Organic GMO-free oats for horses

Oats for horses

Grain and roughage have been the basis for horse feeding for many thousands of years. While hay, chaff or straw is often used as roughage, oats are usually used as grain. The oats provide the horse with a high proportion of husks, which stimulates it to salivate and intensively chew the feed. At the same time, oats are particularly easy to digest. This also applies to the starch it contains, which is why the energy contained in the oats is quickly available to the horse and is ready for top performance. Therefore, oats are particularly suitable for horses that are regularly and intensively challenged. Oats are often different in color. However, one should know that the color of oats as feed is not decisive. Because with regard to the ingredients, you and the horse will not notice any difference between the types of oats. The big difference is in the quality. A good oat has a weight of at least 540 grams per liter of oats. The heavier the oats, the less they are contaminated with germs. A question of faith is the question of how the oats are processed. Should it be squashed or not? The advantage of squeezing is that it is slightly easier to digest. At the same time, the time of salivating and chewing is measured shorter. For this reason, squeezed feed is usually only useful for horses that are currently suffering from a change of teeth, for foals, for seniors, as well as for very greedy horses. As you can see, the oat chapter is not very easy. If you are now looking for a good adhesive for horses, you should take a look at the 5 products presented.

1.) Stadtmühle Waldenbuch Fodder oat 20 kg sack for rodents and horses

This forage oat from Stadtmühle Waldenbuch is delivered in a sturdy 20 kg sack. The sack is particularly tear-resistant and so there should be no accidents in the stable or on the way there. This manufacturer produces the oats with the greatest care and only with high-quality ingredients. So one can assume that these oats for horses are of good quality. This oat is not only suitable for horses, but also for rodents.

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2.) Marstall Black-Gold-Oats 25 kg

This 25 kg sack contains unsmashed oats. This was cleaned 3 times before packing and is therefore almost dust-free. Because of this and because of the very good quality, the liter weight is a proud 560 g / l. 2/3 of the oats consist of yellow oats and 1/3 of black oats. As a result, the product offered is not only a real treat in terms of appearance, but also in terms of taste. This feed keeps horses vital and their teeth healthy. If you are looking for food for your horse, you should include this product on the shortlist.

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3.) Eggersmann Walzhafer for horses

This rolled oats is delivered in a 15 kg sack and will convince the horse not only with its excellent taste, but also with its dust-free quality. It is also hydrothermally treated rolled oats. In contrast to crushed oats, this is spared from fungal attack and spoiled fat. Contains 97 percent oats and 3 percent sugar cane mass. You can give a recommendation for this food without hesitation. If you are still looking for oats for horses, you will do your horse a favor with this product.

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4.) Höveler Walzhafer 25 kg

This product is also rolled oats. This has been processed traditionally and offers the known advantages. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids and has a high proportion of husks. And with these oats, too, there is almost no danger of fungal attack and spoiled fat. It contains 100 percent rolled oats. Another highly recommended feed. Horse owners shouldn't go wrong with this whale oat either.

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5.) Leimüller horse feed oats squeezed

Oats for horses? The squeezed adhesive from Leimüller is an interesting alternative to conventional oats. This port is wonderfully suitable as basic feed for horses of all kinds and is an important source of energy for animals of all ages. The feed was produced entirely in Austria and is therefore subject to strict local requirements. As befits good horse feed, it is dust-free and thoroughly cleaned.

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