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"Long nights in the monastery gardens"

Austria's monasteries and monasteries invite you to the "Long Nights of the Monastery Gardens" in July and August. Especially during the full moon nights on July 22nd and August 21st, visitors can experience the evening monastery gardens in the moonlight.

Starry sky and rose garden

The Wernberg Monastery near Villach invites you to the "Long Night of the Monastery Gardens" on July 22nd. The St. Lambrecht Abbey has its Long Night on August 14th with guided tours in the Abbey Garden through the starry sky, rose garden and herb labyrinth.

The large herb garden of the traditional Kneipp house of the Sisters of Mary from the Carmel in Bad Mühllacken with its variety of medicinal plants provides the setting for the feast of the Assumption of Mary. On the evening before, August 14th, from 6.30 p.m., there will be a guided herb hike with a joint gathering of the Marian herbs for a bunch of herbs.

On St. Mary's Day, Thursday, August 15, the Sisters of Mary invite you to a festive herb consecration in the traditional European medicine herb garden in Bad Mühllacken at 7:00 p.m. The herb garden is open all year round and freely accessible.

Garden of silence

On August 21, the Altenburg and Seitenstetten monasteries and the Wernberg monastery near Villach will be invited to the Long Night of the Monastery Gardens. The Altenburg Abbey invites its visitors to its "Garden of Silence" on the night of the full moon on August 21 - also in partnership with the Lower Austria Garden Summer.

In the historic courtyard garden of Stift Seitenstetten, the full moon night on August 21st is under the motto "Carpe Noctem - Enjoy the night" - with music, a picnic in the nocturnal garden and atmospheric lighting between sunset and midnight. In the Stiftsmeierhof Seitenstetten the evening can be started from 6 p.m. with a romantic moon menu.

At the "Long Night of the Monastery Gardens" in Wernberg Monastery on August 21, "My personal herb bushes" will be put together for guests. "We express our thanks to God for the herbs with their healing powers, which are symbols for all the salvation that God gives us," said the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood in Wernberg.

Melk Abbey organizes evening concerts in August in the garden pavilion of the abbey park and nightly concerts in the abbey church.