his family, companions and those who follow your noble path.

In Maliki Law School, it is not allowed to delay compulsory prayer beyond your preferred prime time (ikhtiyārī) until the necessary time (darūrī) without a valid reason.

A valid reason, as Imam Dardir mentions by examples in the Sharh Saghir, would be the following:

1) unbelief for someone who accepts or returns to Islam.

2) Puberty for a child who experiences physical changes from childhood to maturity (such as ejaculation or menstruation)

3) Ohm night or Madness.

4) Inability to find water or pure earth for ritual cleansing.

5) Menstruation or Weekly flow.

6) sleep or oblivion.

Other reasons could be illness, Incontinence or travel be.

Each of these reasons has related details. If there are any specific questions or lounges, further inquiries are welcome.

Allah (the Most Exalted) knows best.

Tariq Abdul-Rasheed