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Letter with insufficient postage: How does the yellow sticker on the envelope work?

Letters up to approximately A5 size are automatically processed in the Deutsche Post letter centers. The sorting systems (e.g. from Siemens) check each shipment for valid franking. It is also checked whether the franked postage matches the size and weight of the shipment.

► If the sorting machine detects an invalid postage stamp or what is known as under-postage (there is not enough postage on the envelope), the item is rejected. In technical terms, this is called diverting to secure remuneration.

Mail items ejected by sorting systems are manually rechecked by postal workers. Perhaps the sorting machine just overlooked a postage stamp - then the postal worker stamps the envelope manually and sends it on to the recipient.

If postage is actually lower, Swiss Post will send the letter back to the sender. If there is no sender on the envelope, Swiss Post tries to collect the additional postage (so-called additional charge) from the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay, the shipment is sent to the mail delivery service center.

As the sender, what do I do if Swiss Post returns an underpaid shipment?

There is a yellow sticker on items with insufficient postage, which was stuck over the original delivery address.

The sticker has the following text: "Dear customer, unfortunately the permissible charges, weight levels or dimensions were not adhered to with this shipment. "

Example of a yellow notice sticker due to insufficient postage

How does the sender pay the missing postage?

Example: You sent a letter weighing 22 grams and inadvertently franked it with 0.80 euros instead of the 0.95 euros required for a compact letter. You don't have to stick a completely new stamp over 0.95 euros. The existing postage stamp for EUR 0.80 remains valid, even if it has already been canceled.

Only postage the difference that is shown on the yellow sticker as missing postage.

If you do not have a suitable stamp at home, you can have the difference postage post paid at a post office.

What happens to the yellow sticker?

The yellow sticker is perforated. Please separate the larger section and detach it from the envelope. The narrow edge of the yellow sticker remains on the envelope. This means that when the mail is processed again in the mail center, the employees recognize that postage is being carried out. When checking the postage again, the old and postage stamps will be taken into account.

Example: The narrow, yellow sticker strip remains on the envelope