How do I track my package on eBay

How can I query or find out the shipment number on

Querying the shipment number on is very easy and can be viewed at any time!

However, the seller must have marked this as sent, there is no binding information on, especially if it is a private sale, it can take weeks before the shipment is sent. But everyone who sends parcels and packages is happy about this free service!


1.) ... Calling up the shipment number on!
2.) ... What should / can I do if there is no tracking number?

1.) Calling up the shipment number on!

Call up the purchased items in your account:
over "My eBay", after that "Bought" (... see Image-1 Point 1 and 2)

In the list of purchased items you can then see whether the shipment has status "To ship"
(... see Image-2 Point 1).

If so, you can see the below "Tracking number" detect.

By clicking on the "Tracking number" the window appears with the "Shipping Details"
(... see Image-3 Point 1 and X)

(Image-1) Items purchased from
(Image-2) Purchased items - tracking number and shipping status on

The hint:
"A tracking number is not yet available for this shipment. Please come back later",.
has no meaning in this case, it is an erroneous message on, which should not confuse you.
You can now conveniently query the shipment status using the shipment number.

In this case on
See here: ... Where can I query the shipment status of

(Image-3) Shipping status: Package number delivery status from on

2.) What should / can I do if there is no tracking number?

In the case of private sales, a tracking number is rarely stored; the only way to do this is to contact the seller.

You can find this in the point "Further actions" ► "Contact seller"

(... see Image-4 Point 1 and 2)

(Image-4) Consignment number is missing Contact!

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