Which fish eats duckweed?

Eliminate duck loaf - you should know that

In garden ponds in particular, a layer of algae can form over time and plants sprout that are not beneficial to the water and fish in the long term. Entenflott (also called duckweed) is one of the characteristics that should be eliminated if you want the garden pond to remain clean and healthy.

What you need:

  • Grass carp
  • close-meshed landing net for cleaning
  • Shell flowers
  • moderate fertilization (especially little iron)

Duck fleet - causes and effects in the garden pond

In the garden pond there is basically a healthy balance so that it is clear. Under certain circumstances, the water can change and produce an excess of plant material, so that the fish and other pond plants suffer.

  • In many ponds and garden ponds, a certain amount of duck liquor or duckweed often forms naturally. This is the so-called duckweed that is brought in with newly introduced fish or plants.
  • Since, under certain conditions, duck fleet can quickly occupy and cover the entire water surface, the other garden and pond plants no longer receive sunlight and can no longer carry out sufficient photosynthesis and die.
  • With some measures you can remove the pond from the duck pool and thus the duckweed. You can fall back on manual activity and use biological agents as a substitute or in addition.

Eliminate duckweed from the water

Especially if the garden pond is already overgrown with duck liquor, you should remove the duckweed to protect the other plants.

  • The most effective measure is still to manually remove all leaves from the duck liquor plant. You should do this in the event of explosive growth by fishing the plant with a close-meshed net. It is important that you also remove the last leaf of the duck fleet so that a plague cannot develop again. Check daily to see if any hidden leaves are still showing up on the surface of the water, and then fish them off.
  • In order to counter a flickering new plague with duck liquor and in order not to permanently eliminate the duckweed, you should cultivate grass carp, provided they are compatible with the fish that are already there, because they eat the duck liquor.
  • In addition, the planting of mussel flowers is also suitable, which also spread very quickly and strongly, but are larger and much easier to fish than duck fleet. This only shifts the problem, however, with this measure the harvesting work is limited to the mussel flowers, as these are easier to remove again when the duck liquor plant has been displaced by the mussel flowers.
  • After eliminating the duck pool, make sure that you do not overfeed your fish and, above all, use ferrous fertilizers sparingly, because an excess supply of nutrients ensures that the duck pool first settles and then quickly takes up the entire pond surface, so that You have to eliminate this again. So make sure you have a healthy and balanced nutrient balance in your garden pond or pond.

Depending on the infestation with duck liquor, you can remove duck liquor with manual as well as alternative biological measures. In order to prevent the slightest infestation with duck liquor, make sure to remove it immediately and otherwise that the nutrient ratio is balanced. Duck-eating fish and alternative plants can also put a stop to duckweed.

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