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While looking for information about Afro Samurai, I came across The Boondocks LINK. A series that, like Afro Samurai, I can only recommend to anyone who likes black humor who has been seasoned with a good helping of satire.

Without going into too much detail now, I might do that at another point in time, I will briefly touch on what I think is the most important character, who came from the pen of Aaron McRuder and is based on a comic.

The series revolves around the two brothers Huey (10) and Riley (8). Both soldiers, but each in his own way. While Riley’s motto is “Keep it gangsta!”, Huey tries to draw the world's attention to their grievances through his visionary concepts and snappy comments. I think one of the first sentences in the first episode makes it very clear what I mean very quickly. I quote:

Excuse me everyone, I have a brief announcement to make:
Jesus was black, Ronald Reagan was the Devil and the Government is lying about 9/11.
Thank you for your time and good night.

Already in the first 30 seconds of the series I had tears in my eyes from laughing. This series is peppered with so much puns, innuendos, and caricature depictions of black American stars that you almost forget it's just an anime.

The portrayal of violence becomes almost irrelevant in this context. In contrast to Afro Samurai, which is 90% violence. The spoken word comes to the fore here and makes The Boondocks a fun and enjoyable mix of Californication, Friday and Boyz in the Hood.

It quickly becomes clear that in The Boondocks films, music and their stars are also poked fun at and that they even do it themselves voluntarily. Guest appearances by Xzibit, Usher, R. Kelly, Snoop Dogg and many others can be smiled at in every second to third episode.

In this little compilation "Best of Rily", which I found on Youtube, the film Pulp Fiction is recited in the first scene and guess who dubbed this part. Correct! Samuel L. Jackson!

I like it:

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